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Zombie Make-up



zombie makeup design that I did for my best friend, for Halloween(:
First time trying this kind of makeup out and honestly I freakin' love it, it was so much fun and I loved getting all of the positive comments the last couple of days on it. ^^

* TIPS ON HOW TO DO THIS * = gotten a lot of comments about on how to do this and what i used to make this;

Materials: tissue paper, glue, foundation, eye shadow, and fake blood

Process: i'm just going to sum it up lol;
1.) draw an outline on the area you want the wound to go
2.) start gluing (elmer's glue) ripped pieces of tissue paper on the outline you already drew; also in the middle of it.
3.) the more layers the better it looks!
4.) use a hair dryer to speed up the process
5.) while the rest of the glue is drying, work on the makeup; making your model look as undead or sick as possible; note: the simplest of things make a big impact.
6.) when the tissue/glue is dry, tear the middle open; trying not to tear off the entire thing.
7.) work on the inside of the wound, using; eye shadow/face paint.
8.) when done with that; just GO CRAZY WITH THE FAKE BLOOD! :D

note: use a tooth brush or paint brush for the splatter effect(: i used that AND a sponge for the big area of blood and the inside of the wound.


photo © me

model: Emily
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So realistic!
Good job!