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Johnny Depp

I told you I'd do a JD one!
Ahem. Yeah. So before I say anything else, yes I used a reference and I know, I also consider that to be kinda cheating... but I'm not superwoman, I can't think of poses for realistic art! *dies* I admire anyone who can. :heart:
I quite liked this picture of Johnny when I found it, but by the time I'd finished this picture I never wanted to see it again. I much prefer my Keanu Reeves pic. One, it was in color... and two, it didn't have so many damn straight lines! Black and white is so hard to shade also.
Enough complaining anyway. I'm happy overall with this. Though Keanu pic reigns supreme. ;D

Again, here are the screencaps to go with it to show the step by step [almost] of how it came together.


Artwork © *redderz
Credit to for the ref pic.
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JOHNNY!!! OMG, great job
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omg love Johnny Depp
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I am by no means a fan of Depp - in fact, I'm quite allergic to the man - but your portraits never cease to amaze me.
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this is PERFECT!!!!!
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OMFG I love you for this. Seriously.... I LOVE you for making this..... *dies*
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I love you Johnnyyyyyyyyyyyy
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That's amazing! really well done
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Extremely lovely indeed! :heart: Johnny rules! :horns:
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I am so loving Johnny Depp, and this is awesome :heart:
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simply gorgeous....
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i dont even know how to begin to express how much i love this photo

gah, speechless really!
sooooo amazingg
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wait this isnt a photo? holy shit. thats amazing
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OMG its awsome ! don't u just lov JD ^^
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Oh my god, this was drawn?!? reaction -:boogie: --> realization :jawdrop: --->:faint:
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I'm pretty sure that this is sexy
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:O that is stunning! i thought it was a photograph :D aw using a ref isint cheating to mehh! i think its awesome
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