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Oh, Crop...

By RedApropos
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For those of you who don't get the joke:
You'll understand when you're older.

Discord + Celestia shenanigans, kinky joke, also horse joke. Gold.
You know Celestia is secretly into BDSM.
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This was a very funny and entertaining piece. I can see Discord doing something like that, and I love how Celestia just runs as soon as the realization hits. You have a good and unique art style and I like the idea for this comic strip. I think that you do a good job with understanding how the characters would react and I find that there is nothing wrong with this piece. And I agree, those who don't understand will know when they are older. Keep up with the good work and this is one of your best pieces yet.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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I love the art style, it is clean and pops a little, it is not messy at all, and it reminds me of the IDW comic a little bit. I take pleasure in the fact that celestia is not afraid to full blast discord. This definitely seems like something discord would do, it wouldn't be discord without alittle word play here and there. The humor was pulled off spectacularly, and I showed it to my friends and they couldn't stop laughing. I enjoy reading the mlp strips that you make and hope you continue to keep up the good work and stay entertaining.
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:star::star::star::star: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
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This was very well done. the colors where good, you have a very good art style, and i i could totally see discord pulling something like this. it was simply HILARIOUS! i am one for darker humor, and you pulled it off amazingly. i swear i was laughing the whole time. you do tend to have a good flow to your comics, and this one was no different. although i must wonder, what was that picture he showed Celestia? just curiosity, mind you,but still i have to wonder. and as much as i feel i need to criticize something, i just cant bring myself too!
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I get the joke, but...did...she explode?
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Discord: SWEET CELESTIA!!!! ...Oh wait, that's her.
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AHahahahhahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha X infinity.  I would so do this if I were Discord.
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Thing is, if Hasbro kept MLP the way it is but allowed things little kids wouldn't understand (likevthis) into the show, he would totally do this.
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Nice Discord. Way to get there with the ladies
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LOL, I can totally see Discord do this
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I dont think she wants to get naughty discord x3
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haha she loved it!!!
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Uh Hi So I found this and I thought you might like to see it! ;P…
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deserved it, he did...
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She kinda walked into that one.
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Only Discord can set up a pun like that, man. Only Discord.
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"I'm not hearing a 'no'."Why Not Zoidberg? {Suggestive Zoidberg} 
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God that was so clever. Well done! Still chuckling about it Cx
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If you value your sanity, don't look it up.
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bahahaha! that was hilarious!
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