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Inktober2017-10-snake Pendant


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Inktober2017-10-snake Pendant


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Cell Cube r2

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Useless Bird Stand

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Inktober2017-10-snake Pendant

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Longboat WIP

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First Gate Trip

Neil was exhilarated. His team had been discovered and so they were rushing to get out. Unfortunately, all the traditional means of transport we unavailable. That meant the team leader, a man everyone called 'Pa' was preparing to activate a Gate. Neil was far enough advanced in the Resistance to know what a Gate was—a highly advanced device capable of creating a tunnel through space-time to allow near instantaneous transport—but had never seen one, let alone used one. Pa had just pulled the shoebox-sized device out of his pack and was inserting a power module. As the module clicked into place, the device lit up. Pa stared at the


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Temple Passage (Weekly 2012-20)


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Alone -- Themes


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Inktober 2016: 03 Dark Knight

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Moon Outpost - Progression I


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