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Chapter 3/0 - The Set Free Solution - Teaser :iconredemption80918:Redemption80918 0 0
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Chapter 2 - No Longer The Hero - Part 6 :iconredemption80918:Redemption80918 0 0
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Chapter 2 - No Longer The Hero - Part 1 :iconredemption80918:Redemption80918 0 0
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Minecraft: The Catalyst of my Creativity :iconredemption80918:Redemption80918 1 0
Character Description File: Ralthar
Name: Ralthar
Age: 42
Species: Human
Height: 6 foot 2 inches
Weight: 272 pounds
Appearance: For a warrior that has survived for years against monsters, he is exactly how you would expect him to look. His body is strewn with scars. The most notable ones are the ones on his face, the deep ones that stretch across the left side of his face that were put their by Korvik in a harsh battle between the two. The second most notable one is far more brutal. In a battle with an alpha that Ralthar killed, he barely made it out alive because the alpha had torn of his right arm completely. It took years to heal, but Ralthar had to have his arm reattached and stapled back other. He no longer used this arm for combat, but for only minor tasks. With this arm being removed and healed, there is a deep scar that wraps itself his right arm. These aren't the only scars on his body, but the most notable ones.
As revealed in Beast Without Purpose, Ralthar has a d
:iconredemption80918:Redemption80918 0 0
Character Description File: Cordale ( werewolf )
Name: Cordale
Age: Technically reborn as a werewolf, so 2 months old
Species: Feral Werewolf, formerly human
Height: 7 foot 6 inches
Weight: 521 pounds
Appearance: Cordale, as a werewolf, is expectedly going to be larger than the average human. Except he's not as huge as you would expect him to be. Since he's a feral werewolf, he's not as big as an alpha but still pretty big and muscular. At 7 foot 6 inches, He is easily able to tower over humans. With his height advantage and terrorifying look, He can easily dominate whom he wishes to. His body is covered in golden hair. When he was human, his hair was naturally blonde and so made his werewolf form have golden hair.
With his long and sharp teeth, he can easily gnaw apart any body that he chooses sink his teeth into. What carries these teeth is his strong and wide muzzle with a black nose. This muzzle is also twice as long as average man's neck, making it perfect for Cordale to bite i
:iconredemption80918:Redemption80918 1 0
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Chapter 1 - Beast Without Purpose - Part 3 :iconredemption80918:Redemption80918 2 17
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Chapter 1 - Beast Without Purpose - Part 2 :iconredemption80918:Redemption80918 1 20
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Chapter 1 - Beast Without Purpose - Part 1 :iconredemption80918:Redemption80918 4 11


The Last Cameo (Updated) by THECOOLGEEK The Last Cameo (Updated) :iconthecoolgeek:THECOOLGEEK 29 4 Commission: Xhosa by AltaGrin
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To tell you all in a status update, I'm copying the words of the teaser onto paper for the written version. I'm going to complete the written version first before the typed version because I've been having a habit of not moving my power strip inbetween the tv and pc lately so doing the written version will help me get the story done faster. I've been feeling quite inspired lately and have been getting a LOT of things done. I have thought a lot of ideas as far as the structure of chapter 3/0 is going to be like. Until next time.

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So this is what an end of a life feels like? Just a slow and agonizing fading away of the life inside you. In my case, it's rather somewhat quick by the way of severe blood loss. i feel my heartbeat slowing in this very moment but don't feel anything else. I guess the last thing i should do in my final minutes is to reflect on my entire life before I die and be sent to the afterlife of which my spirit will be sent God knows where.

I suppose I have many regrets from my life. Not becoming a member of the Vamp Guild of Hunters, not meeting my parents again, not finding Cordale, becoming a werewolf, not defending Snowthorn and my family members from there, and losing my lovely girlfriend, Eniva. Thinking of all this makes me regret the life i had, but it comes to my mind that I have things I don't regret as well. Living an honorable life unlike many in the nearly 100 years of chaos, staying mentally human as a werewolf, holding my own against the vampires when I trained with Vamp Guild of Hunters trainers and recruits, defending Snowthorn, Meeting Cordale, getting to have a supporting mother and father, living in a mostly safe city, getting to actually have a love of my life in Eniva, and not giving into Lord Ardavor and the Moonlight Cult' ways.

I guess that last one is why I'm unconscious and bleeding out right now. Would it be considered something I don't regret if it's the reason why I'm going to die? Because I didn't want to accept being a part of something evil for a friend? Because I couldn't accept that I was something other than human? Was it really worth the sacrifice of my life? Yes. All of it.

I'm going to die knowing that I remained true to myself and the things that I don't regret having in my life. As I'm accepting and pondering my own life as I'm dying, I can't help but wonder where everything went wrong. What messed up my judgment so bad that I made the decision that would cost my life? I need to search through all of the memories of my life to find out what it is while I still got time because I don't know if I'll be able to do it in the afterlife. Is it not giving in to Lord Ardavor's demands? Is it leaving the Vamp Guild of Hunters? Is it defending Snowthorn?

Or is the answer even further back in my life? I have to know where the evidence of the cause of my death is laying in my memories. I have to know. I need to know in case I actually die. I don't want to die before I know the answer I so desperately need. What was the cause of my own death?
Chapter 3/0 - The Set Free Solution - Teaser
Here's the teaser for The Set Free Solution. This will not be a representative of the full length story of the same released later. It's just a teaser of it.

Both favorites and comments are very appreciated. Give them if you want to.
Merry Christmas everyone and happy holidays to those who don't celebrate Christmas as well. I've got a gift for you all in the form of a teaser for the next story in The Set Free Solution. I can say that my Christmas went very well. I got both what I wanted and needed. So yeah, I'll be releasing the teaser in a few moments after releasing this status update for you all. Until next time.
So, I think I pretty much got the teaser done. There's 5 paragraphs to it. You all are most likely won't like this. I'm not going to release it yet. I want to do it on Christmas day so I can give you guys a small gift as a token of appreciation for still watching me and actually fulfill a promise that I broke last year when I didn't release No Longer The Hero when I said I would. I also want to start working on Chapter 0 earlier than spending more time than needed on a teaser. I hope you all can respect my decision. Until next time.
For this status update, i wanted to mention that my computer was not plugged in for the past week. Since my tv can only plug into my power strip, i have to move it from between my tv and my computer. Even though i haven't worked on the teaser, i still thought of some ideas for the teaser while i worked on my custom minecraft world on the ps4. When I work on chapter 0 again, I'll let you know. Don't worry, I still release the teaser this month. For now, i have a couple small objectives in regards to my other projects I want to get done first. I'll probably got those done this week. Until next time.
To give you all an update, I started to work on the teaser for Chapter 0. just a few paragraphs so far. I'm thinking of having about 6-7 paragraphs for the teaser. I found out I still haven't lost that writer's talent despite 3 months away from a written story. Until the next time I talk to you all.
so, based on the title, I guess you guys are curious as to what it is. The next story will be called Chapter 0 - The Set Free Solution. This will be very much an origin story for both Korvik and Cordale as well as continue the story from Chapter 2. I do have some ideas for the story regarding Korvik's and Cordale's origins. Stuff like where they were born and how their lives went will very much be described and discussed throughout Chapter 0 - The Set Free Solution.

You can already guess that it'll end with Korvik and Cordale becoming their own specific type of werewolf, but I will explain how it happens and how it happens will be grisly and unexpected. I won't reveal details on how it exactly happens, I'll just give that tease for you guys. This time around, I don't want to slack on the transformations. I kind of did slack on it with Chapter 2 because I wanted to shorten the story a little bit and release it as soon as possible. There'll be story reasons as to why it's going to be more descriptive and lengthy. Another thing I want to do is very much retain the same storytelling quality from Chapter 2 and explore the relationship with Korvik between both Cordale and Gabriel. The relationship between Korvik and Cordale may take center stage but Korvik did have a small relationship with Gabriel before they parted from each other on their own paths. That's all I'm going to tell because I don't want to reveal too much before releasing the story. If I would give an estimation on the release of Chapter 0, it would either be Spring 2019 or Summer 2019. These are quality stories I'm working so they do take time. I do hope that Chapter 0 isn't as long as Chapter 2. I don't want to make you all wait that long again. It MIGHT be 4 parts long.

I do also want to release the Character Description Files for Werewolf Korvik, Lord Ardavor, Arkatol, and Grakkus eventually as well. Just wanted to talk about that shortly.

Speaking of things I want to work on, I'm going to be taking a hiatus from the files on LibreOffice here in a short while. I just wanted to do set up work for future work recently. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to unveil the name for the next story because this is happening. Hopefully I can get started on the story soon so I can release it Spring 2019 or Summer 2019.

I just reminded myself by looking at my stash that I have a teaser file for Chapter 0 in there. Thinking of releasing that for Christmas. That would be cool, right?:) (Smile) 

This is all I got to talk about today. You guys have a nice day and I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read this. I'll talk to you guys later.

Joshua Richard Allen Boles
Whoo! Thanks for the 9k views on this account. I didn't think I would have such a loyal set of watchers when I started the account back in 2017. Much appreciated.
Also, projects have been moving along smoothly to give an update on that and I have to change my sleep schedule again over the next 2 weeks. Going to bed when the sun is appearing on the horizon isn't just working for me. One last thing to mention is that I want to do something for 10k views. It's either going to be the next story or something else entirely*shrugs*. Until the next time I choose to chat to you all.
So, It's been a little over two months since I did anything for my account. I've made brief visits at least once or twice a week just to see how No Longer The Hero is doing and yes, i know, I didn't add any favorites like I said I would 2 months ago. I've been very very busy person the past 2 months. I've even almost made myself get burned out a couple times. I've made a lot of progress in several projects including files in Libreoffice and my Minecraft world(whopping 5 out of 11 islands shaped and starting to add detail to them. :D). It's been both very fun and hard working at the same time. It's only going to get more productive from here on out. I do plan to release 3 other stories onto this account that have my characters in them but I don't know when that is. I know that's not a positive thing to hear but it's the truth of the situation I'm in. To end on a more positive note, could any of you share your opinion of No Longer The Hero? I figured if 2 months go by and there's no comments, I thought I'd ask all of just that. It'd be much appreciated.
For those that decided that were up at 12 am last night, You know that I released a status update that had me complaining about the low amount of views for No Longer The Hero and asking to give the story a chance. I deleted it from the activity tab. I'm not like that and I don't want to be saying anything like that because it'll just drive you away, plus it was really unneeded. I appreciate that I'm at least getting views and have you all reading it. I know that reading takes time in terms of absorbing an entire story especially a story like No Longer The Hero, which has tiny details within almost every sentence that helps build the overall story. Not all of us have time for reading and I get that. There's also a factor of an 18 month wait between stories, in which I solely blame myself for. You can all read No Longer The Hero whenever you have time for it and also feel like doing so. While you guys are enjoying the story in your own spare time, I will be working on my projects with my custom minecraft world(which has had very interesting developments in the past few months that I'm excited to work on) and Libreoffice files for the next couple weeks.Talk to you all later. P.S. I will eventually add some more favorites to my favorites section. I'll see if I feel like doing it today or not. I don't know just yet.
I made a small mistake in not adding tags to No Longer The Hero since it's been a long time since I released anything and it appears that I can't edit the tags in because the editing ui that I need to click to add the tags isn't working. I don't know why so it looks like No Longer The Hero isn't going to have any tags.

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The volume of Lord Ardavor's voice carried such a weight that Korvik ears started to losing their hearing ability with a ringing noise replacing his hearing. All of the members of Ardavor's family on throne platform started to furiously converge towards where Korvik is. Korvik then used his enhanced, lightning quick reflexes to grab the broken blade piece of his sword that was placed on Lord Ardavor's throne. This action caused Arkatol to react in a physical way. Arkatol brought his giant foot off of the ground and gave Korvik's chest a great and painful impact that made his ribs feel even worse. Korvik's body went soaring through the air a long distance of 100 feet.

As he traveled through the air, Korvik could feel twice as much pain emanating from his torso. With his ears still ringing, he could only hear his fast breath and heartbeat. Korvik realizes that he can only rely on sight for a short while until his hearing comes back. After a moment in the air, Korvik's body collided with the stone wall on the west side of the throne room. Korvik felt the impact but didn't let the pain stop him from landing on his feet. On his way down, Korvik noticed that there are groups of lycanthropes and felinethropes on his left and right sides, making him unable to absorb the pain he was feeling in his torso when he lands on his feet.

As soon as Korvik's feet hit the ground, Korvik attacks the sons and daughters of Lord Ardavor on both of his sides but kicking them in the chest in succession of one after the other. The same thing happened to them as it happened with Arkatol attacking Korvik. Their bodies went flying, but there was something different added to this specific violent situation. After sending the lycanthrope into the other werebeasts, making them fall like dominoes, blood was coming out of their chests. How these wounds came to be is because of how Korvik planned to use the broken blade piece that used to be apart of his sword. In mid-fall after being sent into the stone wall, Korvik put the tip of the blade in between his toes to use it as a hidden weapon.

Having momentarily taken care of Ardavor's family on his right and left sides, Korvik is aware that the room that has the exit of Duskfall Cave is on his right side but can't escape if there's too many werebeasts to take him down. Korvik decides mid-moment that he needs to get the other half of his broken sword on the east side of the room to help him take down the werebeasts and survive his escape. Korvik reacts to a lycanthrope that attacks him from his front by dodging the claws that traveled the air nearby his chest. Korvik stroke back with an uppercut to the werewolf' muzzle. The other members of Ardavor' family emerged from behind this particular lycanthrope and used their claws to try to hurt Korvik. Korvik reacted to these strikes by dodging them but the pain from his hurt ribs prevented him from dodging one of the clawed strikes.

The sharp claws ran across the skin of his left shoulder. A loud groan can audibly be heard in all of the werebeast' ears as the sound came out of Korvik's mouth. As Korvik put pressure on his wound, Korvik could feel the blood flowing out, making his white fur become red and matted. All of the werebeasts, including Lord Ardavor and Arkatol, liked the sight of seeing Korvik bleed. As the family of Ardavor slowly got closer, Korvik soon had his back to the wall. Korvik has to find a way to avoid getting hit but also take out the sons and daughters of Lord Ardavor when necessary.

With the pressure of his life hanging out of balance, Korvik thought of a way to execute what needs to be done. Realizing his strategy, Korvik jumped upwards and latched his claws into the cracks of the stone that was created by the impact of his body against it. A few of Ardavor's family followed up to where Korvik is. Korvik reacted with a hard right fist and blade assisted kick to the two of them but couldn't get the third. The third werebeast dug it's claws into and across the left ankle and foot area of Korvik. Korvik made a load groan of pain as this happened and responded with a blade assisted kick to the felinethropes head.

The felinethrope fell straight down onto the other werebeasts that started to climb up the wall. Korvik could see more of Ardavor' sons and daughters climbing closer on the walls on both of his right and left sides. Korvik's course of action to prevent them from hurting him was jumping back down to where the bridge is nearby the throne. He didn't land on the stone but on the heads of the Ardavor's family. He then proceeded to jump off their heads to propel himself forward. He was heading straight towards Lord Ardavor and Arkatol but wasn't deciding to attack them.

As he was jumping across the heads of Ardavor's family, Korvik had the broken piece of his old sword still in between the toes of his right foot. This made sure that every time he jumped and stepped off of the heads of the werebeasts with the right foot, the blade would pierce their heads. Korvik also made sure to step on his right foot only when jumping between the members of Ardavor's family since he would most likely lose balance if he used his left foot for it. Korvik held onto it so tight because he didn't want it to get lodged in one of their heads. When Korvik got close enough, he uses the werebeasts heads as a surface area to have him be able to jump a height high enough to get to the top of the throne. While in mid air, he used his enhanced leg strength to help propel the blade out from between his toes and caught it with his fingers. With Korvik making his destination on the top of the throne, but felt a lot of pain from his hurt left foot from putting pressure on it. He uses the throne as another surface area with his right leg to help him jump and make the distance in between the throne and tunnel to the Howling Halls.

As he is traveling through the air, he notices that there's a lycanthrope in the way of his landing. Unlike the other werebeasts, this one that is in Korvik's way is showing fear on his face as Korvik gets closer. Korvik thinks that Lord Ardavor is using a ploy by forcing one of his own to show fear so that Korvik will express mercy against his enemy to exploit the weakness of his humanity and knows that Lord Ardavor is able to know this by reading his mind. To further confuse Lord Ardavor, Korvik uses this ploy to his own advantage rather than to give Lord Ardavor the advantage. Korvik throws the blade piece at this werewolf. Blood sprays out as soon as it makes contact.

This doesn't make the lycanthrope fall but the heavily impactful kick to the base of broken blade piece did as soon as Korvik got close enough to do so. This kick made the blade piece shoot out of the werewolf' body like a bullet and straight into the chest of another werebeast. With the force of the kick making the lycanthrope fall down away from Korvik, he now sees the other half of his sword in the tunnel ahead of him. Korvik moves forward towards it, but both putting pressure and blood leaking out of the wound of his left foot really makes it hard for him to move forward. He uses his right leg to jump past the dead werebeast he just killed before he's able to get to his sword. Since it is some distance between him and the werebeast who now has the broken blade piece in it's chest, Korvik makes himself do a leaping somersault despite the pain of landing on his left foot after he jumps past the dead werebeast.

Now closing the distance between Korvik and the werebeast, Korvik retrieves the broken blade piece from the chest of the werebeast and then forcefully pushes it to make it travel into the family of Ardavor that were traveling in the tunnel. The other half of Korvik's old sword is just a small distance ahead of Korvik. Korvik picks it up with his left hand as soon as he gets close enough to grab it. Korvik puts the broken blade piece in between his right hand fingers so that it make him be able to stab and punch something at the same time. Korvik was now fully capable to take on the rest of Ardavor's family. Korvik started to travel back to the throne room with the two sword pieces in each of his hands.

Korvik realizes that he has to fight like his life is very fragile in order to make it to the exit of the cave. The anticipation of intense combat started to make the adrenaline rush throughout The Mountain Hero's body. His sense of hearing was starting to come back as he ran back to the throne room. As soon as he got out of the tunnel, Korvik attacked the nearest son of Ardavor immediately. His arms were flying through the air, causing blood to let and bodies to fly away as well as fall down. On an emotional level, Korvik, the Mountain Hero was feeling like himself again. Such intense physical feeling from the adrenaline and action made him feel like he was defending Snowthorn again.

This felt so good for Korvik that he almost lost sight of his own plan. During Korvik's attacks against Ardavor's family and dodging their own strikes, Korvik changed his own direction to head for the entrance room. The lycanthropes and felinethropes were still in his way and needed to go through them to make it to the entrance room of Duskfall Cave. As the werebeasts started rushing towards Korvik, the former Mountain Hero prepared to defend himself against his enemies. Korvik could also hear more of them approaching behind him with violent intent. Korvik reacted to the intentions and movements of the first group of Ardavor's family by dodging the first strike to his neck from the lycanthrope in front of him.

Korvik responded immediately as the lycanthrope was striking by slicing the werebeast' hand as it went across the air in front of Korvik's face and then sliced it's muzzle off in an instant like he would do in the past. With the werebeast having gotten closer from behind, Korvik turned around to bring a powered fist with the broken blade piece to the chest of the werebeast in the front of the second group. This sends it towards and through the other werebeasts, even making some fall down onto the hard stone below the paths, bridges and tunnels. By doing this heavy punch against the werebeast, Korvik realized he lost the broken blade piece. With the broken blade piece lodged in the werebeast’ chest, Korvik switches the broken blade with the handle from his left to his right hand quickly With his ears picking up a faint scratching noise above himself, Korvik looked up to see a werelion climbing above him. With Korvik's eyes still on the felinethrope, Korvik grabbed the felinethrope' hand with his left hand after the werelion stroke with it's claws at Korvik's head. 

Korvik used the leverage of the lycanthrope' hand to bring it down onto the edge of the stone path. The werewolf' broad back had impacted against the stone but Korvik wasn't done with this particular lycanthrope yet. Korvik uses the momentum of the attack on the werewolf' ribs to bring it back up to swing it around in a half circle and release it into the other group of Ardavor's family in the way of the entrance. The group of Ardavor's family fell down like the other werebeasts. With all of them fallen down or recovering from the attack, the werebeasts being this way has presented an opportunity to get to the entrance room and took it by jumping past all of the lycanthropes and felinethropes.

Korvik was now in the tunnel that headed towards the entrance room. Even though he could see the light at the end of the tunnel, physically and metaphorically, Korvik remained cautious with his broken sword in hand to defend himself as he walked back towards the entrance room. By the time that Korvik was halfway through the tunnel, Ardavor's family members had fully recovered and started to make their way through the tunnel as well, but they were strangely keeping their distance despite all of the violence from them earlier. This act of different behavior was seen as an opportunity for Korvik to started going at a faster pace but limps in his right foot towards the entrance room, leaving a trail of blood behind from his left foot. Korvik started to feel enough hope that he could grasp and hold onto it. As soon as Korvik got inside the entrance room, he wished that he didn't start feeling hope because Arkatol was somehow on his left side in this room.

As soon as Korvik saw Arkatol, Korvik was frozen right in that spot. Not out of fear but Korvik couldn't actually be able to move even if he tried to. As his eyes were on Arkatol, Korvik took a moment to think of how this was possible with his body. Korvik could only think of one thing

"Yes, Korvik, I can't just let you walk away after rejecting your new family by being disobedient. Now, you MUST bleed out physically for rejecting the blood of family. It's only a fair punishment. Do it Arkatol!" said Lord Ardavor to both Korvik and Arkatol

As soon as Lord Ardavor had finished saying his words, Arkatol could be seen with Korvik's eyes reaching for something behind his back. As Arkatol grasped onto something, a giant double bladed axe was revealed to be held behind Arkatol. It was like some magic had been lifted off of the sharp object as soon as Arkatol touched it. He released it from it's harness that Arkatol wore across on his torso to keep it latched and tight up to the point of being unable to fall off. As soon as Arkatol got the axe unlatched, he swung it around lightly and then put it in position for a heavy swing.

It was like Arkatol had thought about what to do to Korvik in case things went downhill and told what he wanted to do to Korvik to Lord Ardavor. It looks like Lord Ardavor has agreed with Arkatol. When Arkatol had begun to have his axe in position, Korvik could feel his right arm extending out without him controlling it. Korvik' eyes widened once he figured out what was going to happen. The hope that Korvik was feeling earlier was now very much gone. Korvik could feel his breath and heartbeat happening at a faster rate than it had ever been when Arkatol was doing practice swings nearby his right arm. Each swing getting closer and closer until Arkatol's axe was so close to Korvik's arm that he knew the swing to cut off his right arm was finally coming.

Just before the final swing, Korvik could see that a smile was on Arkatol's face. What felt worse for Korvik than the waiting for the pain to happen was that he couldn't do anything to prevent it from happening. All the thoughts that Korvik had previously thought of had become replaced with screams of pain as soon as Arkatol's axe made contact with Korvik's right shoulder. With a splash of blood flowing out when it made contact, Korvik's arm had become completely detached from his body in a bloody mess. Even with this happening and Korvik screaming his vocal chords towards submission, Lord Ardavor didn't release his hold on Korvik's body. Lord Ardavor was soaking in Korvik's sounds of pain. As blood poured out of Korvik's shoulder, Korvik was still frozen in front of Arkatol.

"Make him leave but also let him BLEED." said Lord Ardavor to all of his family but mainly for Arkatol to listen to

"Yes, My Lord Ardavor. It will be my pleasure." said Arkatol in response

Arkatol then kicked Korvik in the left side of his ribs in which sends him into the stone wall nearby the entrance of Duskfall Cave. Without the support of his right arm at this moment, Korvik couldn't make himself get off of the ground. As Korvik was groaning loudly as he was writhing on the ground, Arkatol slams his axe down on both Korvik's arm and old sword. The entrance room was filled with the sounds of splattering blood and metallic clangs with each impact of the axe against them. Arkatol intensely swung his axe into these two objects until there was nothing left to use.

Amongst all of this happening, Korvik had started to crawl his way to the entrance with just his feet and left arm. Being cautious again despite being barely unable to defend himself, Korvik crawled backwards to the entrance and sees Lord Ardavor approaching from the tunnel. Lord Ardavor looks towards Arkatol and gives him a few, firm pats on the shoulder.

"You've used what I've taught you very well, my apprentice." said Lord Ardavor to Arkatol

Arkatol nods in response to what Lord Ardavor has said. Lord Ardavor looks to where Korvik is.

"You can leave now, Korvik. You're not welcome here anymore. With the way that you are now, you won't even make a mile away from here. If you do survive such an injury and make your way back here, know that this place won't treat you with such hospitality again. It will lead to your death than a lost arm." said Lord Ardavor, giving a warning to Korvik

Korvik didn't say anything in return, but groaned as he crawled with his left arm and feet toward the entrance of Duskfall Cave again. As soon as he got just outside of the entrance, Korvik put all of his effort into using his arm and legs to get himself to be standing on his two feet. When he got outside, he briefly started to feel dazed and dizzy until the chilling, cold winds had touched his open and bloody wound of where his arm used to be. The fast moving snowflakes woke him up. They touched the open wound with their cold essence, making it feel painful sensations that kept Korvik awake. Korvik looked around with his eyes to see where he was and he didn't recognize it.

Despite this, Korvik tried to make his way back to the places he knew of in the Frostbite Mountains. 

"I need to get back to Snowthorn to see Olvar." said Korvik to himself as he slowly dragged his feet through the thick snow towards where he thinks Snowthorn might be.

Korvik made himself travel west of Duskfall Cave not knowing where to go but found himself in familiar territory in a short while. By this time, the blood on the entirety of his right side had become solid from the cold but blood was still coming out. In a few moments, Korvik had passed out but wasn't dead. Just a few moments after his passing out, Korvik could feel a forceful touch on his body while he was unconscious. The unknown living being was dragging him through the snow.

Korvik couldn't feel anything more than that because he went completely unconscious after that. The next time he felt something is when he woke back up. The feelings of his blood loss and unconsciousness still there at the first moments of his waking. He could barely see but saw two blurry shapes in front of him. As his vision became sharper and more focused, he saw a female werewolf at his side holding his hand and a man pointing a signature gun of a certain hunter. Korvik immediately recognized the face of the gun wielder.

Chapter 2 - No Longer The Hero - Part 6
After so months, hours, changes, proofreading and overall developing this story to be the best it can. It is now finished. Enjoy!

If you feel like sharing your thoughts on what you liked and didn't like about the story, it would be much appreciated because it just might make the next story better. :) (Smile) 

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It took Korvik a moment to become fully knocked out. He felt himself traveling through the air for a good 20 feet from Dagon's fist. Korvik then became completely unconscious as soon he hit the snow away from the Moonlight Cult. Korvik couldn't feel it because of his unconsciousness, but he was missing a couple teeth and bleeding from his mouth. Grakkus, Dagon and Dagin decreased their distance from Korvik by moving towards the unconscious Mountain Hero on the outside of Snowthorn.

Orval was still on top of the wall, watching silently. On the inside, he wanted to yell at them. After seeing Korvik get dominated like that, he couldn't let out a word and could only watch on speechlessly. Dagin felt a rageful urge and striked Korvik with his own foot on the side of Korvik's waist, causing more blood to come out Korvik's mouth.

"Dagin! we have to bring him back alive! Not dead!, or our Lord Ardavor will have us torn up by all of our brothers and sisters for disobeying orders!" yelled Grakkus at Dagin

"Dagon, you'll be the one whose going to carry our brother back to his new home since you're not hurt like your brother." said Grakkus to Dagon

Before Grakkus was going to give a new order to Dagin, he hears a familiar voice in his head. Grakkus hears the commanding voice of his leader, Lord Ardavor.

"Make sure Dagin still feels useful by having him bring Korvik's sword back to Duskfall Cave. Dagin will get his due punishment at the right time that it's needed. Korvik needs an example to show who he is now. He needs to throw away his old life. He needs to be  shown that he isn't human anymore. Breaking his sword, the one thing that stopped all of my plans, will make him realize he no longer needs human weapons but is a weapon himself. I look forward to all of you coming back home." said Lord Ardavor to Grakkus demandingly of what needs to be done

"Dagin, Go grab Korvik's sword out of the tree over there. Lord Ardavor's orders. Bringing it back will help bring him along on his much needed new path with his new life. Go!" said Grakkus to Dagin, giving him new orders at the behest of Lord Ardavor

"Yes, boss." said Dagin, saying it in a manner that sounded like a mix of agitation and sarcasm, probably thinking that becoming a werebeast would remove himself from having to do menial tasks for his superiors

Grakkus stands aside in the snow as Dagin and Dagon do as they're ordered. At least what they think he's doing. Grakkus actually turned around and growled. What they couldn't see was Grakkus's eyes glowing red, teeth and nails becoming longer and sharpened for a moment. Grakkus brought his hand up to his nose, gently grabbed it and let out a deep breath. Grakkus eyes, teeth, and nails went back to what they were before. After Dagon and Dagin do as they're ordered, all of them after getting their main objective done.

With a worried and distraught face, Olvar couldn't believe that Korvik is gone again. The other citizens of Snowthorn started to come out of the buildings since the magic that Grakkus used earlier had worn off.

"I sure hope you're able to find your way back home, old friend." said Olvar, showing concern for Korvik

Some time has passed since the Moonlight Cult has brought Korvik to Duskfall Cave. While still unconscious, Korvik was shackled against a stone wall. Lord Ardavor clearly doesn't want Korvik to do anything unsavory. Chatter, howling, growling, and various other means of werebeast speech can be heard from outside of the cave. Amidst all of the noise, There's one curious and quiet beta werewolf who emerges in the doorway of the room that Korvik is in. Korvik's arrival has put every werebeast in Duskfall Cave on edge but not this one.

This beta werewolf has never been around any alphas before so she took the chance to see one. She's disobeying an order to remain within the section where the beta werewolves live in the Howling Halls of Duskfall Cave. This beta werewolf crawled on her hands and feet to get closer to Korvik. This beta werewolf has also not seen a white werewolf in person as well. The beta werewolf never thought she'd such a thing in her life.  She'd now realize this is what she'd be like if she was an alpha werewolf instead of being small and scrawny.

Since this beta werewolf has thin fur, she doesn't know what it's like to have a full, thick coat of fur. In a moment of curiosity, the beta werewolf reaches out to the lower quadricep on Korvik's leg and feels the fur slowly. It feels a lot softer than her own. This small sensation on the skin of Korvik's fur being pulled down was enough to wake him up. This startled the beta werewolf a little bit to almost make her run away on all four of her limbs. She cowered nearby the doorway as Korvik was trying to stand up on the stone ground.

Korvik could feel the wounds from his battle with the Moonlight Cult. While his enhanced healing has healed the wounds up a good amount, there was still pain emanating throughout his wounded body. Korvik could feel the shackles around his wrists and then looked at them. He then tried to muscle the shackles off but no result. Doing that only made his body hurt even more. He was breathing heavily and shakily after doing that. In his exhaustion and pain, He then finally noticed the beta werewolf in front of him.

"Hey, Where am I?" Korvik asked the female werewolf.

This made her scurry out of the room that Korvik is in.

"Hey! No! Come Back! Aaah!" Yelled Korvik, showing momentary frustration towards the female werewolf's actions

Korvik inhales and exhales a considerable amount of breath to help him calm down and think clearly.

"I guess I got to find that out by doing it another way to find where I am." said Korvik, trying to think of something

Korvik let out another heavy breath to help him focus further. Korvik quiets himself and closes his eyes so that he can focus on what his senses of smell and hearing can pick up.

"Does it feel nice to be able to use your senses again? I can tell where you are if you're wondering. You're in your new home and It's called Duskfall Cave. I'll let Grakkus know you're awake now. We expected you to be out for days given how potent Grakkus' sleep magic has been in the past. In a few moments, Grakkus will bring you to my throne room. I look forward to our conversation." said Lord Ardavor to Korvik, telepathically talking to him.

Korvik decides not to say anything back to Lord Ardavor, or maybe he just can't think of the proper and fitting words to say to someone or something that caused all of his suffering.

"So, You don't want to talk to me, but you're going to want to talk when we meet up personally." said Lord Ardavor in response to Korvik's silence

As Lord Ardavor was done talking, Korvik could hear the sound of boots and bare feet with their long nails occasionally scraping against the stone. Korvik could feel his ears twitching as these sounds approached closer and closer to him. Ardavor must have been talking to Grakkus at the same time as he was talking to Korvik. Grakkus and other werebeasts that Korvik didn't recognize emerged in the doorway of the room that Korvik is in.

"Hello, Korvik. Welcome to your new home. Our Lord Ardavor is waiting in the throne room. Best not to keep him waiting. Follow me. I'll show you where it is." said Grakkus, acting weirdly kind towards Korvik

"And have a conversation with him, huh? I'd rather not talk to him and be kept in these shackles." said Korvik disapprovingly

"' sigh ' It's His will and command. We werebeasts don't disobey our Lord Ardavor or something horrible is done to us for it. It's happened before. I forgot you were in those shackles. Let me release those for you so you can come with me." Said Grakkus as he made hand gestures to generate and use telekinetic magic to release the shackles that are around Korvik's

This made Korvik fall down to his hands and knees since his body still hasn't regained it's full strength because of long unconsciousness. This has made Korvik be unable to support any form of movement or strain.

"Help him up." said Grakkus, ordering the unknown werebeasts to help Korvik off of the ground.

Two werebeasts started to get closer to Korvik to help him up.

"No, I just .. need a moment 'growls because of the pain in his ribs from talking ' to gather .. myself and ' grunting ' then I can come along." said Korvik as he was in pain and strenuously forced his body of the ground which caused him to make louder grunt than before when he was talking

Korvik puts his hands to the sides of his waist and let out a long, heavy breaths to gather himself. He then put his right arm up against his ribs on the right side of his torso.

"Okay, ..'clearing his throat' after giving it some thought. I'm ready to go .. talk to Lord Ardavor." said Korvik, saying it in a manner that's he both wants to do this and not do this.

As Korvik approached the doorway, he traveled past the two werebeasts that were going to help him up. Korvik looked at them as he walked past them. The werebeasts let out an able to be heard growl, like they actually wanted help Korvik but Korvik's decision to do everything himself irked them in a wrong way. Korvik stopped and stared at them with an angered and disapproving look.

"Quit growling at him you two! He is a new member of the family! TREAT HIM THAT WAY!" said Grakkus, clearly pissed at having to order the werebeasts to do something that should be known to them by now

The werebeasts both visibly cowered and nodded. Korvik surprised by their reaction and then looked at Grakkus. He could notice that Grakkus eyes were glowing red. Korvik then thought to himself that he has never seen a regular person eyes do that let alone a werebeasts eyes. Korvik was now thinking that Grakkus is no ordinary human or werebeast but some other type of werebeast that Korvik had never seen before. Putting those thoughts to the back of his mind and continued his approach towards the doorway.

Grakkus motioned his hand in a way to let Korvik know that he wants Korvik to travel ahead of himself.

Korvik stops in front of Grakkus and says "Do you really think .. 'grunts' I would trust you enough to have you following behind me?" says Korvik, revealing what he thinks of what Grakkus wants to do

"Fair enough, we'll just travel ahead and show you where you'll need to go by following us there." said Grakkus

"Let's get to the throne room then." said Korvik

Grakkus nods in response. The two werebeasts that growled at Korvik now traveled towards the entrance of the room. Grakkus followed them and then Korvik followed Grakkus.

"How are they so calm?" said Korvik, asking Grakkus

"Lord Ardavor is controlling them by mind control. He can't let his family be in disarray. That, and he doesn't like disobedience." said Grakkus telling Korvik on how the werebeasts are so calm

As Grakkus was saying these words, Korvik was looking over to his right and taking in the visual awe of Duskfall Cave. Korvik could see that it was all a network of caves, tunnels, and bridges made out of stone that all lead to different sections throughout. The bridges are supported by stone pillars to keep it all from falling apart. Korvik even notices there's even stone pillars that support the bridges from above. Furthermore, Korvik notices werebeasts that are both walking and climbing throughout Duskfall Cave. They even stared back at him when he was looking at them.

"This whole cave doesn't look natural. How was it made?" says Korvik, asking Grakkus as to how the cave came to be made

"This entire cave was made by sacrificing tooth and claw to sculpt the stone into what it is today. All of it at the behest of Lord Ardavor. We even had to use our own fists to help out break the stone until our claws and teeth had healed up the next day. I still remember and feel it like it was yesterday. Even we made our Lord Ardavor's throne from scratch. Fit for a Dark Lord." said Grakkus, revealing some history about Duskfall Cave

While it may seem like Korvik was interested in hearing about this. He's actually not interested and trying to betray the trust being shown to him by his enemies. He's trying to distract his enemies from thinking that he's actually looking for a way out of Duskfall Cave, by having them talk and not think. He's also got to worry about Lord Ardavor's mind reading of werebeasts. In order to make it hard for Lord Ardavor to find his true intentions, he's got mask his own thoughts to make it seem he's doing one thing only rather than the other things or two things at once.

Korvik continued to look towards his right side at Duskfall Cave to further confuse his enemies as to what he's doing. Korvik notices with his fake observation of the cave that he, Grakkus, and the group of werewolves aren't the only ones traveling to somewhere.

"Are we not the only ones that are going to the throne room?" said Korvik, asking Grakkus

"Yes, The entire family of ours is heading to the throne room to anxiously see if you'll be apart of the family." said Grakkus, answering Korvik's question

"To ask you another question, How many types of werebeasts are in here?" said Korvik, asking Grakkus

"There are 17 types of us overall, but most types of us werebeasts are here at Duskfall Cave. The more common ones here are the Werewolves, Werebears, Weretigers, Werelions, Werebats, Werejaguars, Werecougars, Werecheetahs, Wereleopards. The more rare types are Weredragons, Werepyres, Werepheonixs, Werebirds, Were-Wendigos, Were-Snow Leopards, Were-Black Leopards. We don't have many of those types here, but I think it's safe to say that you won't feel out of place if you decide to make this your new home." said Grakkus, answering another one of Korvik's questions

"Alright, That's all I wanted to know. Let's just get to the throne room and get this important conversation done. " said Korvik, pretty much letting Grakkus that he knows enough for now

Since they were done chatting to each other, Korvik and Grakkus traveled to the throne room via using the tunnels and bridges that lead there. As Korvik is traveling with Grakkus to the throne, Korvik unsuspectingly notices that he walks past the doorway that has the tunnels that leads to the entrance room. The throne room was now filled with werebeasts that waited outside of where Lord Ardavor's throne is in the middle of the throne room with a bridge leading straight down to the throne. Korvik arrives at the bridge but is blocked by the werebeasts that were waiting for Korvik to come into the throne room.

"You can let him through." said Lord Ardavor to his family

At the command of Lord Ardavor's words, the werebeasts turned to face and be beside each other on the bridge. It became apparent to himself and Lord Ardavor that Korvik himself is quite the unique and special looking werewolf.

"You're quite the special looking werewolf, aren't you? You are the first white furred werewolf I've seen of our kind." said Lord Ardavor, amazed at the visage of Korvik

Korvik continued to travel towards Lord Ardavor but also was met with a sight other than Lord Ardavor in front of him. Alongside Lord Ardavor is an Omega Werebeast that is taller than any other werebeast Korvik has seen. From Korvik's point of view, this omega werebeast is 14 feet tall and built like a mountain.This omega werebeast’s body looks like it’s been defending Lord Ardavor for many years. It’s fur looks like it’s a mixture of multiple werebeast fur patterns with a werelion’s mane, were-tiger’s stripes, and a werewolf’s fur thickness. He also a werewolf’s muzzle and teeth, were-tiger claws for both of his hands and feet, and a pair of weredragon wings on his back. 

As Korvik got closer towards the throne, he started to get a similar feeling in his heart when Dagon and Dagin was approaching him in their weretiger forms. With Korvik continuing to approach the throne, Lord Ardavor was sitting in a comfortable position. One of the reasons why Lord Ardavor is so comfortable is because Lord Ardavor is wearing a comforting, white 
but sharp and regal looking robes that covers only his lower body. He also appears to be wearing a crown that fits perfectly to his muzzled face.

Both Grakkus and Korvik made it to their destination in front of Lord Ardavor and the stone throne. Grakkus travels to Lord’s Ardavor right side. Korvik unexpectedly feels very alien in front of all these werebeasts despite what Grakkus said earlier. Breathing heavily because of all the pressure that Korvik feels from this situation, Korvik brought his attention to the omega werewolf and couldn't believe that such a werebeast exists on his left side.

"So, you don't want to talk or look at me? Why do you want to do that to me, my son?" said Lord Ardavor with a tone of voice that shows hints of disappointment, anger, and curiosity

Looking down to avoid eye contact with Lord Ardavor while having his arms crossed against his waist and sighs "Maybe .. it's because .. you are just the one that made my .. life." says Korvik bringing his arm to his ribs again because it hurts for him to talk and is also starting to sound a little more angry but breathes through his nose deeply as he shakes his face to convey that he dislikes what he has on his mind, but decides to say it anyway.

"Turn into a LIVING HELL BY GETTING RID OF MY HUMANITY! MY FRIENDS! MY FAMILY! MY HOME! AND MADE ME BECOME THE MONSTER I AM, YOU FUCKING BASTARD!!!" Yelled Korvik, sounding more and more vitriolic the more he talked and letting Lord Ardavor know what he thinks of him.

The 14 foot omega werewolf started to get close to Korvik and reached for him.

"No one talks to Lord Ardavor that way!" said the giant werewolf as he reach for Korvik

"Stop Arkatol! He's just releasing what's weighing down his mind Korvik can say whatever he wants to me. He's part of the family now. We should treat him that way." said Lord Ardavor to Arkatol

"Yes, My Lord Ardavor." said Arkatol as he moved back to the right side of Lord Ardavor

With a sigh and a look of disappointment etched in his body language and face, Lord Ardavor speaks to Korvik.

"So, you clearly don't see what you are as a gift that I have given only to my most loyal of children, but as a curse instead. You feel that being what you are is something that you're forced to hold back and control to the point of it being repressed. You see being an alpha werewolf just like your human self. Since you still remember what it's like being a human and not a monster, you've never truly embraced your new physical abilities. You're holding yourself back. Never trusting yourself enough with something that you can easily lose control with. I know all of this about you because I've been reading your mind without you knowing what I was doing and feeling what was in your mind. By doing that to your mind without you noticing, you've reminded me of what it feels to be both human and remember my first days as a monster. I, whether you like it or not, understand what you're going through right now. Korvik, I'm the only one who can truly help you go through this. I can help you find Cordale. I just want help from you in return after I help you find Cordale. So, what do you say? Do we have a deal on doing that for each other?" said Lord Ardavor, pretty much in response to what Korvik said to him

"So, why would you want a previous enemy of yours like myself to help you? I did kill plenty of your family in the past, Ardavor." said Korvik, asking why Lord Ardavor has such a change of heart

"Hmm, with what you look like now, I see you as more of a son than an enemy now. I'm willing to let our past be the past. Now, are you willing to do the same thing?" said Lord Ardavor, asking Korvik

"Before I agree to trusting such a deal with you. You mentioned you could help me find Cordale. Does this mean you know where he is?" said Korvik, asking Lord Ardavor

"Yes, I can see where he is and he's in .. torment. I wish I shouldn't have let him go but he wasn't accepting of being controlled like the rest. I should've just let him be on his own instead of taking him in. I couldn't control him no matter how hard I tried to. He kept on resisting without giving up. I thought I could do something to him out of his own control. He left worse than he came in. I guess he just snapped after being subjected to such intense mental treatment. He just .. became broken .. like your sword." said Lord Ardavor, revealing something has happened to Korvik's old sword

"What do you mean by that? 'grunts' My sword isn't broken. It's lodged in a tree nearby my old home, Ardavor." said Korvik, not understanding what Lord Ardavor meant and what he knows about his sword's location

"Now, that's where you're wrong, Korvik. It's right here in my hands." said Lord Ardavor as he looked down at his hands, looking like they're carrying something

"Really?, I don't see anything in your hands.'coughs' " says Korvik, disbelieving Lord Ardavor

"Well, let me just unveil it for you." says Lord Ardavor as he us put down the blade on his thighs in front of him.

Lord Ardavor then motions his hands in a complex gesturing manner to remove the magical effect on the sword and makes it be able to be visibly seen. The sword had looked like it was snapped in two at the middle part of the blade. With a despondent body language and facial expression on Korvik's face, he says " Why break my sword? Why bring it back here just to do that and show me it in it's broken state? " Korvik asking Lord Ardavor why such a thing needs to be done

"Why you ask? I hinted at it earlier with me saying that you see being a werebeast the same way as being a human. Why I broke this sword because it has practically been drowned in werebeast blood, the object that which stopped all of my plans, and keeping you from embracing your new self. A werebeast should have no use for human weapons because we are weapons ourselves! Now! Before I dispose of this useless thing, I want to use it for something. Dagin! Where is Dagin!?" said Lord Ardavor as he looked around for Dagin

The entire throne room went quiet as Dagin started to feel a sense of panic because he now realizes that Lord Ardavor may know about him disobeying orders but also might be wrong with that assumption so he says "I'm over here, My Lord Ardavor." responding to Lord Ardavor's question

"Good! Come on over here, son." said Lord Ardavor to Dagin

"Yes, My Lord Ardavor." said Dagin in response to Lord Ardavor's orders

Dagin was nearby the bridge that Korvik crossed earlier as he made his way over to the throne. While Dagin is getting to the throne, Korvik notices a group of white robed individuals in a tunnel to his left while he’s waiting for Dagin to get to the throne.With Korvik seeing the robes of the three other Moonlight Cult members in Grakkus,Dagon and Dagin earlier, Korvik surmised that those are the other Moonlight Cult members.

Dagin got to his destination in front of Lord Ardavor, standing right next to Korvik. Despite being next to Korvik, Dagin only has his eyes at Lord Ardavor. Lord Ardavor put the pointed piece of Korvik's sword on the hand rest of the throne on his right side and then all of the werebeasts in the throne room immediately turned their heads in attention to Lord Ardavor as he stood up from his throne with the second part of Korvik's broken sword in his right hand. Lord Ardavor's grip on the sword got tighter as he got closer to Dagin. The werebeasts around in the throne room all knelt in response to Lord Ardavor standing up.

"Dagin, I know of your disobedience towards my orders earlier today. What you did after Korvik went unconscious wasn't according to the plan. You know I .. dislike .. disobedience." said Lord Ardavor, who kept getting closer and angrier the more sentences he said.

"I'm sorry, My Lord Ardavo ... oohh 'labored breathing and groaning noises'" were the sounds that came out of Dagin's mouth as he weakly held the swords blade with one hand as Lord Ardavor held the sword in Dagin's chest. Korvik could only keep his eyes closed he heard these noises come out of Dagin's mouth.

"No, I'm the one whose sorry to have to do this to you, my son." said Lord Ardavor as he pulled the sword out of Dagin's chest, making a loud squelching noise that reverberated throughout the quiet throne room of Duskfall Cave

Tossing the sword to the other side of the throne room, it landed in a tunnel that lead to the throne room. Lord Ardavor now removed the possibility of Korvik using it to his advantage quickly. 

"Dump Dagin to the bottom like the rest of those who failed me." said Lord Ardavor to his werebeasts as he traveled back to his throne. Lord Ardavor sat back down on his throne and looked at Korvik, whose face still looks distraught from what he had to see and hear

The werebeasts caught Dagin's body from falling down as he died right next to Korvik. Korvik watched as the Lord Ardavor's family carried Dagin's body to the edge and then tossed him down to the bottom of the cave. When Dagin's body collided with the stone, it could easily be heard from the throne. The sound of it sent a chill down Korvik's spine as he visibly swallowed in response to hearing it. The response was quite the opposite with Lord Ardavor, who showed a subtle smile on his face

"So, after that needlessly violent display, is there going be a deal between us? I would control your mind to force you to say what I want to be heard but I'm doing things differently now so you get to have a choice in the matter." said Lord Ardavor, revealing a specific ability to Korvik that Ardavor can do

"Look, I'm sorry to you have to hear this, but I'm used to working on my own now. I don't need your help so I don't see this as something I can be apart of." said Korvik to Lord Ardavor

"So, there's going to be no deal between us family?" said Lord Ardavor, asking Korvik

"No, we're not family. We're still enemies of each other, Ardavor. I will find Cordale on my own." defiantly said Korvik to Lord Ardavor

"Well, then I regret saying this but also don't regret it either because YOU KORVIK! ARE A DISOBEDIENT SON! KIILL HIIMMM!!!" said Lord Ardavor thunderously while pointing his finger at Korvik to order his family can kill Korvik for his disobedience.
Chapter 2 - No Longer The Hero - Part 5
After so months, hours, changes, proofreading and overall developing this story to be the best it can. It is now finished. Enjoy!

If you feel like sharing your thoughts on what you liked and didn't like about the story, it would be much appreciated because it just might make the next story better. :) (Smile) 

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"Olvar, they're here." said Korvik to Olvar 

"Korvik, Who's here? " Olvar asking Korvik who he means is here with them

"The Moonlight Cult is here with us! Olvar, you need to get inside the walls now!" screamed Korvik, who is very concerned for Olvar's safety and urging Olvar to move quickly inside the walls of Snowthorn

"Why should we believe you, talking monster?!" said the guard captain, while him and other guards were aiming crossbows at Korvik

"I hear them talking to me in my head and they said they are here with us but I don't know where they are." said Korvik while looking at the guards, trying to explain himself

"Guards, trust him! He is our Mountain Hero!, Korvik!, but with a forced different form to confuse you into attacking him! It's the Moonlight Cult's doing that has made him look that way!"
said Olvar trying to urge the guards to believe Korvik's words

"Olvar, you can come inside, but you beast!, will stay outside the walls unless you earn my trust through your actions rather than Olvar giving you an explanation of who you are!" screamed the guard captain, still not trusting the words that he's heard

"Well, watch me then! I'm going to fight them off when they show themselves so they don't do anymore damage to OUR home." said Korvik to the guards, revealing his own intentions

Korvik turned around in the direction away from the village and pulled out his sword from the sheath. Korvik made himself ready for the Moonlight Cult with a stance in the snow. The guards opened up the gates for Olvar with a lever on the top of the wall. Olvar quickly traveled inside the wall and went up the stairs on his right side to go to the top of the wall to watch, showing he has concern for Korvik as well.The guards used the lever again to close the gates after they see Olvar traveling up the stairs. Like with Olvar outside his cave, Korvik wondered if he could use his sense of smell and hearing to help him reveal the location of where these Moonlight Cult members are. Then Korvik heard something from the guards instead.

"I know that sword and stance from anywhere. That's Korvik, the Mountain Hero." whispered the guard captain

"I believe what you said Olvar. There's no other sword like Korvik's here at Snowthorn." said one of the guards to Olvar

"Thanks for believing me. Just watch, Korvik will show that he still belongs here at Snowthorn, even if he does look different." said Olvar showing appreciation and trustworthiness towards Korvik

This made Korvik smile slightly without showing his teeth. Maybe he felt it was going to be really hard to gain their trust, hence the reason why he never returned. To Korvik, it now seems easier to do and he now has a chance to show and prove that he can return to his former home. Despite using his enhanced senses, He couldn't even smell or hear them breath.

"Where are you hiding?, Afraid to come out and face what you made me into?" said Korvik, wondering why they won't appear in front of Korvik

Pain emanating from his head again, Korvik heard a new voice "I love it when they get all agitated when we talk to the telepathically uninitiated." said the unknown Moonlight Cult member

Korvik hearing what sounds like a third member of a group of Moonlight Cult members "Yes, it's quite fun, Dagon, but not the most fun that we can do. Korvik knows what I'm talking about. He's experienced it and made him look like what he is today." said Dagin

"SHOW YOURSELVES, DAMN IT! I'll show you how an angry werewolf isn't so fun to be around!" said Korvik, threatening all three of the Moonlight Cult members

"Ha,ha,ha,ha,ha, well, let's give him what he wants, but before we do that. We have come to reveal to you that we've been ordered to capture you, not kill you." said the first member to Korvik telepathically

As soon as that sentence from the Moonlight Cult member ended, a bubble of magical energy around the three Moonlight Cult members dissolved, revealing themselves in front of Korvik. Clad in white robes, hoods and tattoos on their faces. The leader of the Moonlight Cult, Grakkus, stood at 6 foot 3 in. Dagon and Dagin, twin brothers, both stood at 6 feet tall and looking identical from each other. While average height for human males, they looked like children from Korvik's perspective.

"'scoff', Illusion Magic to keep me from locating you by using my senses. Real cute." said Korvik, revealing what he thinks of the Moonlight Cult's methods

"It allows us to have some telepathic fun. We're under new orders by our Lord Ardavor to make our new additions that we transform to be.. what's the word for it, 'mentally assaulted' before they are transformed. Makes the beast that they become just that much more dangerous and unpredictable in combat." Saying with a mixture of concern and reluctance on Grakkus' face "Although, there's a downside to such methods. They are harder to tame, but Lord Ardavor was getting bored with trying to control the more calm and mentally controlled werebeasts. He wants a challenge now." Said Grakkus, being a little too revealing about their plans.

With a confused look on his face, Korvik asked "Why are you tell me all of this? I'm not joining forces with any of you." said Korvik as wondered why such info was being told to him but he didn't care about that as he readied his sword for a strike

"Whoa, don't get too eager with that sword of yours. You won't be able to get the answer to your question if you kill us." Urged Dagon to Korvik

"To answer your question, we're only telling you this because Lord Ardavor feels like one of his own should know the things that we do. Even if they are former enemies who resisted against his plan." said Grakkus, explaining why his previous were told to Korvik

"I'm not willing to trust such words from something that uses slaves to his own gain. How did you find me anyway?" Korvik asked the Moonlight Cult members

"Lord Ardavor is able to talk, read, control and calm any werebeast mind. He's the one who taught us out telepathic abilities. Rewards for serving him loyally." said Dagin to Korvik, answering the question asked

"Hmm, useful to know. You said that you were here to capture me?" said Korvik

"Yes, to bring you back to Lord Ardavor's Lair, Duskfall Cave. He knows how you feel about losing Cordale and how your life has changed since the transformation. He just wants to talk." said Grakkus, trying to reassure Korvik

"Why doesn't he just talk to me telepathically about this?" said Korvik with an expression of confusion and disgust on his face

"This is a much personal matter that must be dealt with in person. Now, if you'll travel with us quietly to Duskfall Cave?" said Dagon to Korvik while motioning his hand in a direction away from all of them

"What if I say no to this personal meeting between me and him?" Korvik asks about what could possibly happen if he says no the Moonlight Cult and in extension, Lord Shifter's offer for a meeting.

"Then we will try to capture you with an 'any means necessary' mentality." said Grakkus, letting Korvik know of the consequences of saying no to the offer

"Then I make the choice of not to come quietly." Korvik said defiantly, letting them know what he wants to do

"So be it then, Mountain Hero." said Grakkus, sounding annoyed and a tad bit angry at the fact that him, Dagin, and Dagon have to do this the hard way or is it just another easy way to do it

Korvik brought his sword back up from his side to ready himself for combat with the Moonlight Cult but was surprised that the Moonlight Cult members didn't do the same. What Korvik didn't realize what they were actually talking to themselves telepathically.

"Dagin, Dagon, you're finally going to get what you've been promised to become all those years ago when you first joined the Moonlight Cult. You're now going to become werebeasts." said Grakkus to Dagin and Dagon as his hands became brighter with orange magic symbols that formed out of nowhere on the palms of his hands.

Dagon and Dagin looked like lunatics with smiles as wide as their mouths could make. They pulled back their hoods to reveal matching faces, hair, and tattoos that gives them the look of being twin brothers. Their hands travel to the belts on the front of their robes. After unbuckling the belts, they forcefully spread the fabrics of their robes across their chest to reveal that they have even more tattoos than what's on their heads. They immediately feel the cold air of the Frostbite Mountains on their skin. Grakkus brought both of his hands to Dagon's and Dagin's chests.

This action caused the magical energy to flow through their entire bodies, making their veins, eyes and tattoos glow a bright orange. Korvik knew exactly what was coming next because he's starting to have flashbacks of his own transformation, except his veins glowed a bright white before his transformation happened. Korvik ran towards Dagon and Dagin to try to pierce their hearts in two strikes with his sword to stop the transformations. Grakkus saw Korvik coming with the weapon in which it's purpose was very clear to him. Grakkus then show that he knows more than sense and transformation magic by using telekinetic magic to make Korvik's sword travel a far distance of 150 feet away from Korvik and pierce it straight into a tree.

Grakkus then fiercely pushed Korvik with the same magic to make him go right through the doors that prevented Korvik's entry earlier. Korvik hit the doors so hard that the two large pieces of wood completely came off their hinges and traveled with Korvik for most of the way that Korvik flew with the use of Grakkus's telekinetic magic.

"Aaahh! Shit!" exclaimed Korvik in pain with the way his body is feeling after that

Before Grakkus decides to do anything more to Korvik, he looks back at Dagon and Dagin to see if his brethren aren having any trouble transforming. Much to his amazement, they're transforming rather quickly and flawlessly. The iris of their eyes have become orange in color and a more feline shape. Their teeth and nails have lengthened and sharpened considerably. Their bodies have already gone through change as well with their skin having become a color of pale skin with a pink tint to it. Both their existing and new hair follicles have become repurposed to bring an inhuman amount of hair to the surface of their skin. They tore off their robes while Grakkus had his attention on Korvik. It is noticable to Grakkus' eyes that their bodies have started to gain more muscle mass

"Yes, my brethren! Transform! I will hold off Korvik while you become what you have been destined to be!" exclaiming Grakkus about Dagon's and Dagin's transformations

As Grakkus said he would do, he starts to make himself levitate with his telekinetic magic to allow him to travel almost effortlessly across the snow towards Korvik. Korvik has trouble getting up from the snowy ground, but does stand up after some effort. Grakkus moves himself closer to Korvik while the twin brothers let out groans and growls as they continue to transform outside of the village.

"Since we're only here for you, we can't have any interruptions from your friends now, can we? " said Grakkus as he pushed his hand forward away from himself with an open palm and then rotated it

Korvik then heard multiple amounts of small mechanical noises from nearby in the village. Sounded like to him that the doors were being locked shut. This makes Korvik smile without showing his teeth because now he knows that not everyone is going to get hurt beside him, Orval, and the guards.

"Good let's keep this between us. No one else has to be hurt but us if you want to capture me. Orval! Guards! Stay up there!" said Korvik to Orval and the guards

"We'll stay up here Korvik!" said Orval in response to what Korvik said him and the others to do

"With that in mind, let's continue trying to capture you. This is going to get so much worse for you. Dagon! Dagin! Come over here!" yelled Grakkus to call both Dagon and Dagin over to where Korvik and Grakkus are

A very intense and loud sound of two roars soon reverberated throughout the cold air after Grakkus said for them to come over. Both Dagin's and Dagon's transformations are now finished and in quick fashion, probably an effect of the magic used on them. Korvik immediately realized what kind of situation he was in. His heart was starting to heavily pound at a rate faster than usual and he knows it's not of anger or nervousness for such an effect to take place with his heart. It was because it was reacting out of fear. Korvik was becoming fearful of what's coming because he's faced only one of the kind of werebeast that Dagon and Dagin have become.

Korvik could never be as loud as what he had just heard. There's only two types of werebeasts that can roar as loud as Korvik heard. Korvik could hear the two of them deeply growling as the were slowly towards him and Grakkus. Clad in orange, black, and white they emerged as were-tigers in the door way of the entrance of Snowthorn. Standing at an intimidating 10 feet tall and a much more astounding level of muscle mass than before, like an actual tiger's muscle mass. As they got closer and closer, the more sunken Korvik's heart felt. He could be visibly noticed swallowing hard.

With a deeper voice than before "Look at the little scared werewolf. This'll be easy." said Dagon

"I agree with you Dagon. Let's make easy work of him." said Dagin, agreeing with Dagon

"Agreed, now we can truly do what we came here to do for Lord Ardavor. Knock him out, my brethren!" said Grakkus, agreeing with Dagon and Dagin

In agreement with Grakkus, Dagon and Dagin put themselves on their hands and feet and then pounced towards Korvik. With fear being replaced with fighting instinct, Korvik made himself roll across the snow to the left. Korvik did it too soon, probably since Korvik hasn't been in a situation like this in a while. Dagin was approaching on Korvik's left side and stroke with his claws as he was going through the air. Korvik instinctively dodged the claws to save himself from any damage it can do to him. As Dagin was traveling through the air, the combat experience was starting to come back to Korvik.

Using his speed advantage over his two were-tiger opponents, Korvik lifted his feet off of the snowy ground to make them connect and crack Dagin's ribs from the impact. Korvik's dropkick to Dagin's ribs pushed him into Dagon while in mid-air. This made them tumble right into the snow, covering them in it. With those two out of the way temporarily, Korvik gets up off of the ground and start heading for Grakkus. Korvik gets close enough to pull off a heavy punch to Grakkus and decides to do that to him. Korvik's fist unexpectedly phases right through Grakkus's chest. The illusion of Grakkus laughs before he fades away.

"Really coward!? Using magic again to get away from me! You had no problem facing me earlier! Why don't you want to do it now!?" asked Korvik to Grakkus

Feeling pain in his head, Grakkus talks to Korvik "Instead of yelling at me, maybe you should pay attention to my brethren. One isn't as hurt as you think." said Grakkus to Korvik

Korvik realized that Grakkus was right. He let his emotions get control of him. Korvik immediately turned around to see a rageful and growling Dagon traveling at a fast rate toward him, most likely pissed at Korvik for hurting his twin brother. Korvik had no time to prepare and Dagon knew exactly what he wanted to do. Dagon put both of his clawed and pawed hands on Korvik's waist and left leg. Dagon lifted him above his head and threw him straight up 20 feet in the air in one effortless feat of strength.

Korvik really felt like he couldn't control this situation anymore. As Korvik was falling, Dagon waited for the right moment. When Korvik was at the right height, Dagon unleashed a vicious and powerful uppercut to Korvik's chin that sent Korvik back into the air but several feet higher. Dagon this time doesn't wait for Korvik to fall back down, but decides to jump up to Korvik. On his way up, Dagon grabs Korvik' right foot and starts to spin him around in a circle. Dagon released Korvik into the entrance of Snowthorn that's just above the doors, making him collide with the wood and stone that's 10 feet above the ground.

This caused Korvik to fall hard into the snow. Dagon landed right on his feet.

"Aahhh! oh!, oh!, oh! My back really hurts!" says Korvik as he really feel like he needs to cough up blood and try to get up. 

Korvik falls down in an instant and lets out a cry of pain. Dagon approached towards Korvik. Dagon then grabs onto Korvik neck to lift him up off of the ground

"Time for you to go to sleep, brother." says Dagon to Korvik to let him know what's going to happen to him.

Korvik then sees a fist coming towards his face and then feels a powerful force from the fist enough to knock him out.
Chapter 2 - No Longer The Hero - Part 4
After so months, hours, changes, proofreading and overall developing this story to be the best it can. It is now finished. Enjoy!

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Korvik felt both the sound of a gun hit his sensitive ears and the piercing pain that the bullet of the gun had caused when it pierced right into his muscled abdomen. Despite the pain, Korvik made sure to make an effort to quickly jump towards and behind cover. He got behind a thick, wooden tree to cover himself from the impending gunfire from the unknown enemy.

"Shit! It's gotten on the inside! Aahh!" Said Korvik as he felt the pain emanate from his abdomen as he pressed his hand against his waist so that he could at least slow the blood from coming out

Bang! Bang! went the unknown enemy's gun, making the bullets enter into the wood of the tree. Korvik continued to sit down behind the tree in pain until he heard the shooter's voice.

"Come on out in the open you damn werewolf so that I can shoot you dead!" said the shooter, directing it at Korvik

Korvik immediately recognized this voice that he heard because it's one of the citizens from his old home.

"Olvar, is that you?" says Korvik, trying to find out who the shooter is

With a confused look on the gunner's face, he lowers his gun slightly and says "What? how are you aware of my name if you don't even know me." said Olvar

"It's me, Korvik, the Mountain Hero. The warrior that used to defend your village from all of those werewolves." said Korvik, trying to convince Olvar of who he actually is

"You Lie! There's no way! He died on a mission away from the village! Those werewolves from that cave killed him!" said Olvar as he brought his gun back to aim at who he thought was just a werewolf, but his hands are getting more shaky from fear than they were before.

"I can prove who I am to you! I just need to pull out this bullet with my claws so that I can move to my cave to show you something that'll prove who I say I am!" demands Korvik, trying to get out of a bad situation alive

"I DON'T BELIEVE YOU! I'm going to shoot you if you show yourself!" screamed Olvar

"GIVE ME THE CHANCE TO MAKE YOU BELIEVE ME, DAMN IT!" Korvik screamed back as he started to pierce his claws into the muscled flesh of his abdomen

Korvik could feel exactly where the bullet is in his abdomen and can tell it's not too far in. The hard muscles on his belly most likely absorbed most of the force so it didn't go all the way in. Korvik could feel that the bullet was lodged in one of his abdomen muscles. Korvik screamed as his claws pierced were fully inside the flesh of his muscles now as he tried to take out the bullet by force. After a good amount of pain, Korvik finally pulled out the bullet. Korvik's muscled abdomen looked like mountains that were covered in rivers of blood that streamed downwards on his body.

The bullet was now in between the index and thumb claws of Korvik, covered in his own blood. Korvik slammed down the bullet into the thick snow in front of him, making it go a couple feet downward into the snow. Korvik could already feel the wound starting to heal now that the bullet is out. Korvik forced himself off of the cold snow to stand up. Korvik then brought both of his hands above his broad shoulders. Korvik walked out from behind the tree despite fearing of getting shot again.

Olvar brought up his gun to shoot Korvik again when he came out from behind the tree but surprisingly hesitated. Korvik wondered why Olvar didn't pull the trigger of his gun to shoot him again. Olvar's gun was visibly shaking in Korvik's sight, clearing wanting to shoot the gun. Olvar, with a deep sigh and calmed down face, brought down his gun to his side and put it inside his leg holster. Olvar then looked back up at Korvik.

"I know those scars from anywhere, Korvik. I was the one that patched up all of those deep scratches after you've had the grueling defenses against the werewolves that would attack Snowthorn, but there's one that I don't recognize on your chest." said Olvar, pointing an obvious new scar on Korvik's chest and the history between the two of them

"Ah, that one is from Cordale himself. I know that's hard to believe considering our relationship."
Korvik telling Olvar something that Cordale did to him not so long ago

"What do you mean that Cordale did this to you? It's in the shape of a werewolf's claw scratch. Do you mean that you weren't bitten by a werewolf and ran away from your home?  Did you really not die on that mission?" said Olvar, having many questions on what actually happened to Korvik and Cordale in that mission

"Obviously not Olvar. I'm still alive and standing in front of you. To answer your questions, I did run away because of what I am now. I've become the thing that I've hated and hunted. I knew everyone couldn't trust me to be their protector anymore. The only things that died on that mission was my old life, my relationship with Cordale, and my home. ' sigh ' I really don't want to talk about this with you, Olvar. I've thought about it too much and I want to move on from it." said Korvik, clearly disturbed talking about the incident that forced Korvik to throw away his life and made it change into something else entirely

"Okay Korvik, we don't have to talk about that, but what happened to Cordale? based on the scar on your chest, I think I already know but I want to hear it from you." said Olvar, clearly curious about what happened to Cordale as well try to continue the conversation about something else

"' sigh ' He had the same thing that happened to me but done to himself. Being forced to become a werewolf, but he just couldn't control himself after he transformed. I tried to talk to him after the transformation with the two of us but the scratch on my chest and the growls from his mouth made me realize he's like the rest of the feral werewolves out there. I've tried to find him, but he's been difficult to track down. It's like he's using his tracking knowledge I taught him but it doing the complete opposite of that. I think he's somewhere on the other islands but not West Island." said Korvik explaining to Olvar about what happened to Cordale

"Oh shit, Korvik. I feel really bad for you. I know how close you two were. Practically brothers the two of you were. I really hope you find him and help him, but, I'm starting to sense a pattern here. You said that the two of you were never bitten by any werewolf right?" Olvar asking Korvik

"No, I would always try to cut their mouths off so that they wouldn't be able to bite us. I taught Cordale that as well so there's no way he got bit as well." Korvik answering the question Olvar asked

"I've come to understand that the Moonlight Cult are the ones who did this to you and Cordale." said Olvar, trying to tell Korvik something

"Yes, I know of them. I fought against them on that mission, but .. wait." said Korvik, with now a mixture of a puzzled and concerned look on his face

"How do you know of the Moonlight Cult? They never attacked Snowthorn. It was always werewolves that attacked us, not them."
said Korvik in an alarmed and worried way as he got closer to Olvar

"Ever since you and Cordale left home, we've had weekly visits from the Moonlight Cult. We've had the other warriors that you and Cordale trained still in Snowthorn to protect us, but they were no match for the Moonlight Cult's transformation magics that they used on them. That's just something you can't resist or prepare for because it's being done against your body and will. They also have been saying something every since they arrived " You are now going to be forced to succumb to the will of the moon and Lord Ardavor." said Olvar as he explained what their home has gone through ever since Korvik and Cordale were forced to leave

"Oh my God. Is that what I think it means? Are they trying to make an army out of innocent people? Why didn't I think of this before?" said Korvik, completely shocked to the revelation that has been made to him

"We need you to help us again, Korvik. We need the Mountain Hero of old. I can convince the others that you are still alive or better yet, come back to Snowthorn. In time, you will be welcomed there again. You're just going to have build our trust again despite what you are." said Olvar, trying to convince Korvik to come back and protect Snowthorn

"I don't know if I should do that. They could try to kill me before even try to trust me." said Korvik, unconvinced if he should be doing this

"Korvik, I'm sure everyone else will understand what you're going through given some time of being with you and being made to hear your story. The same thing has happened to them, except they've lost family members to the magics that the Moonlight Cult used on them. You're our only hope in this dire situation, Korvik." said Olvar, begging to Korvik to come back

With some deep thought for a moment with his hand on his hip and a hand covering his mouth. "Okay, I will come back, but I sure hope that nothing goes wrong with this plan of yours. Just let me go grab my old sword and we can be on our way back to Snowthorn in no time." said Korvik, agreeing with Olvar

Korvik turned around to head towards his cave to retrieve his old sword that he's had since before he was an alpha werewolf. Being an alpha werewolf, his silver sword had no effect on his hand when he held it. Olvar followed Korvik into the cave to get out of the blistering cold and wind for a few short moments. Korvik look over his shoulder and turned around to face Olvar.

"You know you've got to ask for the owner's permission before you enter their home." said Korvik, making Olvar aware of his lack of manners

"I know that this is rather rude of me, but I'm only a human that can't handle all that much cold." said Olvar, making it apparent that he can handle only so much cold

"I can understand that, but I forgot about worrying of the cold after 2 months of having this thick fur on my body." admitted Korvik about the advantages of having thick fur that can withstand cold temperatures

Looking past Korvik, Olvar notices the armor that Korvik used to wear.

"It seems that your old armor has seen better days." said Olvar, commenting on the broken condition of Korvik's armor

"Yeah, the chest plate is the only piece of my armor that survived the transformation when the Moonlight Cult turned me. It's only survived because I unhooked the straps on the side before the transformation was finished on my upper body. Hence the reason why it's bent outwards and cracked in some parts rather than completely broken like my other armor pieces were. It's never going to fit this huge body that's for sure." Korvik agreeing that his armor is not what it used to be

"Speaking of your transformation, how did that feel?"asked Olvar to Korvik

Korvik turned towards Olvar with an expression on his face that displays surprise and regret of what he has to remember again "If you want to know ‘takes a deep and shaky breath’ then I’ll tell you.The transformation felt like the most painful thing I’ve felt. The sensation of new hair slicing all over through my skin and the bones of my body reshaping into their new places. My limbs,teeth, and nails stretching to their new lengths,my height and muscles growing to match that of an alpha’s werewolf’s. The growth of my new muzzle was so painful that I almost cut my own face to the point of making it unrecognizable just even by grasping onto it with my claws. All of that was a lot to handle all at once and remains the worst thing to ever to happen to my body. That’s what it felt like."

"Well,uh, to give you another reason to come back. We could make you a new, bigger set of armor and sword to match your new sized hands and body." said Olvar, making an offer to Korvik

"I think I'll take you up on that offer if you'll promise to mention it to the blacksmith to make it for me." said Korvik, making a counter offer in return

"I promise to you that I will do that for you." said Olvar, making a promise to Korvik's offer

"Now that we got that out of the way, let's be on our way to Snowthorn." said Korvik, trying to end the conversation

"I agree, let's get back to our home." said Olvar, agreeing with Korvik

Both Korvik and Orval started to head outside the cave with Orval coming out first and Korvik coming out second.

"I know of a cave system that leads straight to Snowthorn. I don't think it would be wise for us to be seen together at this point and time outside the village." said Olvar, trying to make Korvik aware of what could happen to his reputation before the right time

"Yeah, I definitely agree with that." Korvik simply agreeing with Olvar

It wasn't long before Korvik and Olvar arrived at the entrance gate of Snowthorn. Snowthorn has the look of a typical mountain village with dark wood buildings, log walls for defense against intruders, numerous torches throughout the village for outside warmth against the cold, but need to be frequently relighted because of the intense cold and wind. As soon as Korvik and Olvar arrived, the remaining guards of Snowthorn notice them. They don't recognize Korvik at all, but they do know what he is though.

"STOP RIGHT THERE! Why do you have a calm werewolf with you, Olvar?"
shouted the guards

Korvik felt a sharp pain emanate from his head as he heard something that no one else could hear.

"No Korvik, the question that should be asked is " Why? Why? Why haven't you seeked the aid of Lord Ardavor when you know that he can help you find and tame Cordale to your heart's content. We know that he's been talking to you. We work for him and we are here with you at Snowthorn."
Chapter 2 - No Longer The Hero - Part 3
After so months, hours, changes, proofreading and overall developing this story to be the best it can. It is now finished. Enjoy!

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This forced  real life Korvik to wake up breathing very heavily. He then swallowed after about 10 breaths in a row. Korvik is laying down on the cold, rocky ground and looking up at the ceiling of his cave. Still breathing heavily, Korvik sat up from the ground and brought his clawed hands up to his muzzled face to cover it up in disappointment. Like none of the dreams of him meeting Cordale again, This one was the most successful but also the most disappointing. 

"Cordale, I sure hope that you're not the way I see you in my dreams." says Korvik lamenting on how he feels about meeting Cordale again in his dream, hoping it doesn't go the same way when he sees Cordale again in real life.

Korvik soon started to growl with all these bad thoughts going around in his head. He clenched up his hands into hard fists and thought about bringing them downwards to the ground from his muzzled face in a fit of temper.

Looking upwards immediately, Korvik stopped his fists before they slammed the rocky ground. Korvik remembered mid-action that his cave has icicles on the ceiling of it.

"I'm glad I remembered those were there before I did that.Those flurry of emotions and that damn dream almost made me forget about them being there. I could've almost been a goner for sure. I don't care if I have enhanced healing now. One icicle like those that size to the heart or neck is enough. At least it's a quick death." admitted Korvik about the truth of the icicles that cover the cave ceiling that he lives in as he slowly unclenches his hands to bring them down to both sides of his legs

Korvik let out a long sigh as he made himself stand up from his sitting position on the ground. Standing at 8 feet tall, his head is just 2 or 3 feet away from touching the icicles. Korvik was still trying to get used to being 2 foot taller and hundreds of pounds heavier. Korvik stared at the icicles and grabbed one of them off of the ceiling with one of his hands.

"Strange on how something that is 1 to 3 feet long and isn't very durable is able to kill a monster .. um .. I mean .. someone who used to be human like me." clearly flustered on what he is now, Korvik unintentionally makes himself aware on how he perceives himself as he has the icicle in his hand

"All it really takes is the right amount of force and .. the right place to put it in." Korvik shakily says in a hesitant manner as he feels the icicle when he places the cold object on both his chest first and his neck second in the span of 10 seconds with his hand. He could feel the icicle slightly becoming wet with the shaking grip of his pawed hand.

That wasn't the only thing that Korvik could feel on his body. He could feel the point of the icicle started to push into his neck slightly but not enough for blood to start coming out. Korvik didn't push anymore than that. Despite all that has happened recently in his new life, Korvik just couldn't force himself into his own death. He realized that he shouldn't have thoughts such as suicidal tendencies. Korvik softens his grip on the icicle to bring the icicle away from his neck and in front of his face. Korvik grip becomes non-existent and the icicle drops down to the ground. The icicle shatters on impact with the ground.

"What the hell am I doing to myself?" Korvik questioned his own intentions and thoughts with a look of disbelief on his face and body.

Looking upwards at the ceiling of his cave, Korvik thoughtfully said "I can't let these bad dreams with Cordale get to me. I have to be stronger than this for Cordales' sake. I'm just going to have to live with this new life despite losing almost everything from my previous life being taken from me. I never asked for it to happen to me, but it happened to me anyway. While this horrible event happened to me unexpectedly, but I've tried my best to use what happened to me to my advantage. It hasn't been easy to find Cordale, despite my heightened senses and new body. I wish I was back in Snowthorn with Cordale and the others. It looks like I'm going to have to work impossibly hard to get all of that back. Now, I'm going to have to brush this all off." Korvik said, assured of what he needs to do

Korvik was done talking because he realized the time for talk was now over and it's time to accept his new life now or he'll just live on miserably without doing a thing to change it. Korvik realized something else too that would solidify this new mindset for his new life. Korvik started to head outside his cave. It was much colder and windier outside his cave than inside it but thanks to his thick fur on his skin, He could barely feel the cold on his body. Korvik turned around to face towards his cave.

"Now, It's time to get rid of all these icicles off of this ceiling so I don't think about hurting myself with them again. I've got a mission to complete and I can't have these suicidal thoughts get in my way." Korvik said,being outspoken about his thoughts.

"I know just what to do to get this done." said Korvik as he lifted up his right leg from the ground

Korvik immediately brought it back down forcefully to the ground. Korvik is trying to make the icicles fall down off of the ceiling with brute force that is made capable by Korvik's new powerful body. The first stomp caused them to shake, but not fall as intended.

"Looks like I'm going to have to get closer and stomp the ground multiple times from them to come down from that ceiling. " Korvik admitted as he realized that one stomp isn't going to be enough

Korvik gets several feet closer to his cave, standing just outside of it. Korvik started to stomp the ground again, but this time, he doesn't stop until the icicles all fall down. Every single stomp that Korvik does causes a few icicles to drop and shatter against the ground. There was over 2 dozen of those icicles, so a lot of noise was made when they shattered on the floor of the cave. Korvik wanted to do this because if he had removed the icicles one by one with his hands, there was a good chance that he would've been stabbed by the icicles one or more times by forcefully pulling them off of the ceiling. Korvik continued to stomp with his large feet until all of the icicles had fallen down.

"Alright, that's done. Now, I don't have to worry about them falling down randomly, but there will be other ones that'll freeze from this ceiling in the future since it's always cold in these mountains. Now that I think about it, I made a little bit too much noise making them fall like that. I can't really think about that since I now got to pick up these broken icicles and throw them out of my cave so I don't accidentally step on them and get slipped off of of my feet" Acknowledged Korvik as he started to head back into his cave

As he was heading back into his cave, he heard a faint noise of trampled snow behind him. Korvik turned around immediately towards the near silent noise that his ears heard.

Chapter 2 - No Longer The Hero - Part 2
After so months, hours, changes, proofreading and overall developing this story to be the best it can. It is now finished. Enjoy!

If you feel like sharing your thoughts on what you liked and didn't like about the story, it would be much appreciated because it just might make the next story better. :) (Smile) 

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Korvik is traveling slowly through the woods in a cautious manner because he knows that he's in a place where he can't be hurt physically,but in a way that's worse than physical pain, psychological and emotional pain. He's sleeping right now in his safe cave in the Frostbite Mountains. At this time in his life, this is the only place where he can sleep and dream peacefully. Outside this cave isn't a place where you can sleep because you will be constantly on the move from the very things that are trying to chase you down and kill you.

What Korvik is dreaming about is something that could potentially kill him if he were to meet with him again in real life. Korvik has been dreaming of meeting Cordale in these woods time and time again. His expectations of how the inevitable meeting will go with Cordale has been in flux over the last 2 months. It always starts in friendly and different ways but also ends the same way every single time with Cordale tearing him apart with his claws and teeth. Korvik keeps dreaming of interactions with Cordale because he wants to see his friend again and have it be in a way that isn't violent. Korvik knows deep down inside that it's never going to be the way that he wants it to be between the two of them ever again.

Rather, It's always going to be the way that Korvik expects it to be, both of them coming to blows and killing one another. Korvik kept on traveling until he heard the distinct sound of deep growling and meat being eaten vigorously by teeth. Out of fear, Korvik stops himself as soon as he sees Cordale in front of himself.

"Why do you stop yourself right there, Korvik?" says a mysterious voice that echoes throughout the trees and is coming from behind Korvik

Korvik turns his body and head to look behind himself to see an 8 foot white werewolf with blues eyes that materialized out of thin air from white smoke.

"You know what you need to do to get Cordale back with you, so why are you frozen in place, Korvik?"
  said the white werewolf to Korvik, questioning his intentions

Korvik then feels a large hand and set of claws touch his left shoulder, engulfing it.

"I think you're just standing there out of fear because you know exactly what's going to happen to you if you approach Cordale." snickered a mysterious figure that materialized out of thin air from black smoke behind Korvik, just like the white werewolf earlier.

"And that's the same thing that has happened to you over the many dreams of this you've had since you and Cordale transformed into your other halves, the beastly parts of yourself you've always held back."
 the werewolf implied as he peeked his face over Korvik's left shoulder, looking at Korvik

This werewolf is donning a black furred look with red eyes. This werewolf is considerably taller and more muscular than the white werewolf. This black werewolf was 10 feet tall and looked to have the circumference of 120 inches for his upper body with arms included. He also looks to be close or over 1000 pounds in weight.

"Korvik, that's only going to happen because that's what you expect to happen. If you don't expect Cordale to kill you, then it won't happen. This is your dream, you can control it in any way possible." declared the white werewolf to reassure Korvik, trying to give him hope.

"While that may be true, but it doesn't get rid of the fact that you can't control Cordale outside of your dreams. He's not who or what you think he is anymore, and I know that you agree with me. You should just kill him, be rid of a problem waiting to happen and live your life without him." recalled the black werewolf with a snarky tone

"No Korvik!, that could send you down a dark path in which you won't be able to come back from. What you need to do is find a cure for Cordale so that the two of you can be together again to fight against the monsters that both of you were so good at doing together at Snowthorn." beckoned the white werewolf to Korvik to not forget his original purpose for what he wants to do for Cordale

"That's not what you should do Korvik! There's never been any confirmed cures for werewolves, let along magically transformed ones. What you should do is live your new life to the fullest as possible. That new body of yours can do a lot more things than your previous one, if you catch my meaning. One way to do that is to talk to Lord Ardavor. Maybe, Lord Ardavor may even help you find Cordale and even might help with his feral mind. You know he's been known to do that before in the past." requested the black werewolf in a chiding tone, trying to force Korvik to make a decision

With all of this talking between the two werewolves, Korvik had become increasingly and convincingly agitated from the look on his face.

"Enough!!! The two of you !! Whenever I have dreamed in the past 2 months, you two versions of myself are always trying to make me make a decision that isn't my own!!"
Korvik angrily yelled at the good and evil versions of himself

Both of the werewolves are both taken back and intimidated by Korvik after this display of anger. They both look at Korvik and say "Without us, you wouldn't be able to make a decision. We are your consciousness, and you are our consciousness. We cannot live without each other whether you like it or not."  responded the werewolves in unison of each other, lecturing Korvik

"While that is something that I can agree on. Both of you make very good points that I can consider thinking about when I wake up, but it doesn't change the fact that I want you two to just go away so that I can think of a decision that will both benefit me, Cordale, and maybe others besides the two of us." said Korvik in response

"As you wish." acknowledged the two werewolf consciousnesses of Korvik

As instructed by Korvik, the werewolves dissipated into their white and black smoke forms to blow themselves towards Korvik and entered inside him where they belonged. The process of them entering into him was a little jarring at first but Korvik has gotten used to it by now. Korvik could now think for himself finally.

Cordale was still chomping down on the dead deer with his sharp teeth in front of Korvik. Korvik started to slowly approach Cordale. Korvik tried to move silently by avoiding rocks and branches so that Cordale couldn't hear him. Cordale was facing the way that Korvik was approaching, so Cordale couldn't see Korvik coming towards him. As Korvik continues approaching, Cordale stops eating to lick the blood off his teeth with his tongue. As he was doing this, Cordale's acute hearing ears flick behind himself to pick up Korvik's shallow breathing. Cordale turns his head backwards to see Korvik standing behind himself. Cordale finished eating and licking his teeth so that he can turn around to face in Korvik's direction. Korvik brought his hand up to form a stop hand gesture.

"Cordale, my friend. You don't need to kill me." Korvik tried to say as calmly as possible with a shaky voice

Cordale lowered himself down to all fours to make himself look like he was about ready to attack at a moment's notice.

"Cordale, I know that by now you may have accepted the beast you've become, but if you still remember me, don't attack me or you're going to kill and lose a friend that wants to help you get better." expressed Korvik trying to convince Cordale to be his friend rather than the beast that Cordale has become

Cordale stopped growling and brought his hands off the ground to stand up to his full 7 foot 6 inch height. It turns out that the good consciousness of Korvik was right. Korvik can control Cordale in his dreams as a means of practicing and predicting how Cordale will act when they meet each other in real life again. Cordale started walking towards Korvik. As Cordale was walking, Korvik extended his hand out again.

"Shake my hand to show me that you're not willing to kill me, Cordale."  Korvik pleaded with a concerned look on his face as his hand were clearly shaking out of fear

Cordale moves ever closer to Korvik and then stops in front of Korvik. The two look at each others eyes for a moment. Cordale is the first of the two who looked away from each others eyes. Cordale looked down at Korvik's hand and then proceeded to shake it. Even though this was all a dream, Korvik could feel Cordale's hand touching his. Cordale's hand was easily twice as large as Korvik, so you couldn't see Korvik's hand after Cordale started shaking his hand. After many times of having this same dream, Korvik felt very relieved to feel this kind of connection with Cordale again, just like the old days between them. Even though this is what Korvik wants, He started to feel an extra amount of pressure building up on his hand.

Korvik looked down at his hand to see that Cordale was crushing it, making it golden and red in color. Considering that Korvik is dreaming this, It doesn't feel as painful as it would in real life, but still painful none the less. Korvik looked back up at Cordale's face to see that he was growling again. As Korvik kept looking at Cordale, Cordale started to put extra strength into his grip. Korvik's hand had become progressively more painful that he felt his hand bones start to crack and crumble from Cordale's grip. This caused Korvik to go down onto his knees and let out cries of pain.

"Aah, Cordale, aah, stop this now!" protested Korvik as he tried to get Cordale to let go of his hand.

Cordale stopped growling to reply with "No." as Cordale shook his head left and right repeatedly 

"I want to do this and you can't stop me!"
Cordale yelled in a deep, threatening tone of voice as spit flew out of his mouth

"Cordale, don't do this. Come back, You're still alive in there!" muttered Korvik for Cordale to come back

"CORDALE IS DEAD!!!" the werewolf roared in response

The werewolf then powered Korvik up off the ground with his arm and then sunk his teeth in between the neck and shoulder of Korvik.
Chapter 2 - No Longer The Hero - Part 1
After so months, hours, changes, proofreading and overall developing this story to be the best it can. It is now finished. Enjoy!

If you feel like sharing your thoughts on what you liked and didn't like about the story, it would be much appreciated because it just might make the next story better. :) (Smile) 
After a lot of proofreading, changes, adjustments, and etc. I think No Longer The Hero is finally ready to be released. If you notice anything that's out of sorts, be sure to let me know in the comments.
I just got to change some repeated words into something else less repetitive and then I've got the story pretty much complete.
I'm back on the computer so I will get started on working on the story as soon as possible and make it complete.
so, based on the title, I guess you guys are curious as to what it is. The next story will be called Chapter 0 - The Set Free Solution. This will be very much an origin story for both Korvik and Cordale as well as continue the story from Chapter 2. I do have some ideas for the story regarding Korvik's and Cordale's origins. Stuff like where they were born and how their lives went will very much be described and discussed throughout Chapter 0 - The Set Free Solution.

You can already guess that it'll end with Korvik and Cordale becoming their own specific type of werewolf, but I will explain how it happens and how it happens will be grisly and unexpected. I won't reveal details on how it exactly happens, I'll just give that tease for you guys. This time around, I don't want to slack on the transformations. I kind of did slack on it with Chapter 2 because I wanted to shorten the story a little bit and release it as soon as possible. There'll be story reasons as to why it's going to be more descriptive and lengthy. Another thing I want to do is very much retain the same storytelling quality from Chapter 2 and explore the relationship with Korvik between both Cordale and Gabriel. The relationship between Korvik and Cordale may take center stage but Korvik did have a small relationship with Gabriel before they parted from each other on their own paths. That's all I'm going to tell because I don't want to reveal too much before releasing the story. If I would give an estimation on the release of Chapter 0, it would either be Spring 2019 or Summer 2019. These are quality stories I'm working so they do take time. I do hope that Chapter 0 isn't as long as Chapter 2. I don't want to make you all wait that long again. It MIGHT be 4 parts long.

I do also want to release the Character Description Files for Werewolf Korvik, Lord Ardavor, Arkatol, and Grakkus eventually as well. Just wanted to talk about that shortly.

Speaking of things I want to work on, I'm going to be taking a hiatus from the files on LibreOffice here in a short while. I just wanted to do set up work for future work recently. This is one of the reasons why I wanted to unveil the name for the next story because this is happening. Hopefully I can get started on the story soon so I can release it Spring 2019 or Summer 2019.

I just reminded myself by looking at my stash that I have a teaser file for Chapter 0 in there. Thinking of releasing that for Christmas. That would be cool, right?:) (Smile) 

This is all I got to talk about today. You guys have a nice day and I appreciate you taking the time out of your day to read this. I'll talk to you guys later.

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