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PanDERPalooza 2015

By RedApropos
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panderpalooza 2015 redapropos edition

hot off the grill

fasionably late
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I just wanna say something...

And I'm not saying that just because there's been a drought of them, but because they show that Red is happy and content enough to do so. Great to have you back.

The gaming pony community outta appreciate this, especially at the end with Lyra getting an anthro form. Silly, funny and just that perfect amount of WTF. Great work.

Everything I've seen you do is original. WHY WOULD THIS BE ANY DIFFERENT?! I love it, it's too good.

I've always loved your style man. It's vibrant, engrossing yet keeps it simple in a very controlled and neat manner. Honestly, I love they way you lay out the text, boxing and everything else.
Personally, I love how you did Spikes "Ded" eyes and the expressions on all three throughout the comic. ESPECIALLY Lyra's shocked face in the second to last box. The backgrounds were nicely done and I loved the detail put into that chest.
kinda was hoping Lyra would have tossed out a Twily cane while digging in the chest...
The detail in Lyra's human body was pretty good too! All the detail and curves you put it, very nicely done.

This comic was great and fun to look at, if not for me at least, a bit confusing to read the first text box. but that's just cause i'm stupid.
The biggest impact for me was though to see that after all this time, you came up with a comic. As I said before, these comics meant more than a laugh, they meant that you were happy and up to it once again. I have missed your artwork, and to know someone as awesome as you went through a state of depression was saddening news. So this comic shows hope.

Overall I love the comic. Great as always and fun quick strike of silliness. Fashionably late is good.
And it's great to know that you're back in the game of art and comics. As I've said, it shows you're happy. And as a big fan of yours, that's all we want to offer, happiness.

Sorry for this long ass critique
A fan to the end
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Your style reminds me of Andy Price! So good.
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Why just Skyrim? I mean, I know that Skyrim is a good game but these jokes with this doing boring. The more ridiculous it would be a reference to the Dark Souls.
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best treasure lyra could hope for!!!!
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She also got a nice pair of

RedApropos's avatar
I've been playing your music at work.

When are you coming out with new tracks?! I did comic, now you do music~ ;)
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Haha, that's awesome. Yehhhh... I'm trying lol. One's actually done, it just... needs tweaking... and cover art...
RedApropos's avatar
Can... can I do the cover art? 
Kujiiro's avatar
Yeah dude, that sounds awesome. PM me or Skype or whatever's easiest for you.
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Meow! I forgot D:

Why haven't you messaged me silly? :3
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I've noticed you have a habit of falling off the face of the earth mid-conversation lol.
RedApropos's avatar
Herp a derp I forgot to explain that I'm the Ass. Man. of where I work, and your wubs and dubs and sick beats sound... SCRUMPTIOUS through the store speakers (which I play my phone from instead of the radio) <3
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lol, that was hilarious.
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oH... mY... Sweet Celestia...
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I almost wish there had been a hands reference in ep. 100.
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would have been out of place 

the whole bon bon thing was wut enough as it was ... and they referenced (most likely unintentionally ) ponies with hats which was close enough to a hands reference as we were probably gonna get 
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Actually I was hoping for a foam hand during the wedding scene. 'Cranky #1' or something like that. 
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foam hand... would have actually worked - i think spike has one actually (idw comics i think) 
Sturmlion1's avatar
Yeah, it would have been a nice shout out. Then again "all the benches we sat on." was pretty good.
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The hand obsession would also imply Lyra the morbid character in the whole show. She can be psychotically dangerous towards us for our "you know what". :scared:
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