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The Villains play CoD: Black Ops 2!

When the Flim Flam brothers and Gilda are fighting for the first frame, the best thing to do is realize that I don't give a fuck about EITHER of them! :D

After the Mane Six play Black Ops2, my next project was SUPPOSED to be them playing Devil May Cry, but after after the whole EQD feature, someone said I should do Villains play!

So here you have it. The Villains play CoD: Black Ops 2!

Milking this. Princesses next.


This got a fave AND a comment within the first 50 seconds...
I hope I see a pattern here!

-----------EDIT 2-------------

FUCK YEAH PATTERS!! Check it out, y'all! [link]
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Queen chrysalis saying in her head f******************************

love discord and love Crysalist's face!

poor Trixie

yes I said that...
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At least don't invade Sombra's panel Discord.

-Lord Tirek: Victory
:iconlordtirekplz::iconsaysplz:Now you know why I was considered the best back in Generation 1!  And having opposable thumbs doesn't hurt either.:iconsaysendplz:

-The Dazzlings: Defeat
:iconadagiodazzleplz::iconsaysplz:Ugh...If only we were wearing headsets, THEN we could have used our singing to give ourselves an advantage...:iconsaysendplz:
:iconariablazeplz::iconsaysplz:Well, if you ask me, the REAL problem was that Sonata wasn't very focused on the game.:iconsaysendplz:
:iconsonataduskplz::iconsaysplz:Sorry! It's kinda hard to play a video game and eat tacos at the same time.:iconsaysendplz:

-Starlight Glimmer: Defeat
:iconstarlightglimmerplz::iconsaysplz:No fair! We were ALL supposed to be on equal footing!:iconsaysendplz:
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LOL for Nightmare Moon
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Discord, stay in your own panel. It's rude to invade other ponies' personal panels.
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Yeah, Sombra won! Hooray!
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I think Discord should be kept as far away from video games as possible, just because of who he is. :P
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I think he made the entire match Headshots Only.
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*runs out and came back with mountain dew, Dorritos, mlg shades, and lucky controller.*

Challenge accepted

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[Discord-is-Best *Sniper Rifle* gamekid36]

*repeat that about 10 more times*

Discord: Oh please. Your little MLG memes aren't enough when a little Chaos ensues. *he chuckles and continues aimbotting everyone like a jackass.*

*cue 5 people raging in Voice Chat and 3 people disconnecting out of rage.*
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...*Brings chuck Norris to round kick everything*

•Rule no. 2: ignore rule no. 1.
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wait where gilda?
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Read the description
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... PERFECT!! :D Amazing comic thing. Love it.
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Rule 1 is best rule
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I'll take on the two winners with just me *beats them in ten minutes* 
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Discord isn't even trying to stay in his box. LOVE IT!
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Rule no. 1: Zack doesn't care
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Rule no. 2: ignore rule number 1
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