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I been teaching myself to draw since 2009 and the whole time I doing Rugrats/All Grown Up, Powerpuff girls, Sonic the Hedgehog and MegaMan (classic only).I've also been doing the Equestria girls and Pokémon for over a year and then Super Mario Bros. for almost half year I wanted to waiting until I got good at Photoshop and illustrator, but it's taking me way too long. I use to have someone teach me, but sadly that stop 2 years ago. I'm decided to start uploading my best sketches and I would like get some feedback on them.
All of my sketches are what I redrawn and modified (if needed) from comics, books, mangas, videos, tv shows, video games, websites, and Fanarts.(you might find yours.) I do this for practice, but I plan on drawing my own ideas someday. My favorite kind of artwork is Anime and I always wanted to make pictures just as good as those;realistic, colorful, and with special effects. I'll still try to figure out Photoshop and illustrator but if anybody would like to give me some pointers, I appreciate it.



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Aaron Williams
Artist | Hobbyist
United States

Board Name:Redfern05

Birthday:April 17



Location:New York,Queens

Interests:Music,anime and cartoons,Japan

hobbies:watching TV,playing video games,surf the internet,drawing,listening to music,thinking up ideas for my favorite shows(mostly top fav)

Top Favorite Season:Spring

Top Favorite holiday:Christmas

What I like in a show:
5.Shows that make me L.O.L
6.intense,dark,magical and emotional moments & power
7.special,dazzling,magical,and Colorful effects and graphics
9.stars kids or teens and their lives (Slice of life)
10.depend on how the characters look

Top Favorite Shows & movies:Rugrats/All Grown Up,Powerpuff Girls(z)

Favorite before 1980s cartoons: Gumby,Alvin and the Chipmunks, Looney Tunes

Favorite 1980s cartoons:Simpsons,Smurfs,

Favorite 1990s cartoons:Hey Arnold!,Rocket Power,101 Dalmatians the series,Goof Troop,Arthur,The Critic,The Ren and Stimpy Show,CatDog,Tiny Toon Adventures,Animaniacs

Favorite 2000s cartoons:Codename:Kids Next Door,Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi,Life and Times of Juniper Lee,Totally Spies,Teen Titans,Robotboy,American Dragon Jake Long,Kim Possible,My Life as a Teenage Robot,Danny Phantom,Kappa Mikey,Avatar:The Last Airbender,Ben 10,ChalkZone,Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius,The Fairly OddParents,The X's,Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends,El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera,Phineas and Ferb,

Favorite 2010s cartoons:T.U.F.F. Puppy,MAD,The Amazing World of Gumball,My Little Pony Friendship is Magic,Milo Murphy's Law,Loud House

Favorite anime: Pokémon,Digimon,Yu-Gi-Oh,Megaman/NT Warrior,Magical Doremi,Sonic X,Clannad,Azumanga Daioh,Wedding Peach,Special "A",You're Under arrest,Sailor Moon,Ghost Sweeper Mikami, koihime, Love Lab, the Kawai complex guide to manors and hostel behavior,Engaged to the Unidentified,Sakura Trick,Place to Place,Non Non Biyori And Yet the Town Moves,Little Busters!,Kinmoza!,Yuyushiki,Nyan Koi, A-Channel, Haikyu!!,Psychic Squad,The World God Only Knows, Momokyun Sword,
Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun,Is the Order a Rabbit?,The Comic Artist and Assistants,My Mental Choices are Completely Interfering with my School Romantic Comedy,Fate series, Shirobako,Student Council's Discretion,hayate the combat butler, Sabagebu!-Survival Game Club!Wakaba Girls, DD Fist of the North Star, Rin-ne,Strawberry Marshmallow

Favorite Movies:Cloudy With a Chance of Meatball,Big Fat Liar,Shrek,Good Burger,The Incredibles

Favorite Live-Action shows:Kenan and Kel,iCarly,Ned's Declassified,All That,Drake and Josh,Amanda Show,Fresh Prince of Bel Air,Family Matter,Zoey 101,True Jackson VP,Hannah Montana,That's So Raven,Diff'rent Strokes,The Suite Life of Zack & Cody,Victorious,Good Luck Charlie,Wizards of Waverly Place,Games Shakers,The Thundermans,Henry Danger,Jessie

Shows I plan to or just now started to watch:As Told by Ginger,Sister Sister,The Naked Brothers Band,What I Like About You,alot of Anime

Top Favorite Voice Artist:Kath Soucie(for Phil & Lil(Rugrats/AGU) and Rolly & Cadpig(101 Dalmatians the series))

Favorite Stars and/or Voice Artist:Tara Strong,Cree Summer,Christine Cavanaugh,E.G. Daily,Kenan Thompson,Kel Mitchell,Amanda Bynes,Devon Werkheiser,Miranda Cosgrove,Drake Bell,Josh Peck,Jaleel White,Nancy Cartwright,Grey DeLisle,Gary Coleman,Victoria Justice,Kerry Williams,Jerry Trainor

Favorite Cartoon artist:Kennedy Cartoons

Favorite Cartoons and T.V. Show Creator: Dan Schneider,Arlene Klasky and Gábor Csupó,Craig McCracken,Butch Hartman

Top Favorite Video games series:Super Mario Bros,Sonic the Hedgehog,MegaMan(Original series) and Pokémon

Favorite Couples(whether they get together or not):
Tommy/Kimi & Chuckie/Susie(Rugrats/AGU)
Ash/Misty,May/Drew & Dawn/Kenny,Ash/Serena(Pokémon),
Megaman/Roll & Lan/Maylu(Megaman NT Warrior)
phineas/Isabella(phineas and ferb)

Favorite Loves me,Loves me not Couples
Sonic/Amy(Sonic the Hedgehog)

couples I'm just OK with:
Tommy/Susie,Chuckie/Lil & Tommy/Lil(Rugrats/AGU)
Tails/Cream,Tails/Marine(Sonic the Hedgehog)

couples I just don't see happening:
Phil/Kimi or Susie & Dil/Kimi,Lil or Susie(Rugrats/AGU)

couples I hate and can never see happening
Chuckie/Angelica & Phil/Angelica(Rugrats/AGU)
Powerpuff girls/Rowdyruff boys(PPG/Z)

Favorite Music:
2.Japanese music that remind me something from my favorite shows
4.(Any songs that sound good to me)

Inspired to draw...
Rugrats/All Grown Up by: (Lack of Artist and pictures)
Favorite character to draw:Kimi(All Grown Up)

PowerPuff Girls by:Seiryuga,Usaribo,IanMeta,Girls Labo,PuffUncle,thweatted
Favorite character to draw: Blossom

Sonic the Hedgehog by:Tigerfog,Aamypink,Hazard-the-Porgoyle,GuardianMobius,thweatted,xamoel
Favorite characters to draw: Amy,Cream & Marine

MegaMan(Original series) by:
Favorite character to draw:Roll

Favorite art work:anime,colorful,digital,graphical design,& scenery/scenic

Top Favorite PPG artist:Seiryuga,Usaribo(aka Rabbit),IanMeta,Girls Labo

Favorite PPG artist: PuffUncle(Chris Cook),GeoffNET,Spitfire(blackhellcat),HMontes,thweatted,SwitchPoint,Sukapon-ta,Agu-Fungus,Kasumi9,Puffheadz,bleedman

Bucket list:
1.make cartoons music videos and running gags videos
2.draw a fanart(starting with Rugrats/All Grown Up,Powerpuff Girls,Sonic the Hedgehog or Megaman)
3.make a Sonic the Hedgehog fan video using Sonic Advance games sprites
4.Take screenshots of episodes
5.Hack into video game and modifing them
6.Remix music


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Thanks for the fave!
Please checkout for more of my works.
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Thanks for the fav!
UnsolicitedDecadence Featured By Owner Nov 9, 2018  Hobbyist General Artist
Why do you draw Bubbles with eyelashes? 
Redfern05 Featured By Owner Nov 10, 2018  Hobbyist
I draw both Bubbles and Blossom with eyelashes. It because most girls in cartoons are drawn with eyelashes and I'm basing it off of the Powerpuff girls Z. Which is why I didn't give Buttercup eyelashes. She was the only one of the three who didn't have eyelashes in that Anime. (due to her tomboyish personality)
TommyPicklesfan121 Featured By Owner Nov 3, 2018
Hi, do you do requests?
Redfern05 Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2018  Hobbyist
let's hear it
Can you draw A Scene where Kimi Saying Come on Chuckie, Its just a rope swing from the episode, Interview with a campfire.
Redfern05 Featured By Owner Nov 8, 2018  Hobbyist
sure, I'll do it when I get to it
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Do you take requests?
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I like to hear it
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