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Maybe Later, Spike - 9

By RedApropos
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Maybe Later, Spike - 1 by RedApropos

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Maybe Later, Spike - 10 by RedApropos

The next page is the final page! FINALLY!

Lots of people have asked me throughout this project--
"How do you make your comics?"

I hope this link to my preemptively answers that very question to any who would otherwise ask again:

Lastly, since I don't wanna say it on the last update, allow me to say it right now:

Guys, I have to be honest. It pains me to say it, but...

 I hate doing this. Trying to commit myself to one single project for such a long time. This is my first time working on a short series, but after a while, I feel sort of "chained to it" (and not in the kinky way), and it becomes almost like a chore. :c

But of course, for my beloved audience, I'll suck it up to the end and stop being a little bitch so I can put my all into it. The things I do for this fandom... Love you guuuuuys. <3
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Hello! I may have only looked at this one piece, but it has very nice depth. -clears throat- Anyways!

The vision is pretty straight forward, but this piece is lacking a good natured light? (Shading etc.) If it was the intent on NOT doing that, you did great! The background of the panels seems...lacking. (Maybe it's the colours? But you possibly chose these colours because of the mood)

Now, I may not search up comics, but I'm pretty sure the friendship drama/breakdowns is a common thing, roleplays, typed stories, fanfictions, comics, etc. This starts a bit sad and becomes a bit happier, I'm sure other comics, stories, roleplays, fanfictions have done this sort of thing before. I'll give you 2.5.

Your style is different from the original style of My Little Pony, I'll give you that, you stood away from the coloured lines, or even colouring the eyes! I think those eyes are an old-timey like fashion, it quite suits them both, the white circles make Twilight's, and Spike's, eyes seem more watery.

Alright, so I'm not going to go 'THE FEELS!!!1!!' because I didn't feel much, just a bit warm on the inside because these two are so close in a friend way. The impact of this piece shows that Spike cares for Twilight more than she realizes, which is very cute! The aim for putting sadness, warmth, and happiness in these My Little Pony lovers is spot on, and it's not in a romantic way, which is even better!

I do love this little idea in the comic page, don't get me wrong, but a critique is a critique!
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I DO recommend reading the entire short series before giving a proper critique. XD

This is but one piece of a larger work of art. I would expect incoming critiques to factor in how the particular page in question feels to read, as it's included by a the pages before and/or after it.

Ya follow me?
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Yep should have done that woops, my mistake. unu

 I understand, but I did still stay a bit on topic right?
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Only I have to say it is beautiful, awesome , sentimental and magnificent Comic. Really I can not stop saying : Thanks to Redapropos for this comic.

The relationship between Spike and Twilight It is the least developed in MLP To the point that not seem be important. Because Spike is always the bad joke or the fool in love. This comic does what he a few and focuses on their relationship. Need more development of their relationship.

Every star is won, a very sentimental story. great and impeccable drawing. I hope more comic of Twi and Spi. Everyone should give to favorites

Use a translator to write. I not speak English
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Wow this is amazing! I love the part where twilight cries from being mean to spike then Twilight Sparkle asks for forgiveness. Its like a friendship lesson! This teaching siblings and friends not to argue that much because after what they did they realize what they did from being rude, you should always think of not the outside but the inside! And wow already up to nine! And the vision of the art is just simply amazing it looks like the real My Little Pony characters in the episodes! I didn't think some parts were rude at all! by ~ Zoe
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

First of, DRAMA, DRAMA EVERYWHERE! Ok, now that aside, good comic there, you certainly make the reader feel what's intended, either being happiness, sadness, anything. You put the effort to your stuff and that's what I admire of your works. While your skills at drawing are pretty neat, and you know how to bring the feels, I still think that you should practice a bit more 'cause, I see Spike there as a more grown up dragon, almost reaching the puberty, at least, that's how I see him in the first and last panel. Still, amazing job there Edwin, you've done it again.
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Um, the only reason I don't think this is fair, is because of the exaggeration of the stairs given. The critique wasn't very in depth to my eyes. It seems more to be a regular old comment.
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This is a sweet story that conveys emotion quite well. MLPFIM has had many tales that put friends at odds with each other, but have yet to do one where Twilight looses control and has a break-down with Spike. The way they reconcile is true to the characters and warms my heart. We all loose patience; how we make up is what matters.
The line work is clean, and the style has the feel of a MLPFIM comic. I like how some of the lines cross over the edges of the frames. The lines under Twilight's eyes give her the look of a tired, low on sleep, and stressed young pony. She looks ready to snap at ANYONE earlier in this comic! And by this point, through the word bubbles and facial expressions, the tears are very believable.
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Can i make a comic similiar to this one with Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy?
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Has every character in your comic screwed everypony?!
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This is very heartwarming.
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Great.  The FANS are making better Spike episodes...
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My Goodness the feels man the feels ;(
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Brilliant expression of the beautiful relationship between these two - couldn't have put it better if I tried my hardest!
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So used to these rubbish attempts at making me feel sad or whatever.

But this felt real and it was relatable too. Thank you very much for making this, I'm feeling pretty good about myself now.
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awwww, this is so awesome!
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I love this little comic! it is great and emotional and really well drawn ^^ 

when will the next page be made?
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It's already out.
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I swear I almost cried.

I'm not kidding.
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