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Moves like jagger vs never gonna give you up by redcherrycupcake Moves like jagger vs never gonna give you up :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 3 0 To 763lilypadpandaowl by redcherrycupcake To 763lilypadpandaowl :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 8 4 cute ice fairy  by redcherrycupcake cute ice fairy :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 1 0 Mettaton sketch by redcherrycupcake Mettaton sketch :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 2 0 Nomnom by redcherrycupcake Nomnom :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 2 0 Anime girl sketch by redcherrycupcake Anime girl sketch :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 0 0 Untitled Drawing color by redcherrycupcake Untitled Drawing color :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 3 0 Norman way by redcherrycupcake Norman way :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 1 0 Bonnie ohhhhh by redcherrycupcake Bonnie ohhhhh :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 1 0 Happy 17th Birthday  By Redcherrycupcake by redcherrycupcake Happy 17th Birthday By Redcherrycupcake :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 0 0 draw by redcherrycupcake draw :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 1 0 Afghanistanball and azerbaijanball by redcherrycupcake Afghanistanball and azerbaijanball :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 0 0 my first anime sketch :)  by redcherrycupcake my first anime sketch :) :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 3 5 colored!?sam by redcherrycupcake colored!?sam :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 0 0 Another drawing by redcherrycupcake Another drawing :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 0 0 Another drawing :) by redcherrycupcake Another drawing :) :iconredcherrycupcake:redcherrycupcake 0 0


Josuke Higashikata X Reader [Video Games]
Tomoko was in the kitchen fixing together a dinner for the three people in her house: herself, Josuke, and you. Josuke had been given permission to invite you over for dinner for the first time, completely red in the face when he asked for that permission. Tomoko smiled at the memory, especially how happy Josuke was when you agreed over the phone. As she sliced some potatoes, she realized that Josuke was on the phone a lot more often now, worse than a teenage girl! Between you, Jotaro, and his two other friends, he was never without the phone.
As the potatoes were put into a boiling pot of water, she listened to the sound of you and Josuke laughing lightly from the living room. She couldn't seem to get the smile off of her face; how her son was able to catch the eye of a girl like you, she'd never know. But, she couldn't deny that you and Josuke seemed to click when you were with each other. You understood things about each other without having to speak. Small tears welled up in the co
:iconshoutingfir380:ShoutingFir380 105 9
Tonio Trussardi X Reader: Part of You
   “Oi Tonio! How are you tonight?” You called, bounding through the front door of his little restaurant.
    “_______! Much better now that you’re in company~!” He responded with a welcoming smile from one of the tables he was cleaning.
    “Why thank you~!” You hummed, walking over to him with glee. “I thought I’d stop by before you closed to see how you were doing!”
    Tonio chuckled. “Well your company is always welcomed. You know you’re allowed here whenever you please.” He reminded you with a smile.
    “Aww, thanks Tonio!” You beamed. “So do you need help closing up tonight? Two people are better than one for a job after all.”
    “I mean, if it wouldn’t trouble you, then sure! I am closing a bit early though since it has been fairly quiet all evening.” He explained
:iconsheeriridescence:SheerIridescence 18 11
boop by lahteh boop :iconlahteh:lahteh 438 15 Happy New Years Jojo 2016!!! by Josukespimphand Happy New Years Jojo 2016!!! :iconjosukespimphand:Josukespimphand 425 17 Youngins by Josukespimphand Youngins :iconjosukespimphand:Josukespimphand 297 26 I'm Crying...... by Josukespimphand I'm Crying...... :iconjosukespimphand:Josukespimphand 888 118 Kakyoin part 4 dimond is unbreakable  Sheet by zinni Kakyoin part 4 dimond is unbreakable Sheet :iconzinni:zinni 145 20
Osoro Shidesu X Reader
"Out of all the people-"
"I know."
"I still can't believe it." Osoro rubbed her forehead. "I never thought I'd get with someone like you."
"Surprise." You poked her nose. "You got me."
"If anyone else did that, I'd punch them. But not you. I don't understand what it is about you that makes you different from everyone else." She tilted her head. "What is it you do to me?"
"I dunno. I didn't put a hex on you or anything, that's Oka's thing." You knew she was jealous of your friend, that's why you brought her up. "Can I get a cool jacket like yours?"
"You can wear it." Osoro draped it over your shoulders.
"You never put your arms through the sleeves." You did so, inhaling her scent. "Why not? Another one of your rebellious ways?"
"I like the way it looks," she explained. "But yes, that's another reason."
"I guess it looks badass." You hugged the jacket against your smaller frame. "Can I meet your 'cronies' sometime? Or will they make fun of you?"
"They know better. Sure, I guess you can."
:iconsillycookiesonic123:SillyCookieSonic123 5 0
Cheeks [Hinata Shouyo x Reader]

You were walking to your boyfriend, Hinata Shouyo's class to eat lunch with him. Your [Hair lenght] [Hair color] swaying around, while you skipped down the hallway, until you reached his class.
"Sho-chan!!!" you yelled when you open his classroom's door.
Hinata turned around to see a [Hair color] girl, smiling brightly, like an angel! "[N-N- Name-chan], w-what are you doing here?" Hinata asked stuttering and blushing a little.
"Can't I eat lunch with you, Sho-chan?" You asked, pouting cutely and it made him blush more.
He just told you, that you can have lunch with him.
So you walked over to his seats and grab a chair and sat in front of him. "Ne Sho-chan I heard that the finals are coming up, against Aobajosai, right?" You asked swinging on your chair, back and fouth. It was a habbit of yours, swinging on your chair, even though you knew you could hurt yourself.
"[Name]-chan, stop swinging on your chair, your going to hurt yourself!" Hinata said, p
:iconcookibuki:cookibuki 99 4
What Did I Do Wrong, Corporal? (Levi x Reader)
“I’m soooo hungry!” Sasha moaned. I rolled my eyes as we headed off to breakfast. “I haven’t eaten for hours!”
“You were dreaming about food. That made the rest of the people listening to your sleep talking hungry too!” Ymir growled at her, storming to the mess hall. I walked alongside them, silently agreeing with Ymir, and entered the mess hall.
Inside I grabbed my tray of food and we sat down to eat, when Commander Erwin came up to me. I got up and saluted him firmly, saying a powerful, “Commander Erwin sir! Good morning!”
“At ease, Cadet [l/n],” he said, waving me off. I relaxed my arms but remained rigid by his side.
“Cadet [l/n], there’s something I want to ask you help for something. Do you mind meeting me in my office after breakfast so we can discuss it?”
“Yes Commander Erwin sir! I’ll be there right away sir!” I replied. He nodded and left. I sat down, wondering what he
:iconotakuforthewin:OtakuForTheWin 1,390 569
lewis??? by glowing-galaxies lewis??? :iconglowing-galaxies:glowing-galaxies 52 0 lewis!!! by glowing-galaxies lewis!!! :iconglowing-galaxies:glowing-galaxies 158 19 Fear of the number 4 by vampireknife777 Fear of the number 4 :iconvampireknife777:vampireknife777 58 5
Obvious | Josuke Higashikata x Reader
Plastic clacks under the pressure of frantic thumbs while a pair of blue-violet eyes glare back at the television screen. Josuke's form is slumped, an ache in his lower back due his unchanged posture for nearly two hours. His jaw is clenched tight, lips pursed and brows furrowed in deep concentration; he's so close, he can taste it.
He's going to beat the game.
Josuke had taken the proper precautions to make sure he'd succeed. He'd gone as far to hook the gaming system in his bedroom, the door locked so his mom wouldn't disturb him for the umpteenth time. Equipped with snacks and a beverage, homework completely finished, he was gone from the world. Nothing could stop him, he was on a roll.
The enemy spacecraft was on it's last leg, the 3D machinery smoking. Josuke hunched further down, his ministrations with the control growing progressively more passionate. His teeth sunk into his lower lip, a bead a sweat rolling down his temple.
This was it...
Until a loud thump sounded against the
:iconmikittykun:Mikittykun 85 6
Josuke Higashikata X Reader [Wakey Wakey]
Consciousness was slowly seeping into your heavy body muscles, making your body twitch awake as a gentle light poured in from the closed curtains. It warmed your closed eyelids, the light finally registering and appearing orange in your vision. But, your eyelids weren't the only things being warmed on this Saturday early afternoon.
The feeling of Josuke’s breath on the shell of your ear sent a pleased shiver down your spine to your curling toes as a smile graced your lips. You could feel his entire body pressing against your back, one arm on your waist and the other under your pillow. The breathing was steady, like he was still asleep; however, the hand wandering south on the plane of your stomach indicated otherwise.
Opening your eyes, you twisted your body so that your top half was flat against the sheets, head turned to look at the sleeping face of your lover. You noticed the slight smirk on his lips, making you chuckle to yourself as you weakly plucked his hand from your stom
:iconshoutingfir380:ShoutingFir380 91 4
Josuke x Reader (Assumptions)
You walked towards the Grand Morioh Hotel with a smile on your face. Joseph had called you and asked if you could run a few errands for him while he was out with Jotaro. Joseph was like a sweet old grandpa to you and you were willing to do almost anything for the sweet 79 year old man. 
Once you climbed up the stairs and headed towards the room you stopped seeing Josuke standing outside the door as well. 
"Josuke? What are you doing here? Are you going out with Jotaro and Joseph as well?" Josuke looked over and shook his head at your question. 
"No, the old man called me and said he needed me to do some errands for him while they were out." You raised a brow hearing your friends reply as you walked over and stood next to him. "That's odd. Joseph called me for the same thing." 
Josuke raised a brow at the statemtn as well as you both knocked on the door. Not long after you heard shuffling and Joseph opened the door and smiled seeing you both. "Ah! Josuke, (Y/N)! Jota
:iconevee550:Evee550 40 6


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772 deviations
Moves like jagger vs never gonna give you up
I decided to make a fan drawing of my favorite game just dance
I'll try to make more of this
Norman way
My first creepypasta story go to wattpad search Norman way and you'll find his story
And no guys I'm not gonna hook him up with another character because he's still under development


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im a writer and trying to learn how to draw anime


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