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The gang goes to hell
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Junicorn 2024 - Masamune


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Junicorn 2024 - Masamune


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Garcia's Cheetah Import - GFR117

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Boucle Unicorn Classique Import Q703

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0103 Wichita

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royalty | Commission

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CLOSED: Bucking Bull Designs

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 Partly sunny Vom Rott

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Introduction to Genetics

Genetics is a fascinating area of study that is still being updated even to this day, and as of yet there are still hundreds of genes yet to be identified and many questions still left to answer. It can be mind boggling, so this guide aims to help bring a little understanding and clarity to this amazing topic. If you scroll to the bottom, you can see links to each Chapter for specific Color Loci. Here are a few definitions: Gene: A unit of heredity passed down to a dog from its parents. Genes are responsible for the expression of a trait. Allele: Different forms of a gene that create variations. (Ay is an allele in a dogs Sable Gene). Locus: Where genes are located in the dog's DNA. Homozygous: Both alleles in the gene are identical (AyAy for example). Heterozygous: Both alleles in the gene are different (Ayat for example). Punnett Square: A square divided into 4 quadrants. Dad and Mom gene pairs are on the top and side, and used to determine what allele combinations are possible for

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Asil Arabian Horse Conformation

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EndEARing Mules Lineart Pack


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STOCK - 2014 TotR Arabians-53

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Eventing Horse Show Stock 11

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Two sassy boy's, one's just more sassy though


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A6567 WD'S Valkyrie


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1053 Remuda's Pantalaimon

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Zeneret Species Overview

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Freckles Texture


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Simple Braids

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