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I guess this is my new look or something. I pretty much have to dress in a suit every day because of my job.

A customer almost ran into a rack of clothes the other day, and she blamed me because the way I was dressed was distracting. Not my fault you can't stop staring at my ass.
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God DAMN. <3
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This is a very nice picture! :D you are cute!
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You make Draper look like the second hottest.
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She wants the D!! 
Aha JK.
But nice outfit though.
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lookin' spiffy
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She wanted da booty XD
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Hey, at least that's literal and admitted proof from that customer that you're attractive.
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X3 Boy, you are so fabulous! Link: Purple is Fabulous  
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Dude, you're extremely attractive.
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Boss: "You have to wear a suit for work."
Next day: "I didn't consider it necessary to add that a track suit doesn't count."
Day after that: "OK, maybe the general idea wasn't conveyed properly. What I meant was business suit only. That means no jump suit and most certainly no swim suit."
Colleague: "You might wanna let this one go, boss."
You: "Let me go?! ... Does a lawsuit count?"
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lol brilliant
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Handsomeness for day. (So good looking.) I can hear the swooning now.
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The lady had a point.
Hell I'd go gay for you :D
Excuse me while I go listen to some motivational music…
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bitches be trippin' lol
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Oh my gosh you're so handsome :O 
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You monster. It's not her fault It should be illegal to look that good in a tie. 
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He must be arrested
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Yes! Arrested by the fun police!
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You are too fabu for the customers.
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