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Daily Doodle KABUKI

from my daily doodle blog [link]
Absolutely intriguing character. I must admit, I feel like a bit of a poser, since I have not yet read the series, but I received a request from a friend to try out David Mack's character Kabuki.

I read up on the character and checked out some of the art and I gotta say, I was REALLY excited to do this one! The bummer is that I didn't spend a lot of time on it (it is supposed to be a doodle, after all). But I think I would definitely come back to her and give it another go.

Thanks to :iconmytymark: for the suggestion!
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Thanks for adding your piece to the :iconkabuki-comics: group :D I hope you'd join :D
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Just hit the "join" button!
Ball is in your court ;)
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see, i knew what i was talking bout a few weeks back. i knew you'd be perfect to tackle Kabuki. wonderful "doodle", mary. love the dove shapes within the blood trail. as Mack's work often contains brilliant symbolisms and the masterful use of shapes, colors, fonts, materials and whatever stuff he can get his brilliant hands on, i feel you're take on his character is a fine tribute. thanks for working on the request, Mary. kinda like getting a bday gift! :)
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Ha ha! yeah. "doodle". I had to stop myself on this one. Thanks for the suggestion!
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i love that series!!! its so awesome!!!