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when i was a kid , i like this animation very much, ninja turtle.
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Can I PLEASE get this as a tattoo??? He is my favorite out of all the turtles and I love this piece!
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Crenshaw red sewer stallion
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Very ninja like. This sounds funny but I mean it. :thumbsup:
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woo i love this one!
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I really like this. Gotta try drawing a turtle myself one day. It's been years.
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No, Leo's not tell you to shush. That's a Sword Fist, Turtles style.
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this look bad ass!
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oh my god *-*
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FINALLY! Somebody remembers that all the turtles originally wore red. Well done.
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Agreed, they were much more badass as all red than multi-colored. 
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If you look at the original comics; they killed people! seriously. They got cut, it was gritty and violent! 
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Awesome wasn't it? Going from graphic novel to comic book is always a mistake.
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The kunai are a great touch. Nice job.
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super amazing.. my friends and i have often talked about how crazy tough these guys would be in 'real' life. Tree trunks for arms and legs, armoured back, look at that face! Theres no nose to break to slow them down, it would be like punching another fist!! and their knuckles are like elbows! they would mess you up sooo hard- and on top of all that, they are GD NINJAS...

...bottom line- ninja turtles are amazing
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I love TMNT..."Return to new York" was one of my favorite comic runs of the original TMNT and this is great...
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You draw some bad ass turtles.
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F**K that is good!!!
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Very cool and intense! Which turtle is it - or is it all of them at once? ^_~
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