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Keanu Reeves

Taking a break from the usual, to try out something a little different.
I've fallen in love with the movie 'Constantine' recently, there's something about it that means so much to me. I think that Keanu did a great job portraying John's attitude and overall moodiness. I know there are a lot of hardcore Hellblazer fans who don't, and there are people who are critical of Keanu himself, but I really did enjoy that movie.

Back to the picture; Starting completely from scratch in Photoshop, this has taken me about 23 hours altogether. Surprisingly I didn't leave it for 10 months before I finished it, like I usually do. XD I did it all in the space of 3 days. [Yeah, the hours add up to 23 though, I didn't work on it constantly. o_o]
I had a reference picture to help me... and overall I'm happy! It actually kinda creeps me out.
I've never done color portraits before, only the black and white ones of Linkin Park, and never this size either. I enjoyed it a lot.
Repetitive Strain ahoy, I think... but what the hell. ;D I'd like to do more. Maybe one of Johnny Depp or something.

Just in case anyone is wondering how I put pics like this together, I did screencaps as I was going along. I annotated it too... just to give you the general idea. Woot.

Screencaps W/Annotation

Artwork © *redderz
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Wow! Really amazing! :) (Smile) 
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Aaawesome!!! Thanks!
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oh he is soooo cute and sexy *-*
wonderful job!!!
schnurrDOSE's avatar
I love you for this, great job :love:
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Hi. :wave: Your wonderful work has been featured here. [link] Please take a look. =D
redderz's avatar
xXxFall3n-Ang3lxXx's avatar
wow, amazing job, looks so realistic.!
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grrr... nice pic :heart:
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How is it possible for people to do this kind of stuff :O Its GREAT!
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I thought it was a photo at first! It's amazing!
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the shadows on his face are really pretty, i like the subtle pink and moody green tones.
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my faves parts are the ye and the brith on his chin, and the texture of the lips. Very good job!
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Your amazing artwork was featured here ---> [link]
Great job and keep up the good work! :tighthug:
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I'm watching Constantine as we speak! He is SOO good-looking. :love:

So you know, this is really good! It looks just like a photo!
squishy-the-hippo's avatar
oh god *swoon* Hes so great. This is outstanding!!
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Hey, great work!
This is featured in the new Keanu Reeves group: [link]
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Holy cow that's amazing! Really really good!
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very nice job!
i love the picture..
and keanu *.*
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Ahhhhh wtf this is gorgeouss, you have a BIG talent <3
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