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you may not rember why you made this, but I can tell you whatever idea made you do it was a good one. its very rare to actuly see futur...

by NCMares

well I will for this review disregard the impression her size makes on this image (its the same as battleship applejack from my last Cr...

if I could only use one word to describe this photo it would be Epic. (with the exception of applejack) I like your choice of who wears...

I will start of with the basics. good lighting. now let me go into detail, let's start with applejack, I love the look she has on her f...

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This Is Stupid by Redbroney115
Mature content
This Is Stupid :iconredbroney115:Redbroney115 2 7
Mature content
METRO: Fallout Equestria :iconredbroney115:Redbroney115 1 3
Mature content
METRO: Fallout Equestria :iconredbroney115:Redbroney115 3 3
Mature content
METRO: Fallout Equestria :iconredbroney115:Redbroney115 3 8
Meat Eaters Anonymous Chapter 1
chapter 1
the theater was mildly packed with masked ponies, generally these conversations formed into four groups each one was different, the two on the far left were shameless of their crime and the two on the right were trying to fix themselves, at the front row area (for both groups) was extremists, cannibals, at the back was those with a little more refined taste (non ponies, usually dead and cooked up) the largest stallion in the room (standing seven feet tall) was also the theaters manager, he didn't start MEA ( acronym for meat eaters anonymous), that was a bunch of ponies that were caught in the act and sent to an asylum before being 'cleared' and inspired by the round group talks the doctors and nurses had with them they decided to continue them as a way to help others, but those ponies are long gone and now he, Stage, is running the show he decided to expanded the group and now the grouper was its largest yet, many ponies from all walks of life attended, from cursed individua
:iconredbroney115:Redbroney115 2 4
Meat Eaters Anonymous prolog
it was a dark night and the streets were deserted, all the streets were like each other but the one with the theater. One by one ponies would make there way to the back of the theater to the back door, before entering the ponies would dawn a magical mask that would cover them up to their forehead and extend a long black cloak down that would cover their entire bodies and completely hide their identities. then a two quick double taps on the door with their hoofs would cause a slit in the door to slide open, a mask identical to the one they were wearing would pear out the door before letting them in and the theater was packed with stallions and mare's of all shapes and sizes just..... chatting, ya not the most evil secret club ever, chatting about life, the weather and everything in between, while it seemed innocent enough, this little gathering had a dark secret, they had all done something that would cause others to revolt in disgust at their crime, they had all eaten meat. welcome to
:iconredbroney115:Redbroney115 1 1
(preview) ponies play far cry 5
(a small preview of the story I have in store, minor spoilers and te4asers may be included but I hope you all enjoy its great to be back)
Ponies play far cry 5.
“YES, YES, YES, YES, YES!” Pinkie Pie exclaimed with a great amount of Glee as she balanced a medium sized package on her head while the others look at her with mixed reactions, she continued in the direction of the castles ‘lower living room’ it took a moment for the rest of the Mane 6 to catch on “a new game arrived” Rarity exclaimed as the only purpose of that room was to play video games in there, Pinkie quickly unwrap the cover, “what is it?” twilight asked  and the others  were wondering the same question, Pinkie pulled out “Far Cry 5” Twilight read aloud triggering a bunch of mixed reactions form the others “ hey Apple Jack, remember how much fun the last one was” RD snickered, “define…. Fun” Rarity said voicing her compla
:iconredbroney115:Redbroney115 0 0
(day late) 1 year, 70 watchers by Redbroney115 (day late) 1 year, 70 watchers :iconredbroney115:Redbroney115 2 1
Mature content
Apoclispe Equestira: Chapter 1 Silence :iconredbroney115:Redbroney115 2 0
Mature content
final death notes: mlp cold war :iconredbroney115:Redbroney115 1 0
(sfm) Thanks For The Help Big Guy! by Redbroney115 (sfm) Thanks For The Help Big Guy! :iconredbroney115:Redbroney115 2 0 (sfm) This Will Be The Last Time You See Me by Redbroney115 (sfm) This Will Be The Last Time You See Me :iconredbroney115:Redbroney115 2 0 Its for you by Redbroney115 Its for you :iconredbroney115:Redbroney115 6 6 (sfm) Hands Up! by Redbroney115 (sfm) Hands Up! :iconredbroney115:Redbroney115 2 1 (sfm) First New Shot by Redbroney115 (sfm) First New Shot :iconredbroney115:Redbroney115 1 0 Its finished by Redbroney115 Its finished :iconredbroney115:Redbroney115 1 0


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A date that should not be forgotten…
This Is Stupid
pictured above: Banderities twisted version of logic. (no offence to you Imightbeabrony but you have to admit this guy is a complete moron, probably why one of the admins over where this was commented has hidden all of his responses save for these ones out of the sear stupidity and level of salt each one had.
also, apologies for not being as active But I promise to try and improve
so a friend of mine just made a video and petition against the Ontario Pitbull ban. he told me to spread the word so check it out here 
be honest please, what do you REALLY think of my stories? particularly my more recent ones. am I any good at all? or am I just a bellow average author with god awful grammar.
A date that should not be forgotten…


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