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EPIPHANY by redblueandgold EPIPHANY :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 1 0 EUPHORIA by redblueandgold EUPHORIA :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 3 0 Jungkook by redblueandgold Jungkook :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 4 0 kaneki ken  by redblueandgold kaneki ken :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 4 0 Still life by redblueandgold Still life :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 5 0 Pride Flag--Spirit by redblueandgold Pride Flag--Spirit :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 6 2
Kageyama Tobio x Male Reader
this is an au and inspired by this video
The bullies were here again. You were walking across the tennis field, ready to go home, when the regular group of people pushed you down. The tallest of them picked up your bag from the ground, then held it tantalisingly above you, to which you jumped up to grab desperately.
"Shorty," the spiky haired one sneered. "Want your trash bag back?"
You glared at all of them, hissing though your teeth. You were almost relieved when a hand grabbed the one of the boy holding your bag. Turned, you started to thank your saviour.
The words stuck in your throat. You were met with the face of Kageyama Tobio.
He was looking down at you, sniffing disdainfully. He was chewing his lip, looking at you debating silently whether to thank him or punch him. Then he tipped the your bag upside down, spilling all its contents.
That fucking smirk.
You punched him.
The others advanced on you, tugging at your clothes and ar
:iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 28 5
Biting Pear V Annoying Orange by redblueandgold Biting Pear V Annoying Orange :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 13 2 BGA by redblueandgold BGA :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 6 0 Happy Valentine's 2017! by redblueandgold Happy Valentine's 2017! :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 3 0 Happy New Year! by redblueandgold Happy New Year! :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 2 0 Zoe Nightshade by redblueandgold Zoe Nightshade :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 6 1 Snowman and me by redblueandgold Snowman and me :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 6 0 Girl in Winter by redblueandgold Girl in Winter :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 7 1 Monkey by redblueandgold Monkey :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 9 3 Blocked still life by redblueandgold Blocked still life :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 15 3


Cherry Pie (Dean x Male!Reader)


[Name] was used to doing night shifts; with school during the day, that really only left the night for work. Most people used the night to sleep, but at this point in his life, [Name] had little concept of that. Besides his job at the diner, and school during the day, [Name] had a steady side hustle going on. So, yeah, he was pretty busy all hours of the day and night.
It really wasn't that bad, his job as a waiter at the diner wasn't exactly taxing - sometimes he was even able to sneak into the back room for some shut eye. For the most part it was just exhausted drivers, shit-faced teens looking for something greasy, and others put into the unfortunate circumstance of being awake at one in the morning who would come in. The night atmosphere was somewhat relaxing, he found, and he much preferred it to the chaotic days. Then again, he'd always preferred quiet and solitude.
"Order up," Fereiba declares, her soft voice pulling me out of my thoughts. Fereiba was the nigh
:iconfollowyourarrow:FollowYourArrow 62 4
Mature content
Dean Winchester X Male!Reader - soundproofing - 1 :icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 72 2
Severus Snape x Shy!Reader - Don't Faint
I’m so upset that Alan Rickman has died. :tears:  So, here’s a Severus x Reader story!
[F/n] - first name, [L/n] - last name
[H/c] - hair color, [E/c] - eye color
      It was no secret that [F/n], a student teacher, had a crush on the Potions Professor.  Hell, Harry Potter could tell clear as day that she had a thing for him.  A lot of the students wondered why she would fall for the dungeon bat, but some of them (and the rest of the faculty) thought it was a wonderful idea.  Although [F/n] managed to evade every attempt at getting the two alone that these people thought up.  She even managed to avoid the Weasley Twins attempt.  Whether or not Professor Snape knew, was a complete mystery.  He always had that neutral expression, and didn’t seem to even notice [F/n] was there half the time.  Although, that’s not much of a surprise either.  [F/n] wasn’t the type to just announce her feelings, she wo
:iconrandom-x-readers:Random-x-Readers 596 82
Letters and Denial (Young!Sirius x Reader)
-Harry Potter
-Young!Remus or Young!Sirius
-Reader, Christmas, Fluff
Signed, your Secret Admirer
You tear your eyes from the love letter some soul had slipped into your bag sometime today. You’d been eyeing it with disdain. Honestly, who wrote love letters anymore? Though you had to admit the penmanship was fairly splendid. Still it did nothing for you. You hadn’t time for silly love letters. You already had your sights set elsewhere. You move said eyes over to peer at the gentleman who’d so rudely made your heart endure things you’d never felt before.
"I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him. I hate him."
“I would greatly appreciate if you would stop talking.”
"But Sev! Look at him sitting there all handsome and intelligent, reading a book! Ugh, and he knows it too!"
"If you're so obsessed with the Gryffindor idiot perhaps it’d best to approach him and quickly let him turn you down."
You turn your gaze to Severu
:iconmikinataka:mikinataka 599 96
Midnight {Hermione x Reader}
Every so often during the winter holidays Hermione finds herself uncertain as to what she should be doing with her time. Perhaps she had become so absorbed with her studies— a formerly unconscious effort to prove that despite being a muggle she was worthy to be there at Hogwarts—that it’d become impossibly difficult to simply exist. Perhaps it had more to do with fact that one of her closest companion’s refused to give her the time of day.
“Ron still not talking to you?”
Hermione looks to the door to acknowledge her room’s new guest before shaking her head with a poignant smile.
(Name) let out a derisive snort as she plops down on bed beside the brunette, “And to think he still has the nerve to call Malfoy an arrogant ponce."
Hermione attempts to give her a chiding look, but that absurd look on (name)'s face—a clear effort to mimic the sour expression Ron’s been wearing the past few days—renders her incapable. The laught
:iconmikinataka:mikinataka 279 51
Mature content
Power (Draco Malfoy x Male!Reader) LEMON :iconeroticincubi:EroticIncubi 253 15
Mature content
Phones :America X Male!Reader: LEMON :iconhunnybunniescake:HunnyBunniesCake 447 111
Violet Parr X Male Reader
Alarms started blaring as the doors to a bank were broken down. The infamous Fireman walked out, he was dressed all in black and wore a firemen's outfit. Fireman laughed as police cars quick pulled up, two cops jumped out of the front and pointed their guns at him, "FREEZE!"
Fireman suddenly threw up his hands, his leather mask covered his face, he spoke in a deep voice, "Oh no guns my one weakness. I should just surrender now."
The officers looked at each other confused, normally super villains didn't just give up. The cops approached slowly, maybe this was their lucky day, Fireman suddenly let out a throaty chuckle, "Just kidding."
Suddenly, Fireman's hands burst into flames, he shot a stream of flames at the police cruiser that the cops had just arrived in. The cruiser exploded, Fireman laughed sadistically, "Let it burn!"
The police officers aimed their guns ready to shot, but before they could, their guns turned red hot. Both officers dropped them, Fireman laughed, "You can't stop
:iconjetrayf:jetrayf 32 5
Chills and Story Books (Draco Malfoy x Reader)
One of my least favorite things in the whole world was getting sick; it was right next to spiders and History of Magic. Though, I thought as I stared up at the ceiling, I would gladly take one of Mr. Binns hour-and-a-half long lectures right now, if it meant I wasn’t stuck in bed, feeling like I was about to explode. My head was throbbing and, with every breath I took, my chest seemed to rattle with an oncoming cough.
I didn’t mind the way I became sick, though. It was almost worth all of the trouble I was going through. A smile crept up on my mouth as I recalled yesterday’s events—they seemed like an eternity ago. Draco, the boy who nowadays seemed to make my heart beat furiously and my face flush, had found me playing out in the snow during dinner. He had brought me inside and handed me his cloak to use, since I was thoroughly drenched. My eyes shut happily as I remembered the feeling of the warm cloak across my body, the way that it was covered with his
:iconemyxbunnie:emyxbunnie 353 58
Princess (Draco Malfoy x Reader)
I lazily put the spoonful of cereal in my mouth as Hermione lectured Ron on his eating habits for the umpteenth time.
I was a fifth year Gryffindor, I was best friends with the well known Golden Trio. I was put into Gryffindor which surprised most of the students because of my family history.
Generations and generations of (Y/L/N)'s all of which got put into Slytherin but I was the anomaly in the family. My parents weren't disappointed but rather shocked.
"You don't moan when (Y/N) eats like a pig."Ron grumbled.
"Don't bring me into your lover's tiff."I stated making Ron and Hermione burn red.
I smirked as they stumbled over their words.
"Have you seen Harry?"Ron asked me making me shrug.
"I last saw him yesterday in Charms."I answered.
Harry and I were good friends, he was like a brother to me and I was like a sister he never had.
"I'm gonna go back to my room, I need my books."I stated, standing up.
I left the table and walked out of The Great Hall. I walked down the hallway, humming
:iconthegirlwhocriedicant:TheGirlWhoCriedICANT 367 14
i like everything about you. kageyama tobio
Kageyama Tobio was an oni with a club to match, but there was never a fitting discomfort you could wrap your cold fingers around — to you, he wasn't as terrifying as some might describe him, instead you opted to use the term 'cute' or better yet; 'protective'. In all your time experienced with him, you never once felt an injection of uneasiness coil around within you, and you were always shrouded with safety.
He was the embodiment of that very word for you.
"Listen here, you piece of crap—!" an angry Kageyama argued with the tiny bundle of orange-haired madness; another day, another quarrel. Kageyama's brows were creased together in agitation, nose crinkling along with this intensive snit, and his lips were twisted in a rather ugly grimace you couldn't help but chortle secretly at under your breath.
You slung your bag over your shoulder, making short adjustments to the strap of it before pivoting on your spot and shouting at the two bickering first-years, "I'm heading out n
:iconcosmicaquarium:cosmicaquarium 428 39
Happy Birthday Deviantart by ryky Happy Birthday Deviantart :iconryky:ryky 1,937 92
Dawn [Draco Malfoy X Reader]
You woke with a start, gasping, and looked around in confusion before you realised what had happened. You'd fallen asleep in Harry's dorm room. Harry, Ron and Hermione were your best friends, but right now, you were in the middle of a disagreement. You and Harry believed that Voldemort had made Malfoy a Death Eater to replace his father, while Ron and Hermione did not.
You had been helping Harry keep an eye on Malfoy using the Marauders' Map before you'd fallen asleep. Now, you saw that Malfoy was on the Astronomy Tower. Not wanting to wake anyone, you quietly slip out of the room dressed in your black tank top and red flannel pyjama pants.
Soon, you find yourself at the foot of the Astronomy Tower. Consulting the map to make sure he's still there, you begin the long climb up the winding stairs. You thought it was a pity that Draco Malfoy had been roped into this because of his father. Sure, he was kind of a jerk with the whole "I am better than you" thing, but he was nice sometimes. W
:iconsola71296:Sola71296 265 26
Shouldn't [Fred Weasley X Reader]
You stood straight, tall and proud as you stepped out of your changing room to the resounding cheer of your fellow students seated around the Quidditch pitch. As Ravenclaw's new Quidditch team captain, you were determined to prove yourself. You were one of the best Chasers in all four teams and today, you were determined to play better than you ever had before. The weather was excellent- it was a bright, sunny day and there was a slight breeze. Perfect playing conditions. With Harry Potter out of the action, and Ginny Weasley substituting for him, you were certain you could win. This was your first match as captain, and you were slightly nervous.
Madam Hooch started the game and you were off, easily swooping in to grab the Quaffle and scoring the first ten points of the game to the adoring screams of your fans. As the game progressed, you ensured that the scores were at least closely tied. Gryffindor had 150 points while Ravenclaw was leading by 50 points.
You were flying along the edg
:iconsola71296:Sola71296 227 19
Closets [George Weasley X Reader]
"Ha! I win!" Fred cried out triumphantly as you look at the singed eyebrows of your two best friends, Fred and George Weasley. "That's my 50th win, and now you owe me big." He continues.
The three of you had been playing a tournament of Wizard Chess since the beginning of the year. The first person to win 100 games would get a prize. You had been beaten by 6 games and George by 5.
"Alright, what's our dare?" George says, sighing in defeat.
"You and George have to spend all of tonight in the hallways without getting caught. Oh, and you're not allowed to use the Marauders Map or the Invisibility Cloak or any kind of spell to hide."
"That's so unfair!!" You burst out.
"Ah, well, Forge and ___ the thing is... I win. My rules." Fred said smugly.
"Huh. You could give us some semblance of a chance." You say, scowling.
"I'm game. You in, ___?" George says suddenly.
"I never turn down dares." You reply, secretly thrilled about spending an entire night alone... with George.
"May the best man win
:iconsola71296:Sola71296 275 53
Check Mate [James Potter X Reader] AU!Marauder Era
This is for Shingekinodrawings. I hope you like it! Merry Christmas!!!! I tried not to mention the reader's house, just so that it would suit everyone. ^w^ Also, I didn't mention Lily, for obvious reasons.

I don't own anything, though I wish I did.
"Aaand that's checkmate." you said, smirking slightly as you leaned back in your chair, crossing your arms. Your opponent seemed - in a word, utterly devastated. You seemed to be on a winning streak, although nobody could deny that you were definitely the Wizarding Chess champion of your year - hell, maybe even the best player in the whole school.
Not that you advertised it much.
"You cheated." the sullen teenage boy sitting across from you complained, mirroring your actions, except for the deep frown that marred his handsome face. "There's no way you can win EIGHT GAMES IN A ROW." he said, his voice increasing in volume.
"I most
:iconsola71296:Sola71296 193 16




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