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Maybe Later, Spike - 6

By RedApropos
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I'm glad everyone's liking it so far! Truly! The EQD feature is much appreciated, and so's the collection Derpibooru! :D

I got a lot of helpful advice on the previous page, which is great also. I appreciate it! ;D

...But alas, I shouldn't neglect to mention...

Chill out with the hateful comments to Twilight, guys.
Holy cow.
100% for real.
Come on.
As the writer/editor/artist/everything of this comic, it's kind of discouraging. This comic is NOT meant to provoke or encourage such negativity. I mean, I understand where y'all are coming from, but still, sheesh...

Anyways... plot twist. Awesome.
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:star::star::star::star::star-half: Overall
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I love your style, and you are able to display emotions extremely well, this newest installment absolutely melted my heart as you have captured Spikes selfless kindness and devotion to Twilight with almost no words! I personally am a huge fan of Spike and the potential that he shows for the future. If there was one thing i would critique, it would possibly make the scenes better, if you added some shading to it. As a fellow artist, I know how much of a pain shadowing and shading can be a pain, however I think that it would take this piece to the next level as well as make some of the emotion much more dramatic and punctuated

Keep going and I really look forward to future developments and work
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Awww cute Spike face in the last panel ^_^ C:
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Glad everyone's appriciating your work!
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Ok the first two panels: Facebook!!
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Poor Twi, she didn't deserve those insults. Once in a while our parents or relatives might've act like this towards us, and most of the time it's because the stress got to them
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Did Twilight collapse?
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Puts blanket on character to show he cares cliché.
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Glad that someone got the reference.
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"Hero says you will never get away with this cliché."

"Villian says i already have cliché."

Gawd i love frozen
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Also "Villian leaves hero to die instead of finishing him off cliché"
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strange return.
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:iconreallyplz:... no words for your ignorance.
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:O_o: He's back? He's back! And with no ill feelings towards Twilight! CUE THE HALLELUJAH CHORUS!
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That little dude totally deserves hug for this. :)
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