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What'd you give people for Christmas? I don't care what you got

Personally? I got my mother an old Genesis and a copy of Aladdin (you guys have no idea how much she loves that game) and a few online friends some Steam games. I also gave my favorite website a new feature for Christmas! (Complete with horrific site-destroying bugs, because it's not something I coded if it doesn't have a couple of those in there)
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Tennessee is boring I hate it

Sorry for wasting your time.

Boy I need to use my dA more, huh.
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  • Playing: Portal 2, No More Heroes
  • Eating: Microwave sandwiches
No, not what you got. This is the giving season. What'd you give to other people? (Besides good will and cheer, of course. Those are good gifts, though.)

Did you give ponies?

Did you give vidyagaem?

Did you give a new car?
My laptop screen is acting up. In addition, when I went to look up support, I found out my laptop might be under a hardware recall.

What an amazing day. On the bright side, I'm still under warranty, so I'm going to look into getting it fixed.

EDIT: Well, I've contacted support and they're sending me a box to send the laptop in for repairs. I just need to get my data off first, which shouldn't be a problem as soon as mom gets up and gets that external drive for me
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Oh, you want a description? Here goes...

Play as Rainbow Dash and avoid clouds for as long as possible! The game gets harder as you go! Submit your score to an online scoreboard and claim the top spot!

...I'm no good at writing those things. Anyway. It might still be a bit rough around the edges, and there might be a few bugs still in that I haven't seen, but it's finished enough for me. Feel free to repost the link elsewhere!

eta: I have no idea if editing a journal entry posts messages to watchers. If so, sorry.
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advertising yay

FIRST, VOTE WHORING:… This contest. This entry. It's mine. VOTE FOR IT and I will love you forever.

SECOND, SHAMELESS PLUG: If you wanted to stalk me on Tumblr or something. Expect WIPs and silly doodles there, as well as other nonsense.


ok I'm done now
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I know there are probably twenty pony-related IRC channels floating around the internet already, but this one's special! Honest! I got one of the opers to make a custom botserv! That's special, right?

Now go join and give us some activity. We're a pretty friendly bunch over there, as much as we are anything right now, so just come and talk about whatever.

If you have an IRC client you'd rather use to connect, just point it to and join #ponyville.

this is completely shameless self-advertising and I'm proud of it

you guys don't mind, right

that's what I thought

Well, that was fun.

Stream's done. Thanks to anyone who popped in, even if you left after ten seconds yeah I know it was kinda boring and I probably should've planned it better sorry

I'll do all that fancy tweaking stuff sometime and get it uploaded. Maybe. And maybe I'll know how to do one of these properly next time? probably not
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RDN is loads of fun, guys. It's like a chat that you can follow.
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I finally got through my finals today; so more time for drawing, and maybe I'll work on that fangame of mine that's been collecting dust, too!

You guys might've noticed a few sketches being uploaded recently as opposed to my regular Flash vector art. That was mostly due to having free time in classes after finishing finals, but I plan to do pencil sketches for Equestria Daily's Newbie Artist Training Grounds… considering I really do need the practice; I'm trying to teach myself to draw new poses.

I've got a vector I've been working on for a little while (much longer than I'd like to be!) that might hopefully be ready by tomorrow, assuming I stop procrastinating and get to it.
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I need more ideas for things to draw. Do you need me to draw a certain pony?

-I'll do it if I want to, when I want to, and how I want to. I'm not obligating myself to this. This is more for me to practice my drawing than anything else.
-Crossovers may work out, and background ponies are fine; encouraged, even; but I'm not drawing your OC.
-I'll draw it in my style. This means vector art with thick outlines.
-No shipping or gore. Sad stuff is fine, and implied grimdark MAY happen, but don't bet on it.
-Backgrounds are unlikely to happen unless it's something simple and/or it adds to the picture enough for me to consider.

This is mostly for when I want to draw something, but I have no idea what. So if you're looking for somepony who is going to put a priority on finishing your idea, look elsewhere. I'm not charging, but if you really want it done, a few points might be a good motivator... ;)

But yeah, don't see this as taking requests; see it as sharing ideas and you'll have a better idea of what I'm getting at.
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My story got placed in Cereal's favorites, yo.
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