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Dr. Jonathan Crane

"So when did the nut take over the nuthouse?"

Blame *cheesy for this. SHE MADE ME DO IT! Well... kind of. I've been having itchy portrait fingers for a little while now, and seeing as I loved the new movie 'Batman Begins' I thought Crane aka Scarecrow would be the perfect specimen for my next portrait. :evillaugh:
I loved his character, plus the fact that he's played by Cillian Murphy. What a gorgeous Irishman he is! Oh and I just can't resist men in suits and glasses. XD Crane is very relateable. I'm not sure if that makes me crazy or not.

It's amazing, I drew someone who isn't 40 years old! Haha. I had fun doing this. It took about the same length of time as my other portraits. I'm pretty pleased. Of course, it's not an original pose which gripes me a bit. Ah well. Fanart.
As usual I have screencaps of progress. :3


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He might be a nut, but he's a pretty one. And you can't argue with that. He can intoxicate me anyday. *COUGH* XD Terrible pun.

Dr. Jonathan "Scarecrow" Crane is © those people at DC Comics. Am I right?
Artwork © *redderz as is Cillian Murphy. Seriously. :paranoid:
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my new fav batman character
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This is a POTRAIT?!? I thought it was the actual picture!!!

very nice.
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This is GORGEOUS! I LOVE have you've done Cillian's expression. Beautifully done.
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my favorite scarecrow
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i admit i always thought Crane was sexy...... i loves this so much imma drool over him now.... don't mind me
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"Drag To Collect"
YES! I want Jonathan.
Honestly, I thought that this was a picture from the movie, then I read your comment and was like,
"O__O Sweet baby Jesus, there is no way she drew that.."
You're amazing. Just thought you should know. (:
And, uh. He sure is one pretty nut. <3
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He's the one that made me love the Scarecrow!
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Oh god, its unbelievable! I also thought that this is a picture from the movie.
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Fake Batman: "We're trying to help you!"
Real Batman: "I don't need help!"
Scarecrow: "Not my diagnosis."

:above: new fave scene in Dark Knight
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Why is he so beautiful?
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He's got scarily bright blue eyes, though. O_O
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You drew this? I actually thought that this was a picture taken from the movie. Great job on this
TheFossilSisters's avatar
YOU DREW THIS???? Not fair that you can do that... Awesome portrait!
Numbah1YaoiFan's avatar
Wait, you DREW that??? :wow: AWESOME.
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That's...startlingly good o__o
Shire-the-Werewolf's avatar
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Sweet jesus.... His eyes are super gorgeous~:heart:
WhackyBanana12's avatar
i could kiss him right now... [link]
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This is AMAZING! Great work!
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So sexy. Great job. Looks so real.
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