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Alphabar 1.0



Alphabar 1.0 by Red Black Production

for Rainmeter 1.0

Red Black Production | Carpe Jugulum | RedBlackProduction at Gmail dot com


AlphaBar does (almost) everything! Designed primarily to fit opposite the Windows Task/Superbar, AlphaBar allows you to monitor your System Resources, Hard Drives, Time & Date, Network Traffic, Gmail account, Twitter Account, Weather, RSS Feeds from a convenient, minimal and sleek interface!


Alphabar is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-Share Alike 3.0 License - You're free to modify/port it as long as you credit me, you don't make money from it, and you share it on the same terms!


Icons: Ecqlipse2 | Created by the talented Chrfb
Extra Plugins: Process Monitor Created by Martin Nedopil


AlphaBar is controlled from a central Task Bar that monitors:

CPU and RAM Load
Hard Drive Free Space and Activity Histogram for 2 Drives
Recycle Bin Status
Time & Date
Battery/Power Status
Network Traffic and Activity Histogram
Gmail Mail Count
Current Weather


Many more functions and attractive graphic-based Visual Themes to come soon in an update!! Keep an eye on Carpe Jugulum for news and watch DeviantArt for the latest, greatest release!!

Also to come will be detailed instructions on how to use Alphabar 1.0. The Suite will be simple for any previous Rainmeter user to set up but may not be intuitive to Rainmeter virgins :[

If you need help with Alphabar, make your way to Carpe Jugulum
For broader Rainmeter questions head to the great community over at the Rainmeter Forums!

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I cannot for the life of me get the weather to work. I've done this before. I used 2 separate codes for the weather and nothing seems to work.