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How To - Austria Ahoge

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It is a very cheap and one of the best looking ahoges to craft for Hetalia. I've used this technique three times now and it's the best results out of any other ways I've tried.

It does take quite a bit of work and A LOT of patients. You might mess it up a few times.

What you'll need:

1. Little bit of water, 1/4 cup or less depending.

2. Craft glue, perferably Tact Craft glue

3. Copper Wire (Kind used for jewelry should be at a local craft store for no more than $1)

4. Paint brush

5. Hair cutting scissors

6. Paper plate

7. Collected hair trimmings from the wig you're using for this character or matching hair extensions.

What to do:

1. Figure out how long you want your ahoge to be hair wise and measure out the copper wire to there. Then add about five or six more inches to what you already measured and cut it there. (The extra so you can attach your ahoge to the wig.) Make sure you mark where the hair ends on your strand of copper wiring.

2. Curve your wire to the desired shape. It'll be hard and mess up your work later if you shape it out after you have started to add the hair.

3. On the paper plate, mix a mixture of water and craft glue with your paint brush. It should be more water that glue, but none of it clear. You can always add more or less of either liquid if your hair is not sticking to your copper wire.

4. Take a clump of hair (about 1.5 to 3 inches in length and 1/4 to 1/2 inch in width) and make sure they're all straight facing the same direction (Example of this is the hair on the plate in the picture above.)

5. Take the clump of hair and place it in the glue/water mix. Make sure it's enough to soak through all the hairs, but not dripping wet.

6. Start to mold your hair clump onto the wiring. You might want to hold it there for a couple of minutes. (It won't dry completely though.) After you finish a section of the wire covered in hair, make sure it has a chance to dry some on the outside. (To speed up the drying process a bit, I used a blow dryer on the lowest setting and the coolest setting.)

7. Repeat this process until you're covered the copper wire to the place where you marked. You can add extra layer of hair on top of the other dried parts to even it all out.

8. Make sure the outside of the ahoge is dry before setting it down to dry completely over night. It'd be better if it dried where only the uncovered wire is touching something and the hair part is not. (Sticking the uncovered wire into some foam and letting the hair part dry suspended in air is one of the best ways.)

9. After one night/day your ahoge is ready to be put into a wig. As for this part, that's for another time.
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how to do it with hair? like real hair? like off my head hair?
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No, never real hair. Wigs and extensions or clippings from the wig.
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Don't ever mix ahoges with real hair. I've known people who've done this and it is disastrous.
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Finally I found a tutorial that does not use pipe cleaners and is easy to follow. Thank you
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No problem, hope it's helpful.
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This is going to sound so idiotic...but I am le fool so I will say it anyway~

Is it wise to use real hair? See, I have no intention of buying a wig as my hair is sort of Austria coloured anyways...and I was just wondering if it would work with actual off-cuts of my own hair instead of buying extensions, because they can be quite pricey sometimes~

Thank you~! And this is a great tutorial :D
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I would NEVER suggest using real hair unless you purchase a separate human hair wig. Even then, I'm not certain how the fibers of real hair will work with this. (Natural hair and synthetic fibers of a wig both work and take to products in completely different ways.)

Another reason why it would be bad to use your own hair is that the ahoge is connected to the wig by weaving the long bare wire through the net of the wig or sewn into the net. There would be absolutely no way to have the ahoge stay in your hair without doing something dangerous to your scalp.
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Thank you~
I should buy some synthetic extensions and do it that way, then~
I was going to use some sort of clip/band method of attatching it to my head using some dark-coloured clips...:iconthinkingplz:

Maybe it would be safer for me to buy a wig~ I'd never dream of sticking something INTO my head. That'd just be crazy!
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my hair looks like fem!austria, just need the ahoge XD imma gonna use this later :3
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i have his haircut and i gel the ahoge every morning :iconimhappyplz:
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:iconarthurunicornplz: Aww if only I had seen this earlier for my Konata cosplay!
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I'm cosplaying Italy and I'm also planning on using this method only I'm worried about buying hair extensions due to the fact that my wig is a bit of an awkward orange colour with both dark and light highlights. I was wondering about how much wig hair did you use so I can estimate if I will have enough extra hair on my wig to cut off with out affecting the look and style of the wig now. Thanks~
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I used the wig trimmings from my Austria wig when I styled it. It was a bit less than the amount an average extension is.
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weeee!!!! :D I will use this, thanks 4 sharing!!!
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No problem. Let me know if you need anything else. :3
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Oh! I found the tutorial ><
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