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Colour pencil drawn over watercolour wash, this drawing was very difficult to photograph due to the sheer amount of 'Blueness'
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love it great work
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Why're you photographing this at all? Wouldn't a scanner be better?
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I live in quite a remote place, scanning is not an option, would be nice, cheers :)
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Living in a remote place is not a problem.

The scanner I use  (professionally for magazine illustration, although it's an average-quality scanner at 600 dpi) is so light and thin I carry it in my backpack (with books, laptop, camera, sketchpad, etc.) when I go out to the library & know I'll want to use it. (The library doesn't let patrons plug in. But anyway, average-quality though it is, this is the only scanner I've used or wanted since a friend hauled it out of the back of his closet & sold it to me for 10 bucks, 6 years ago.)

I saw similar scanners on eBay for $20, including shipping, and you can probably find them at garage sales.
scanners on eBay -->…
(Avoid the thick-looking ones. They're HEAVY and require wall power.)

The only caution I'd give is, "there's a lock on the bottom of this kind of scanner, so the reading head doesn't get messed up while you're carrying the scanner around. USE the lock, or the thing will break."

This type of scanner gets all its power from USB-- no wall outlet electricity needed.
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Thanks very much for the info, you are a star :):):)
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I hope you're a pro, and the job at Windward Mall is just a part-time gig. This is awesome art-- of you're not a pro, it's a waste of your talent. (Wow.)

--Seth, the ice-buying Escher guy in a wheelchair.
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alright this
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Amazing gallery!
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great work man! :peace:
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Bizarre and fascinating imagery. I like it!
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This is one of the coolest pictures I've seen in a while. Very good work. :+fav:
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your new two pieces are wonderfull mr pinson..

have a blessed week :)
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Thanks for that Mathis, a blessed week to you too:)
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This shows mastery of technique and the visionary powers of your mind. very commendable work dear adam

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Gromyko, thank you for your kind and inspiring words:)
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your welcome adam, i really enjoyed your company and works...hope to see you in the exhibit in real life soon
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That is some lovely "Blueness!"
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Gorgeous detail and love the subtle interplay of colours in the blueness of it all!
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