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Jungkook by redblueandgold Jungkook :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 4 0 kaneki ken  by redblueandgold kaneki ken :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 4 0 Still life by redblueandgold Still life :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 5 0 Pride Flag--Spirit by redblueandgold Pride Flag--Spirit :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 6 2
Kageyama Tobio x Male Reader
this is an au and inspired by this video
The bullies were here again. You were walking across the tennis field, ready to go home, when the regular group of people pushed you down. The tallest of them picked up your bag from the ground, then held it tantalisingly above you, to which you jumped up to grab desperately.
"Shorty," the spiky haired one sneered. "Want your trash bag back?"
You glared at all of them, hissing though your teeth. You were almost relieved when a hand grabbed the one of the boy holding your bag. Turned, you started to thank your saviour.
The words stuck in your throat. You were met with the face of Kageyama Tobio.
He was looking down at you, sniffing disdainfully. He was chewing his lip, looking at you debating silently whether to thank him or punch him. Then he tipped the your bag upside down, spilling all its contents.
That fucking smirk.
You punched him.
The others advanced on you, tugging at your clothes and ar
:iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 28 5
Biting Pear V Annoying Orange by redblueandgold Biting Pear V Annoying Orange :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 13 2 BGA by redblueandgold BGA :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 6 0 Happy Valentine's 2017! by redblueandgold Happy Valentine's 2017! :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 3 0 Happy New Year! by redblueandgold Happy New Year! :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 2 0 Zoe Nightshade by redblueandgold Zoe Nightshade :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 6 1 Snowman and me by redblueandgold Snowman and me :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 7 0 Girl in Winter by redblueandgold Girl in Winter :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 8 1 Monkey by redblueandgold Monkey :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 9 3 Blocked still life by redblueandgold Blocked still life :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 16 3 Flappy Bird Background by redblueandgold Flappy Bird Background :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 2 0 Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen vs Spongebob by redblueandgold Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen vs Spongebob :iconredblueandgold:redblueandgold 2 0


a thing for sugar. | murasakibara atsushi
With a tired sigh, you slumped tiredly into one of the booths by the corner near the counter. A long, annoyed groan escaped your lips when your head collided with the corner or the table, wondering what you were going to do with that last slice of cake you had left in the display as you ignored the bruise that was starting to form on your forehead.
That last piece of cake – headache – you were talking about was a slice you had planned on saving for a snack after a tiring first day of work. You had left it in the fridge in the employee’s room while you attended to your customers (thanking your best friend and co-owner for ditching you already on the first day). During this period, your niece had popped into your newly opened café after school and decided that it would be the most entertaining to hang out in the employee’s room.
You, being laden with your duties, had no choice but to allow her to do whatever she had wanted.
Fifteen minutes later, she
:iconkurageouji:kurageouji 33 8
Mature content
Tony Stark X Male!Reader- a little fun. :icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 97 4
Mistakes - Captain America x Assassin!M!Reader (3)
(F/N) - first name(h/c) - hair color(left/right) - which way does your hair part?(L/N) - last name   --
   You woke up in a hospital bed, bandages covering your head. You were blinded by the brightness of the room; you often wondered why hospitals were so.. white.
   “He’s awake,” Stark called out the door; the first who came in was Steven. He took the seat nearest to you, a relieved look on his face.
   “How are you feeling, (F/n)?” he asked you.
   “.. What happened?”
   “We came in just when Marius was about to put the bullet in your head,” Romanoff started, leaning against the now closed door. “While he tried to shoot at us, the bullet merely grazed your skull. You’re very lucky to be alive, (F/n).”
   You barely recalled the incident. You ignored the fact that she used your first name, no
:iconlinkheichou:LinkHeichou 17 6
Mature content
Mistakes - Captain America x Assassin!M!Reader (2) :iconlinkheichou:LinkHeichou 24 8
Mistakes - Captain America x Assassin!M!Reader
   A/N: oyy lumo it’s 2 am and I can’t sleep!! Also doesn’t help that I watched like 3 marvel movies in a row so enjoy (:
(F/N) - first name(L/N) - last name(E/C) - eye color(DOB) - date of birth(TOB) - time of birth(H/C) - hair color   Sorry if steve is a lil ooc

   You are an enemy of the Avengers. Who you’re working for is classified – all you know and care about is that everyone on the Avengers team is your enemy; no more, no less. At least, everyone except one of them.
   Your mission was simple – trace, hunt down, and kill Steven Rogers, otherwise known as Captain America. Piece of cake. You already knew where he was staying, he doesn't move around much for a superhero and the first Avenger. It also didn't help his case that he was curious about everything – you almost thought he would have the hang of the digital age by now; an easy target for a guy like yo
:iconlinkheichou:LinkHeichou 34 6
Oikawa X Male!Reader~ Hidden Rivalries
Oikawa X Male!Reader~ Hidden Rivalries
    "[Y/N], get a nice serve in!"
    "You can do it!"
    "Just hit it like you did in practice!"
    At that very moment, the bleachers filled to the brim with people felt the air freeze. Never once had they experienced such a crisis, and luckily, they weren't the ones suffering from it.
    Only twelve people stood on the court, twelve people worthy enough to salvage this opportunity. The weights of pride and determination pressing down on their skins masked with sweat.
    A ball bounced against the court and was caught by a well-toned pair of hands. He had a orange and black uniform, the very colors that his other teammates bore on their backs. [Y/N] kept two hands on the multicolored volleyball, spinning it two- no, three times before looking towards the net.
    His nervousness came through to his fingers, they easily trembled against his grip. Sweat dropped over h
:iconsheerpoint:Sheerpoint 129 15
Mature content
Gideon X Male!Reader ~ The Rebel ~ Ch. 7 (Collab) :iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 9 0
Gideon X Male!Reader ~ The Rebel ~ Ch. 6 (Collab)
Gideon X Male!Reader
The Rebel
Collab with PoetOfInsanity
Chapter 6
Note: Brief POV change

As the weeks passed you found yourself beginning to settle in at the Atlas base where you were living and working. The recruits were getting used to you, and even felt comfortable enough around you to have casual discussions around you outside of training, even inviting you to have lunch with them a couple of times. You had declined their offers each time, however, not thinking it was appropriate under the circumstances to be getting too close to the recruits. Mitchell and Joker had been a whole lot less antagonistic also, trying to get to know you a little better. Though you were still under heavy surveillance, from what you could tell they were a lot more willing to let you do your own thing. Whether this was genuine trust or an attempt to lull you into a false sense of security to see what you would do you weren't sure, but you had no intention of doing anything regardless. This was th
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 7 0
Gideon X Male!Reader ~ The Rebel ~ Ch. 5 (Collab)
Gideon x Male!Reader
The Rebel
A Collab Between Myself And Crimson-Ward
Author's Note: Prepare for some serious emotions in this one. Enjoy!
Chapter 5
You wake up to the sound of the alarm clock going off and you slowly opened your eyes. It was morning, and you had to get up and get ready before the recruits arrived. You put on your uniform and grabbed your gear before heading over to the training area. Gideon & Ilona met you there and waved you over.
They looked at you with a mix of serious expressions and hopeful smiles when Ilona said “The recruits are waiting for you. You can train them however you’d like, but try not to be too harsh, and know that you are being watched just for security purposes.” You nodded, and Gideon said “Good luck.” before the two walked over to an observation area, where Joker, Mitchell, and several others, including Irons himself, were watching.
You felt your heart start to beat faster due to the stress of knowing th
:iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 9 1
Gideon x Male!Reader - The Rebel (Collab) - Ch. 1
Gideon x MaleReader
The Rebel
A Collab Between Myself and Crimson-Ward
Author's Note: I changed my writing style for this collab to experiment a bit and for the sake of some kind of continuity between my chapters and Crimson-Ward's chapters. Enjoy!
Chapter 1
Some Time Later…
You are now sitting in the back of a truck on its way to the location of an ambush, and aside from the roar of the truck’s engine, it is quiet. As the truck moves to its destination, memories flash through your mind. Memories of the attack on your home, being recruited into the KVA, as well as the brutal training you went through and of the many operations you and your unit have gone through. You shut your eyes and try to shut the images out of your mind, but you’re interrupted when one of your men, Alexei, grabs your shoulder. You shoot up and look at him before saying “What is it?” He apologizes for startling you before saying “We’re almost at the location. Some of the gu
:iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 15 0
Gideon X Male!Reader ~ The Rebel ~ Ch. 2 (Collab)
Gideon X Male!Reader
The Rebel
Collab with PoetOfInsanity
Chapter 2

You pulled lightly at the handcuffs that kept you bound to the bottom of the table, a quiet jingling filling the otherwise silent room. You knew you wouldn't be able to get out by doing this, but you also knew it would annoy the people on the other side of the two way mirror across the room from you. This thought in mind, you shook the cuffs a little harder, smirking when your efforts were rewarded by a loud rap on the other side of the glass. You let out a small huff of boredom as you ceased, eyes following the wires on your skin to their source - a small machine sat on the table in front of you keeping track of your heartbeat, which was currently steady.
Moments later the door across the room swung open, and you sat up straight as a woman strode purposefully inside, followed in short order by the same man in the beanie who had captured you in the first place. You gave him a look as he entered, and he smirked b
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 12 0
Gideon x Male!Reader - The Rebel (Collab) - Ch. 3
Gideon x Male!Reader
The Rebel
A Collab Between Myself And Crimson-Ward
Chapter 3
Author’s Note: Multiple perspectives in this chapter. Enjoy!
Gideon’s POV
I led the new guy through the base to the room we’d keep him in until the assessment. He was quiet the whole time, not really saying much except the occasional comment on Atlas, me, the base, or just a response to things I was telling him. We were followed by Ilona, who had wanted to give me some backup in case he decided to try anything.
The whole time, I noticed the stares of other Atlas personnel as we passed. Each of them either looked at Ilona or me with confusion or the kid with hatred. It wasn’t a secret that the KVA weren’t well-liked, and this kid had basically been dropped into the hornet’s nest. _________ didn’t seem to react, but I could have sworn that he was shaking like a scared puppy at one point.
Finally, we got to the room and we escorted him inside. “These will be yo
:iconpoetofinsanity:PoetOfInsanity 10 1
Gideon X Male!Reader ~ The Rebel ~ Ch. 4 (Collab)
Gideon X Male!Reader
The Rebel
Collab with PoetOfInsanity
Chapter 4

Gideon was holding a tablet as the four of them approached, and he raised an eyebrow as your score appeared on the screen, his companions all peering over his shoulders to get a look.
"Pretty good." He huffed, sliding something on the screen as Ilona smirked.
"I still have the high score." She trilled, as the screen was flipped around for you to see. Sure enough, there was Ilona's time at the top of the scoreboard, Gideon's right below at five seconds behind, and you were third, four seconds behind him. The long-haired man with them rolled his eyes, telling you her position as top dog was a common one, while the one with the spiked hair approached, stopping right in front of you so that he could look you in the eye.
"I don't care how good his score was boss, I don't trust him." He growled, and you had to work to keep yourself from flinching at his harsh words. "If anything, a higher score means we should be even
:iconcrimson-ward:Crimson-Ward 12 2
static. | futakuchi kenji
angsty | tw: hearing impairment
reader can actually be gender neutral but was written as a male reader
lacking in movement, action, or change, especially in an undesirable or uninteresting way.

You don’t really like lying in bed doing nothing.
Wait, scratch that.
You hate lying in bed doing nothing. After all, there’s a world waiting out there just waiting to be discovered once the bright, luminous orange spills from the window next to your bed, illuminating the room almost immediately. And when that happens, no matter what, you’d be jumping out of bed and hurriedly peeling your nightwear off to change into something more appropriate for the day.
Then, your mom would be standing in the kitchen already with her bathrobe on, slight bags weighing beneath her eyes that showed you nothing but concern as she cradled your baby sister in one arm while the other finished up some toast for you.
You’d bid them goodbye and kiss
:iconkurageouji:kurageouji 25 2
a certain romance. kageyama tobio
title : a certain romance
pairing: kageyama tobio, male insert
setting: waiter in fancy restraunt AU
Edith Piaf’s rendition of La Vie En Rose played throughout the dimly lit restaurant, drowned out by the lively chatter of the couples enjoying their Valentine’s day dinner. In one of the farther corners sat a man, alone, dressed in a simple white button down and dark trousers. Every two minutes or so he would tap the home button on his phone, presumably checking for the time. This has been going on for about an hour already. The whole sight was rather depressing, but the man didn’t seem too bothered with it.
“This is so sad to watch! Do you think his date stood him up?” Yachi questioned with glossy eyes. Kageyama looked at her and simply shrugged. This isn’t the first time he has seen some poor loser sit alone waiting for someone who so obviously failed to show up. “It’s Valentine’s day! How could someone be so cruel!? It breaks my h
:iconhaibas:haibas 39 12
Iwaizumi Hajime X Male!Barista!Reader- java chips.
Iwaizumi Hajime X Male!Barista!Reader
warnings: language
he/him pronouns used for reader
*both reader and iwaizumi are 18+
*the amazing and wonderful coffee shop au
also paired with soulmate au!!
soulmate au where you and your soulmate have matching tattoos
"Did you get the rubric for our psychology project?" Iwaizumi asked, taking a step forward as the line moved up. 
Oikawa looked up from his phone only for a moment to answer his friend, "Yeah it's in my bag, do you need it?" He questioned. 
"Not right now," He was looking forward as he spoke, "But later yes, I lost mine." 
The brunet nodded, "Why do we even come to this coffee shop anyways?" He asked suddenly, looking over at his friend intently. 
Iwaizumi tensed, "Because I like it? Why the fuck does it matter?" He added defensively as they walked forward in line. 
"There is literally one on campus less than five minutes from our dorms, this one is a ten-minute walk away," Oikawa whined.
:icondiamond-operation:Diamond-Operation 37 4




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