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Moves like jagger vs never gonna give you up by redcherrycupcake Moves like jagger vs never gonna give you up :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 4 0 To 763lilypadpandaowl by redcherrycupcake To 763lilypadpandaowl :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 8 4 cute ice fairy  by redcherrycupcake cute ice fairy :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 1 0 Mettaton sketch by redcherrycupcake Mettaton sketch :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 2 0 Nomnom by redcherrycupcake Nomnom :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 2 0 Anime girl sketch by redcherrycupcake Anime girl sketch :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 0 0 Untitled Drawing color by redcherrycupcake Untitled Drawing color :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 3 0 Norman way by redcherrycupcake Norman way :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 1 0 Bonnie ohhhhh by redcherrycupcake Bonnie ohhhhh :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 1 0 Happy 17th Birthday  By Redcherrycupcake by redcherrycupcake Happy 17th Birthday By Redcherrycupcake :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 0 0 draw by redcherrycupcake draw :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 1 0 Afghanistanball and azerbaijanball by redcherrycupcake Afghanistanball and azerbaijanball :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 0 0 my first anime sketch :)  by redcherrycupcake my first anime sketch :) :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 3 5 colored!?sam by redcherrycupcake colored!?sam :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 0 0 Another drawing by redcherrycupcake Another drawing :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 0 0 Another drawing :) by redcherrycupcake Another drawing :) :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 0 0


Mature content
Wheatley x reader: Good Morning :iconcharleywren3:charleywren3 33 29
Portal 2.5 Reader Insert Chapter 11
Portal 2.5 Reader Insert Chapter 11
By: bdaybear30
With this new determination, I continue to walk through the decrepit old offices of what once was a busy place. Honestly, I missed the plants and debris of this rundown place.
I follow along the rail until I am in an enormous room with a very tall cylindrical contraption in the center.
“This is the neurotoxin generator. Bit bigger than I expected. Not going to be able to, you know, push it over. Have to apply some cleverness.” I hear Wheatly explain. “There’s some sort of control room up top. So, uh … let’s go investigate.”
As I work my way around and up, I come across an opening where several turret girls are dropped onto spinning blades and are destroyed. Wheatly laughs before saying, “Our handiwork. Shouldn’t laugh. They do feel pain. Of a sort. All simulated. But real enough for them I suppose.”
I look at them again with this new knowledge and I feel bad for them. “
:iconbdaybear30:bdaybear30 31 18
Wheatley x Reader
[A/N: This isn't all lovey dovey, sorry folk's. Best I could do after forgetting to do this for two years.]
You had done it. You escaped captivity. You were no longer a lab rat at the mercy of a homicidal robot with a thirst for human blood.
No, you were free. On the surface. Living in a dull apartment with a boring job.
But, honestly, you liked it.
The taste of coffee, or tea, depending on your mood. Eating something that wasn't just a flavorless concoction of proteins, vitamins, and carbohydrates mixed into some weird excuse of “food”. No, this was real. And it was everything you had dreamed of.
What was even better, is that you can actually have real cake. Not a lie created by a robot who was using it as a lure to crush every bone in your body, shoot you, or incinerate you.
But you were still a little...jumpy.
It was the memories. They were seared into your mind and no matter how much you tried, you could never get them to leave.
Loud noise made you fall back and reach f
:iconhoshi-no-tsubaki:Hoshi-no-Tsubaki 27 12
wheatley x reader- perfect
"For a second there, I doubted that you'd actually catch me, (y/n)!" Wheatley exclaimed, when you had caught him after he disassembled himself from his rail. The spherical robot has also been concerned that the fall would cost him his life, as he has been told. 
Moving his topaz blue optic around, he came to the realization that he had survived the fall. "Oh! I'm... I'm not dead!" He gave a triumphant laugh.
You couldn't help but to giggle as he was so excited. Honestly, you loved Wheatley. You loved his cheerful personality, his accent, everything. He was just perfect to you. You touched your nose to his top handle, which made him giggle like a schoolgirl. "Oh... th-thanks, luv." He murmured, slightly pulling up his bottom eyelid in a makeshift smile.
"You're welcome, Wheatley..." You gently stroked his top, which caused him to wiggle a bit in your arms. "Have I ever told you that you're perfect?" You asked the core quietly.
"Uh... nope. I don't think you have." He replied casual
:iconsea-pup:sea-pup 79 110
Wheatley x Reader Vast Chamber. (Chp.1?)
Your legs were dashing across the testing room you seemed to be 'stuck within', swiftly with ease. Placing a blue portal here, and a blue portal there, it seemed like a breeze before you got to the exit door. Upon going through it, you see your spherical, robotic, friend, Wheatley, hanging from his tram line. You smile, now knowing you had a source of comfort, knowing he was always awaiting for your useless, human self, as many call say to you. His sharp, glowing, eye turned to you, and a gasped sound recording, emitted from his recording presets.
"Oh- Y/N! You got through quite fast, w-wasn't expecting you to make it to be honest, that's the final stretch of a test that was! Oh yes, GLaDoS. Righto- follow me!" He said in that charming Cornish accent of his, beckoning you to follow him, which you went along with gladly.
You came to a halt, seeing a slight gap, a panel dented into a wall. You raised an eyebrow, turning your head towards the humanoid core.
"Wheatley wait..." You whispere
:iconbritishbakuraxxx:BritishBakuraxxx 31 4
Portal 2.5 Reader Insert Chapter 20
Portal 2.5 Reader Insert Chapter 20
By: bdaybear30
I feel the ground shake beneath my feet as the lift comes to a stop. I rub my eyes to try and adjust them to the brightness of the lights in the room.
When I can see again … the first thing I see is him.
He looks terrible. His hair is completely disheveled and sticking out in strange directions. His clothes is bunched and ripped in various places, as if he was on the losing end of a wrestling match. His eyes are open very wide and his pupils are as small as pin pricks and ringed in red.
The chair he is sitting in doesn’t look much better. Several pieces have been taken off leaving supports exposed and wires hanging loosely. More pieces of metal have been attached is seemingly random places all over the device and are so twisted and corroded, I can’t tell what they were originally built to be.
“Wheatly …” I say mostly to myself. “What happened to you?”
“Well, well, well. Welcome to M
:iconbdaybear30:bdaybear30 58 47
Human!Wheatley X Reader: Escape (Request!)
You groaned as your conscience suddenly jerked you out of your peaceful slumber and into reality. As your eyes fluttered open, revealing your (e/c) irises, the familiar robotic voice that you had grown so accustomed to echoed in the room. However, as the usual recorded message played, something seemed off.
“Good morning! You have been in suspension for 389 days.”
Your eyes widened in shock as you stared up at the ceiling. 389? The longest you had ever slept was for twenty short days, and that was a mere nap for a test subject. Why had you been left there for so long? You blinked rapidly for a moment before bringing yourself into a sitting position. Your room wasn’t well-lit and spotless as it typically was when you came out of suspension. A thick layer of dust covered everything and the lights that weren’t dead would flicker on occasion. Swinging your legs over the edge of mattress, you rubbed the sleep from your eyes and took a moment to fully wake up. W
:iconmadameinserts:MadameInserts 58 23
Wheatley X Reader: Core Conversion Center
You swiped away a strand of your (h/l), (h/c) hair, long-fall boots clinking against the catwalk you were currently venturing down. A portal gun was in hand, Wheatley tucked firmly under your free arm. He had turned on the light implanted in his core, making sure you didn’t fall to your death. And ultimately his. However, as you were walking, you came across a rather long fall.
“Wheat, look down there.”
His light shone down to show where the catwalk had just suddenly fallen off.
“Oh, that’s dark, isn’t it? And a long fall. Probably not important. Not at all. The other end of the catwalk’s just over there. Must be something important on that side. But not down there. Nope.”
You didn’t listen. You never did. In fact, you held him against your side and simply jumped, hitting the bottom floor hard. It was dark and musty, the portion small and cramped by broken test chamber bits. You maneuvered around them, pulling back
:iconmadameinserts:MadameInserts 133 57
Stand By You ~ Wheatley x Reader Oneshot
All these tests were brand new to you, and if you were honest with yourself, you weren't very fond of them. You were only doing them because you had no other choice.
Earlier that day, you had awoken to the sound of a loud bang on your door and a voice coming from behind it. You groggily opened it, only to be welcomed by a small, spherical robot. It stopped talking as soon as it saw you, looking you up and down, blue optic nearly taking up the entirety of its screen. Noticing its staring, you hid behind the door, and it snapped out of its trance, proceeding to introduce itself as 'Wheatley', and helping you escape your jail-like 'relaxation chamber'.
Now, you were in some fairly old Aperture Science test chambers, your former, British partner presumed dead in your mind.
The voice of your old enemy, a large, female robot by the name of GLaDOS, called out to you, with help from the intercom. “You're still mourning over that moron of a core? How pathetic.”
Yes, you were
:iconaudreydog6:AudreyDog6 36 4
Hetalia Real Life - England by Mano-chan Hetalia Real Life - England :iconmano-chan:Mano-chan 1,802 134 Romano by Cioccolatodorima Romano :iconcioccolatodorima:Cioccolatodorima 3,078 196 Hetalia Real Life - Romano by Mano-chan Hetalia Real Life - Romano :iconmano-chan:Mano-chan 3,057 270
Monster High:Project for two:Shy!Bullied!Reader
Being new was hard win you came to monster high. Not only where you a mortal or how you learn from most of the monster around you, a normie is what you have been called sents you got to monster high. From what you have heard it was a insult, it hurt a little at first but you slowly learned to deal with the insults and the stares from the other students and go about your day in peace. Well some times you got confronted by some of the other more how you say,aggressive student?. But you easy got around them by using different routes to your classes. 
But you did like it if you blocked out the bullys it was a nice place. You didn't know many of the monsters , really only the ones that messed with you. You know some by just seeing them around school and hearing there names around the classroom. You found your self in close proximity of your class mates more often than you would have hoped for. You also saved a few of them at times but where never seen during these times, like win you h
:iconnaruko88558855:Naruko88558855 24 7
Mature content
Blaine DeBeers x Reader Exercise SMUT :iconcoinoperatedgirl666:CoinOperatedGirl666 14 0
Type A | Yandere!Connor x Reader | Detroit
With a big stretch, you marked the beginning of your lunch break. Both arms raised, back straightened in your office chair, you finally opened your eyes after that large yawn and cast them over to Connor, your co-worker.
Connor never yawned. He never did anything like that, unless it was very much deliberate. The only habit you could say he had was his coin trick, and even then, he'd explained to you before that it was done for self-improvement purposes. Keep up the dexterity in your spare time, and you'd do better when you really needed to utilize it.
You were only expressing your weariness, and yet he watched you as if you were some kind of enigma. He wouldn't tear those fake eyes away, and on the one hand you were flattered anyone would want to look at you for so long, yet on the other, you started worrying that maybe you still had some donut crumbs stuck to your cheek.
“Um...” Brushing the corner of your lip just in case, you stood up from your des
:iconvanillametal:VanillaMetal 37 9
Not Useless|Blind!Simon x Reader
Humming a small tune, you walked over to the worn mattress where a certain PL600 was, sitting down next to him.
But he immediately tensed up, unaware of who was near him. “Who’s there? [Y/n]?”
“Yes, it’s me, Simon.”
With a tiny sigh of relief, he relaxed, leaning against your shoulder and closing his eyes, even though it made no difference since his world was pitch black either way.
Ever since the events at the Stratford Tower that went horribly wrong, wherein he was left behind, discovered by the RK800 that was assisting the police, and unintentionally rendered himself blind out of fear Jericho’s secrets would be exposed…Simon only had you as his guide now–the light he needed in the darkness that plagued him.
When you found him in the evidence room and guided him back home, he was even more terrified of the dangers that were out there. To not see them whatsoever left him…depressed as well, considering that earlier Markus
:iconclanwarrior:ClanWarrior 64 16


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Moves like jagger vs never gonna give you up
I decided to make a fan drawing of my favorite game just dance
I'll try to make more of this


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