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Pinkie Pie has a Discord!

By RedApropos
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Some might think they can have a Pinkie Pie... but the moment you let yourself think that, the reality is that Pinkie Pie has YOU!

This actually comes from a frame in a comic I haven't uploaded yet... but I just couldn't resist uploading this on it's own!

Drawn with a 0.5 "Papermate PhD Ultra" pencil (best pencil), inked with "Faber-Castell PITT artist pens", sizes 1.5, M, F, S, and XS.
Scanned, and added colour using Paint.NET, just with my mouse.
Because people are actually asking me this stuff (and that's when you know you're getting popular). :iconrainbowdashwinksplz:



I drew the mane, finally... but not before the image ended up on Derpibooru, Trixiebooru, and Know Your Meme WITHOUT IT. :icondashangryplz:
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I am curious about is facial expression.  Is he laughing or panting like a dog?  Either way this is cute
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Your argument is invalid.
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This is my face when I found the last Pinkie Pie Bubble toy at Target... I hid it under manly tools, razors and motor oil.
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He just 'gasmed everywhere. I honestly don't blame him...
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I almost feel bad for Discord.

Caught by the Pinkie Pie! Good luck getting out of that!
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I know! Look at him writhing in agony and sorrow!
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So it took a pink party pony to kick Discord's tail.

I can see that...
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The look on his face is priceless. XD
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Its so cute. :3
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Discords face is hilarious
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