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wing night

By RedApropos
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It was half-price wings at a local restaraunt. They have their tables covered with these sheets of paper so kids can draw on them with provided crayons.

I was that kid tonight. :3
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They THINK that only kids would use them, however, they are only fueling us with more inspiration and drive to do it at a public restaurant.

Then they'll think: "Wasn't there a grown man sitting here? Why is there a picture of a Pink Technicolor horse then?" XD

Well played Red! Well played my friend. :iconclapplz:
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Ya done did make a nice drawin'.
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OOOH I love those resauraunts with the paper! Paper+half-price wings=A pretty good night!
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I usually just do geometric designs. Or trees. Creepy faces.
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Lol. If only I could have been there. This is one of those things that's hilarious to hear about, but better in person.
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YAY! I like pinkie pie :3
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It's things like this that makes me want to learn how to draw ponies.
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we all love to be kids every now and again! Wink/Razz  nice job! I bet you made some kids day!
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Beauty, eh! :D      I wish I could draw cool stuff like that...  
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Man I love resteraunts that do that. You have a table sized napkin and drawing book all in one ready for your inner eight year old. :D Or your actual kids in fact. ^^; Grandpa Angry 
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You should've tipped them with it. :) (Smile) 
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It´s nice to see you drawing again :)
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"It was half-price wings at a local restaraunt."
"half-price wings"

How spicy?
I always like mine the hottest.
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I never get spicy.

I always get bulliet bourbon, maple bourbon, applebutter, peach, or salt-and-pepper wings.
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Spicy buffalo master race.
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There's a place called Rooster's in Canon, OH that does this on Tuesdays or Wednesdays. My buddy goes there for the wings, but I could care less about them. I went for the onion feathers: like onion rings, but in the form of square-inch chips, arranged like a lily pad. So damn good when dipped in ranch.
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...weird, it's half-price wings at a local restaurant here, too.      
You're Canadian, right? Ontario, by any chance? :D
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Canadian, Ontario!
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