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Red Dwarf on Celebrity Catchprase this Sunday by DoctorWhoOne, journal

Red Dwarf III - 'Backwards' played forwards !!! by DoctorWhoOne, journal

Red Dwarf III - Before it turns 30 next week ! :D by DoctorWhoOne, journal

Bizzare crossover - Thunderbirds / Red Dwarf by DoctorWhoOne, journal

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For any Red Dwarf fan's who might be viewing this, trying this out - Park my Spaceship !.

I found it today. You can 'park' the Red Dwarf herself over any real life location on a Google Earth like site. Sadly no other craft from the series appears, not even Starbug 1, but there are loads more you can try on here.

Here's Red Dwarf in London just behind the famous London Excel Centre. Have fun !.

YouTube channel Spacedock did a Video almost a year ago about Starbug 1. Enjoy ;)…
New submissions are expiring without response =(
Thanks for the add!
Thanks for accepting my sketches into your gallery :)
Thanks very much for requesting my Kryten pic :D
Filming on Red Dwarf XII starts today according to Robert Llewellyn on Twitter -

Today is 1st shooting day on Red Dwarf XII. It's going to be a massive smegfest.