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ReDelta88's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Traditional Art
People's Republic of China
Hi! The name is Rena, but you may call me Reina or ReDelta.
I'm that Chinese girl who secretly wishes she was born during the Three Kingdoms era so a certain descendant of the Han imperial line would take a liking to her. As of now I live in Beijing, the ancient capital of China, where I am just your average highschooler getting on with life.

I am constantly trying to improve my art, so any suggestions or critiques will be welcome!

Current Residence: Beijing, China
Favourite genre of music: Everything
Favourite style of art: Anime
Operating System: Windows 7
Personal Quote: I got you a meat bun, but I eated it...
"You only live life once, but if you do it right, once is enough."

When I went to school yesterday, I thought it would be like any other day. The only different thing I noticed when I entered homeroom was the fact that none of my classmates seemed to be talking. They all looked kind of down, there was no laughter. I didn't think much of this, I thought they were just tired--then my Physics teacher entered and read an email on the computer, announcing that one of our school's teachers had died.

It hit me like a sledgehammer.

He was one of our Sports teachers, but I had never took any of his classes. He came just a little more than a year ago; it was his first job as a teacher, and obviously everybody loved him. His personal motto was "Positivista Energia", "Positive Energy"--and everybody who knew him described him as a friendly, cheerful guy who encouraged everybody to keep high spirits. I clearly remember the last time he acted as a substitute in our P.E. class--he taught us how to do a sliding dance move, and that was pretty much my first and last close interaction with him. If I had been a part of the basketball team he coached, or if I had been a grade higher and took his class, I was sure I would've loved him more. But in a flash, he was gone. I'll never be able to know him better.

He just went away that fast. He got really sick on Tuesday and passed away on Wednesday afternoon; nobody really knows what hit him. The reality of it still hasn't entirely sunken in yet. When I walk the hallways now, I see tables laden with paper cranes and letters dedicated to him--all reminders that he is really gone. But still I find it hard to believe...

I've went through all my memories of him, and I've realized how much I had taken his company for granted. Yet it happens to be that this is the sad nature of reality: you don't realize the value of something until you lose it. Likewise I feel guilty for not getting to know him more. Now I can only cherish what I remember of him, and remember to treasure all the company I currently have. Because you never know when Fate decides to take something away from you again.

May he rest in peace.
  • Listening to: Various mournful songs


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Warning... NEVER look in a mirror and repeat -'Bloody Mary.Bloody Mary.' Bloody Mary... I KILLED YOUR SON' Is it the end for you tonight! YOU ARE NOW CURSED

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