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Octavia stands in a field

By RedEnchilada
Urg, I probably spent six man-hours on this total. That cello is tricky stuff, man!

Honestly, though, I had a lot of fun adding in the smaller details. It suprised me how much better the picture looks imo with a simple shadow.
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I always thought Octavia was... outstanding in her field.

(silence, except for chirping crickets)

I'm sorry.
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She has it
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I half expected a link to the Four String Samurai ask blog
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Hey! How you doing! This is funny haha. Cus, you know... Do you remember when you were starting your ask blog about Octavia? I said I waited real long for a Six String Samurai crossover with her (… )
Well, this picture is the one that made me wish for that crossover 2 years ago!! If you check the comment date you'll notice that it would be impossible for me to refer to your ask blog because you created the blog one year after this comment. Unless I'm a time traveler, which I'm not (or I'm having time amnesia).
Anyways, have a nice time and never stop to pony. :D
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That's why I said "half expected" XD
Also the blog is finally getting some recognition. :D
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Welp, better late than never, haha! XD

Ask pony tumblr about Octavia being the badass four string samurai:
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Have cello, will travel!
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She just needs a harmonica and she'll be all set!
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... Like a boss.
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The backgrounds detail is amazing!
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Pinkie Pie is behind that rock.

You just know it.
RedEnchilada's avatar
no she isn't

Pinkamina Diane Pie is

and she's ready to make some CUPCAKES~
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