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Shoo Be-Doo
I always believed in sea ponies.
It was your average Saturday at the beach. Well, except that I would've sworn to anyone that I saw something swimming in the water that looked almost like a pony, but with fins. Nobody thought much of it, of course. My eyesight never was that great, so even I figured it was just a fancy water toy.
I decided that I was going to teach myself to swim today. I saw other ponies doing it before, so how hard could it be? My parents told me I needed to be bigger before I could learn to swim - "You're not big enough to float in the water yet, Cerulean Spark!" - but I couldn't understand how being bigger made it easier to float in the water.
As soon as we arrived, I darted away from my parents and headed straight for the pier. If I was going to learn to swim, I was going to learn to swim well. I jumped off the farthest edge and into the water, which tasted saltier than the water at my house. I started kicking my hooves in the water to keep myself up.
:iconredenchilada:RedEnchilada 3 1

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A Perfectly Pinkie Poem
Here comes a pink pony named Pie
She looks at you straight in the eye
She yells out "Oh boy!
I'm so filled with joy!
I'm in a limerick, aren't I?"
:iconitsthewhinyguys:ItsTheWhinyGuys 17 22
Trick or... EEP by johnjoseco Trick or... EEP :iconjohnjoseco:johnjoseco 868 90


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United States
I partake in many things. Art both of the line and pixel variety, codemonkeying, and general goofiness and vidyagames.

You can use anything in my gallery for avatar purposes. Anything else, it'd be nice to ask (except bases, idc what you do with those) but as long as you're not selling it I'm probably fine with it.
What'd you give people for Christmas? I don't care what you got

Personally? I got my mother an old Genesis and a copy of Aladdin (you guys have no idea how much she loves that game) and a few online friends some Steam games. I also gave my favorite website a new feature for Christmas! (Complete with horrific site-destroying bugs, because it's not something I coded if it doesn't have a couple of those in there)
  • Playing: the bug-fixing game

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