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Outfit Adopt! Open!! by CommissionsAri
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Hello there bronies of DA/reddit. I'm the founder of SprayPaintedPonies and have just begun our very first contest. If you are interested in spraying painting and winning some prizes, feel free to enter.

Paint a pony! (Didn't see that coming?)

This can be any pony of your choosing. When I say any pony, I mean any pony. It can be any canon cast or OC. The theme of the contest of is EMOTION. Ponies are pretty expressive creatures as most of you have noticed. Plenty of crying, laughing and yelling is seen throughout this show.
Find a vector (or make something of your own) that is full of an emotion of your choice. Then paint it on a surface of your choice.

Must be mainly spray painted (use of other techniques and tools is ok, but the focus is spray paint)
No photoshoping
Keeping it appropriate (r34, cupcakes, etc.)
Do not kill or sabotage other artists

The judges will be   and myself
We will be looking for a couple of things.
Creativity. Add your own twists. Use your imagination.
Quality. Crisp lines and solid technique. Good. Smudges and gross stuff like that. Bad.
Awesomeness. Very important.

1st place: $30 gift certificate to artprimo
2nd place: 3 month membership

Submit by March 15

Good luck.

#SprayPaintedPonies: spraypaintedponies.deviantart.…
In order to replace my inactive leadership, I finally came back in order to hand over my power to someone else, and I'm glad to announce you're all in better hooves.
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