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Maybe Later, Spike - 7

By RedApropos
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Maybe Later, Spike - 1 by RedApropos

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Maybe Later, Spike (Page 8) by RedApropos

This felt very satisfying to draw. Putting these emotions into a comic is very challenging, but the results are worth it!
Nearing the end, too. Stay tuned!

Remember when I thought this was gonna be short enough to stack into one comic strip?
That would have been really stupid.

Somebody also pointed out that I never put my URL and credits at the bottom of each page. "What if someone tries to pass it off as their own?"
Come to think of it, at this point, I don't think anybody COULD. Go ahead and try! :D
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They are so cute!
Buckykatt42's avatar
Spike the dragon awesome friend.
EnderTigerBooks's avatar
Aww...So sweet and kind..
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BejeweledApples's avatar
I love selfless and considerate Spike.
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I loved Spike's face in the second pannel.
Hey Twilight how was your na- OK WERE HUGGING!!
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you draw spike in the cutest way possible, damn! :3 
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You've got Spike down so perfectly here. I can hear Cathy Weseluck reading this page effortlessly.
RedApropos's avatar
Aw, just this page? XD
Athelind's avatar
All of it, but ESPECIALLY this page.
AydinPrower7's avatar
Strap yourselves in people, we're going on a feels trip.
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Heh! Spike's face... But seriously, that's what I like about that boy. He's been raised to be good like that.
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Now there see, Twilight was just having a bad day.
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The Princess stress will really be taking its toll. This comic is well thought out. As mentioned, a fine example of slice of life.
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Here-for-the-ponies's avatar
Spike does seem to somehow act very mature for his age when Twilight needs him to be.
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the thing is... I do appreciate how spike is showing that he understands. But just for the records: If people don't even try to apologize you shouldn't just go over the issue, it is going to bite you. Since only when people SHOW they are sorry and at least try to apologize it shows they are your friends.
So yeah...

I still like the comic though XD gonna read it till the end!
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You know, it is comics like these that makes me realize how unfair it is to Twilight to shove this much responsibility onto her. Yeah, she can deal with it, but her and stress don't go well together (which has been proven more than once). Now she has to worry about something she is not sure she wants to be a part of. It just irritates me!

Still, this is a sweet and well-made comic. Good job!
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Oh course they make up. Yet another author introduces an interesting premise only to chicken out with a stock resolution.
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This isn't nessecarily resolved yet; there's more pages.
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I'd like you to elaborate on that.
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