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Kaji the Dragon by RedDragonCats17, literature

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My Bio
My names is James Marshbanks, and I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. My dream is to become a game developer, and my goal as a developer is to bring back the old generation of video games, back when they were actually fun, have great soundtrack, etc. I used to have a very big interest in art, but I lost that interest for 2 reasons.

1: I'm a impatient guy. When it comes to my characters, if I wanna see them, I wanna see them as soon as possible.

2: I can't design a character for SHIT. I originally quoted Joker "dog chasing cars," because I didn't know what it meant. I can design a character that wears regular human clothes, because that's what we wear every day, but when it comes to sci-fi armor, medieval clothing, or even jungle clothing, I'm a cooked noodle. And sometimes it's hard for me to design a character without it looking like a ripoff of another character.

I don't have a job right now, so I can't make commissions. The least I could do is make journals of my characters. That's what you're mostly going to see from me, just journals.

Favourite Movies
Star Wars, Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan's movies
Favourite TV Shows
Bleach, Dragon Ball series, Chowder, Inuyasha, Death Note, YuGiOh, Hokuto no Ken, Tom and Jerry, The Three Stooges
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Scorpions, Dokken, Ozzy Osbourne, Alice Cooper, Deathstars, Treat, Three Days Grace, Rise Against, Motley Crue, Quiet Riot
Favourite Books
Artemis Fowl, Belgariad
Favourite Games
Metroid, Mario, Legend of Zelda, MegaMan, Doom, Halo, Smash Bros, Soul Calibur
Favourite Gaming Platform
Other Interests
Game coder, story writing


Just advertising something in here using the new Deviantart Eclipse mode.

I have a Facebook group called Nerd Conference. It's a group that's mostly dedicated to game developing, but there's also room for posting nerdy or geeky stuffs like anime/movie clips, fan art, your large collection of video games or comics or figures, and your latest buys, but that stuff is for keeping the group active because not EVERYBODY is a game developer.

I have 4 goals for this group. 1: To turn people who want to become game developers into game developers. There is a simple step in becoming a game developer, and that is to share your ideas. You can then take any course for any language you desire to use, like C++, Clickteam Fusion 2.5, Java, Unity, Unreal, anything you wish to use. You can make indie games and fan games. You can post work in progress reports, trailers, teasers, announcements, and post announcements for Kickstarters or Patreons (you can't do that for fan games, though). I also want people to collaborate with one another, as a means to make a game great.

2: To bring back the old days of video games. Primarily, the 90's. The 90's is where it's at for me, as the SNES, PS1, and Sega Genesis are big hits in the world of video games. The library of games in those 3 consoles are much larger than the libraries of today's consoles, and there's a much bigger variety of video game genres for us old school gamers to play. And let's not forget about the old arcades, like for me, the Capcom Play System II arcade games.

3: To evolve the group into a much bigger community base. Look at communities like Metroid Database, Mario Fan Games Galaxy, and SAGE. I want to make this community just as big as those.

4: This may sound like a dream, but I want to make game developers learn from us. I want to make certain things in the game industry irrelevant, like DLC. DLC has been used more often than not, and they've been used for either things that could've been into the game as an unlockable, or things that should've been into the game in the first place. Look at Street Fighter 5 for example. Street Fighter 5 had a small roster, and it extended through DLC. That is a bad move. A good example on how DLC is done right is Super Smash Bros for the Wii U and 3DS. Bayonetta and Cloud Strife, both are not from Nintendo, were announced as DLC in the past. Bayonetta was a rather mature character, much more so than Samus or Solid Snake, and Cloud's debut game wasn't ported to Nintendo consoles AT ALL. DLC should be something extra, like an extra story that's not canon, or could be canon or perhaps a teaser to a sequel of the game, or a extra special guest character. DLC should be an extra, not a necessity.

If you wish to join the group, here's a link.

What's up guys? Currently I'm getting pretty slow on my character's bios, primarily because I'm having trouble coming up with the next event. Y'see, sometimes I imitate a part, and then all of a sudden it goes poof. Sometimes I come up with what's next, but again, it goes poof as soon as I sit down and pull out the document for the bio. So I'm just going to give you guys some sneak peaks on the rest of the protagonists' bios, along with a updated version of Raiguko's and some concepts by a friend of mine named Nalgini Masters. Consider this as a work in progress. Erutika drawn mistakenly as a bobcat, as originally, she was a South African Wi
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Hi guys, I am going to be needing some help from some of you, historians specifically. You see, I am planning on uploading a bio of a secret intelligence in one of the kingdoms from the Dragon universe, which is basically the Ninja. I've learned rece...
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What's up, guys? I just decided to "advertise" my Facebook group to see if anyone's interested in joining. The group is quiet right now, so if you'd like to show off some art that you made, feel free to do so. This group is mostly a game developers' group, but you can post anything related to gaming, anime, or comics just to keep the group active. Here you can post progress of your fan games or indie games, make announcements of those games, announce Kickstarters or Patreons (indie games only), or even show gameplay of those games. My first goal for this group is to bring back the old school days of gaming. Games from the SNES and N64 days.
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