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Paladins - Skye Fanart

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Paladins, one of my most favorite game, recently got officially released.
As a Beta player and an aspiring digital artist. I decided to participate in the Paladins Community Avatar Contest in the celebration of Paladins Launch. :happybounce: 

I decided to draw my most favorite flank in the game, Skye. Heart
I had a lot of fun and learnt few new things. I really hope my artwork makes it up to the top 10 submissions as I want to use my artwork as my avatar in game which would be really cool.

Anyway, if you play Paladins and if you participated in the contest as well then I wish you Good Luck! Hug
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Don't know why, but i love her hair
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Wow it looks really "good" for a traced image. 
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This is in no way "traced" nor a derivative of any art.
This is one of my original artwork(including my original character) and also the one that I'm the most proud of.
The references I used are in game screenshots that I took myself and some official artworks of the character.

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By tracing? You've been proven for it. Your normal art looks nothing like this. Just admit it and own up to it. Stop stealing people's work and referring to it as references. I get you're a new artist, and tracing is fine with new artist, as long as you got permission / credit the original piece. Two things you didn't do. Sorry I can't believe you just happened to completely change art styles within a drop of the hat. I hope you become a better artist and the only way to begin doing that is to stop art theft. 
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I've been called out for roughly tracing Hatsune Miku's fanart which was over a year ago and is nothing new and was already solved back then as I did credit the original art in the post and that was the only time where I ever traced. If you're really accusing me of tracing my own original artwork even after reading the context then provide evidence for your claim. I'll wait.
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You'd understand if you'd just take some time to read the context I've linked.

Here, I'll link it again ->…
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 Wow, the drawing is amazing!
Especially the pose and the face are very well made! Clap 
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Thank you for your kind words! I really appreciate it! Heart 
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You're welcome, bro! ;)

Was This drawing difficult to make for you?
Or was it easy for you to do it?
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As I'm a beginner, creating the pose from scratch was the most difficult one for me and I'm very slow as it takes me hours just to get the lineart done.
I still have to study the anatomy but I'm too lazy =P (Razz) 
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Jejee, I understand you, bro
The same thing happened to me, but now I'm practicing, although laziness sometimes wins me XD

You can try using a pose or model as a base with some app!
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Yeah, I've been learning 3D rendering and modeling and I did think of using a 3D model. I'll probably experiment around with that.
Anyways, thanks for the suggestion!
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I see, well, luck with it!
*Although I have no idea how the rendering and modeling works Jejee*

You're welcome bro! ;)
By the way, I ask, can you speak spanish?
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No, sorry, I don't speak Spanish but I can sing Despacito =P (Razz) 
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Not bad values work there bro, good job!
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Thanks a lot bro! Heart 
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Sure thing man!
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That's really good!
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