7 Deadly Sins Challenge

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Hello Castle Dwellers...

Our new game is the "7 Deadly Sins." I have always found this concept rich with artistic opportunities. I hope y'all do as well. The last challenge had so many great submissions-let's keep it up, folks. Here are SEVEN as defined by wikie
Details for submission

:bulletred: Your "sin" MUST include a model, 3D is acceptable.  
:bulletred: In your description, you MUST include the sin you are illustrating. It's advisable to tell us how your work relates to the sin which      gives your art a better "winning" chance. :)
:bulletred: PLEASE NOTE this group welcomes traditional forms of art as well as digital
:bulletred: Entries must be newly created as of date of this journal
:bulletred: Challenge ends  July 27th 2015
:bulletred: Include our group icon in your description as well as giving proper credit to your stock providers
:bulletred: Please include a translation from google or other site if your description is in a language other than English, por favor. :)

Examples are coming, be watching this entry for the update.

Prizes donated so far: Points, exclusive stock picks from surprise stockers, features from :iconthestockwarehouse:

I always appreciate when you share with your friends or include this journal in any groups you are an "influencer" in.

General instructions for submission can be found here:


CSS made by artorifreedom
Pattern by crazy-alice
Key by patronus-stock
Brushes by anaRasha-stock & ro-stock

© 2015 - 2021 Reddawgi
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Here is my entry for envy: Let me out ! by Enchanted-Red-Rose
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My second entry: Seven Deadly Sins Gluttony by Energiaelca1
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I have my entry ready: Sloth
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My entry..adrianamadrid.deviantart.com/a…
.Among the 7 deadly sins this lust..I wanted to soften it and do not expose in its most primal state

Excuse my English, translator use
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hi, this is my entry: fav.me/d916che
Lady Ira....I obviously wanted to represent anger
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Very nice work, good luck. :)
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Thank you very thankful ....
Reddawgi's avatar
Well done, good luck. :)
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thank you very much
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I went ahead and did an image for the contest. I will submit to the correct folder once its up. (Had fun with this one!) Seven Deadly Sins - Vanity
Reddawgi's avatar
Very good. Glad you took on the challenge. Good luck!
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