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The Rogue Titan

By RedCoaster
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So... a bunch of my friends talked me into watching Attack on Titan. All I have to say is "Why did I not start watching this earlier!" And I really don't watch anime much. But this show was amazing. If you haven't seen it, you really need to. Amazing animation and story... just everything is eye candy. XD

I'll try not to drop any spoilers here in the description. Like I did with realistic Mewtwo and Mew, I decided to paint a realistic version of one of the AOT characters. Thus, I picked the rogue titan since for some reason he quickly became my favorite - I guess because I like monsters. This guy was fun as hell to paint and a bit of a challenge at times - especially his jaw structure. I had so much reference there lol.

But yeah, just my take on him. I do not own Attack on Titan.

The Female Titan: The Female Titan by railrunnermiranda
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I’m living for this realisim

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Now i bet you never seen a dog on a horse before
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The detail in this work is absolutely amazing! I've read your fanfic 'Rogue' and totally love it, and then I found out you had deviantart and I was just like: WHY HAVE I NOT COME HERE SOONER?!?!

Now I'm off to go fave a gazillion more of your amazing gallery~ :3
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Yup this is my DA :)

Thanks for liking my work!
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.... *drools* way too attractive.
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Someone needs a hug 0-o 
Amazing details in the skin and teeth and shape of the face, incredible work!
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Woah! Nicely done!
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OMG ATTACK ON TITAN! THis is amazing! 

this anime is just... omg the BEST!
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Your take on Eren's Titan form is AMAZING!! Nice to meet another Attack on Titan fan!!
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Thanks! And it's nice to meet you! I also have the female titan done as well The Female Titan by railrunnermiranda
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Yes I saw it already and it's BADASS!!! The first time I hear about this anime/Manga was after seeing a video in youtube with some scenes of episode 8, and I started to LOVE IT!!! Unlike many other animes that took too long (years) for me to become a fan of them, I became a Mega fan of AoT in only a very few days!!
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Yeah, it was my friends that are illustration(like myself) and animation majors that talked me into watching AOT. I don't really watch too much anime admitedly since half the time I can't take it seriously. So after hearing so much about this anime I gave in and impulsively bought part 1 on blu ray to watch from the start. By the second episode I was like " Oh my god, why did I not watch this earlier! Amazing animation this is beautiful! (even though it's gory at parts but animated blood doesn't really phase me)" I think by late episode 7 and episode 8 I fell in love with it as well - and the rogue titan since I have a soft spot for monsters XD Since then I bought part 2 and got my sister to start watching AOT. But yeah, that how I got into the fandom :)
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Yes the animation used in Attack on Titan is indeed amazing!!:happybounce: Yes I loved to see the Rogue tItan killing all those Titans to save humans, the scene of Eren's heartbeats and Mikasa bursting into tears of happiness and hugging Eren without releasing him broke my heart so badlyWaaaah!, since that scene an her feelings for Eren made me to became a huge fan of Mikasa, and yes I have a soft spot for monsters as well, but this anime/manga has too many great things besides the Titans that make it a GREAT franchise, I LOVE IT!! This is the first anime that made me read a Manga from the very beginning. After watching episode 25 of the anime, I started to read the Manga. By the way, Do you read the manga too?
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Yup! I thought I'd never see myself read a manga... after watching AOT, I went out and got all the volumes XD I just love the series itself and it's whole concept. I may have mentioned somewhere or another, I don't get interested in any anime often at all, but when it has an interesting concept and a good story then I give it a look :) AOT is something that got my attention to say the least :)
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I understand you, Attack on Titan caught all my attention, since then I felt I lost my attention to other animes, I still watch animes, but I feel they will never be like AoT. While watching the first episode, I felt Attack on Titan is something that will hype me so SICK!! and I become a GREAT FAN of AoT. After seeing the anime and reading Manga, I saw that AoT is not just a great franchise, is a very well developed story with well developed characters, some of them that I love and some others I hate like #""$%&%. Of all female characters like I said, Mikasa Ackerman broke my heart, she is not just a cutie face, she is noble, brave, heroic,  she never lets something or someone intimidates her; her great love, loyalty, care and faith for Eren and desire to protect him and stay by his side and her sympathy, fraternity, loyal friendship and care for Armin always make me wish to be there and HUG HER!!! I LOVE HER!! After meeting Mikasa, I feel that other anime girls in comparison to her are nothing special or just very ordinary girls. Eren is admirable, his determination to save humankind, his Titan form, his will to protect Mikasa, Armin and his comrades at any cost and without caring about his situation, Armin is not the best swordsman and has not awesome fighting skills, but he is gentle, kind, comprehensive, loyal to Eren and Mikasa and his ability to make strategies, deductions, analysing situations make him BADASS!!!

I won't lie, AoT made me feel that everything that happens there also happens to me!!! I really hated the bad experiences Eren lived because of his Titan power despite he never do anything evil or cruel and he saved humankind many times. Sometimes I daydream to find a girl like Mikasa in real life. 
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Good point there. That's another reason why I like AOT compared to other animes I've heard of. I love the fact that the female characters are just as strong as the male ones and not represented as purely sex symbols like they are in so many other forms of media. It's refreshing. I'm female myself so I agree this approach for obvious reasons. The way a good majority female characters are portrayed on animes is one of the reasons why I don't get into many of them.

Yeah, I could go on and on why I love AOT compared to the stuff I've seen and why it quickly became my favorite thing to watch in my spare time :)
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Damn, Eren you scary.
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Awesome amount of detail!
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Wow this looks scary and amazing at the same time ._.´´ amazing how you drew him *-* I realy like the rouge titan and you did an awesome job
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This haunting work is featured here:  Hauntingly Great Art and Literature
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Scary, i like the skin texture and the lighting
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