lazy horse
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Inspired by my constant loafing around like a lazy ass.

Edit: updated the SVG to fix the aliasing problems with the background.
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ChickenSteve|Hobbyist General Artist
me all day
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CMC--ScootalooEdited |Hobbyist General Artist
Smartphone in the hoof, stretched out on a bed, other hoof cool behind her head. That's my Scootaloo! <3
I want to chill with her. :)
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She's not inherently lazy; she's just emulating her lazy hero. :)
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If somepony as awesome as Scoots does this, I don't feel so bad about doing it myself. :P
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That is the most chillin' Scoots I'm ever seen. Like the phone. Totally how I like to relax.
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AntrB|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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scootalootheotaku007|Student General Artist
thats me right now
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Cute. :)
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Bronytwin02|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
awesome and love how her phone has a picture of Rainbow Dash :D
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JohnFlaherty|Hobbyist Artist
Haven't we all done this?

...Actually, I'm doing it right now.
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AskThePoniesAtWar|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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cottoncloudyfilly|Student Digital Artist
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