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Maybe Later, Spike - 8

By RedApropos
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Maybe Later, Spike - 1 by RedApropos

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Maybe Later, Spike (Page 9) by RedApropos

This is as far as I've actually written. I was hoping I would come up with a decent ending by the time I reached this point, but...
Stunt Twilight Sparkle by Yetioner

I hope I can wrap this up.


I wrapped it up like winter, baby. ;)
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Twilight's face though
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Llama Emoji-15 (Sniff) [V1] the feels are real
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Crying im so touched lol
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I see the whole ascension thing did little for Twilight's mental instability.  She still has meltdowns over the smallest things.  I wonder if she'll resort to violence and become a murderer before Pinkie Pie.  I mean Pinkie Pie is psychotic on top of being unstable so she's more likely to do a violent act, but Twilight's more capable of inflicting harm.  Still, Twilight actually has one friend, Celestia, so she could be brought under control while Pinkie Pie is extremely selfish so once she does resort to violence, it would be harder to get her to stop without resorting to force.
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Twilight: Maybe later, Spike...
after reading one page of a book
Twilight: MAYBE NOW, SPIKE! *hugs him*
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Moon- "Hey! You two should kiss!"
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Hey some kids say they hate their parents, because they really do but more kids act that way but later they forgive because they're their family.
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Come on! Where's the next page? Your comic is Awesome!
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I'm working on it right now!

(shhhhh, it's a secret)
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I'm finishing drawing the final frame right now.

Then I gotta colour it.
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i like i so far.. go on it'll be great :D
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Looking for a way to end this? Have Spike say he loves Twilight and have her freak out, then have spike explain (without him getting that she misunderstood him) that he only wants her to be happy and he is willing to do whatever it takes to make that happen, even if it means bring a punching bag, because (again) he loves her. Then he looks at her and asks why her face is so red.
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i love this <3 XD
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