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Maybe Later, Spike - 5

By RedApropos
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Maybe Later, Spike - 1 by RedApropos

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Maybe Later, Spike (Page 6) by RedApropos

'Bout halfway now. Gotta pace myself.
Don't want shit to happen too slowly or quickly.

Omigosh I'm so tired.

I hope y'all are liking the comic so far!
I feel I should also let everyone know that predictions and suggestions are all in vain. I wrote the script for this comic several months ago, and it ain't gonna change. XD

Some of your guesses are pretty close though! Some. Close. ;D

I figure since we're about halfway, I'd like to ask what everyone thinks so far. How's the pacing? Do things make sense? Is the dialogue a'aight? Is the situation believable? This is the first time I've ever done a webcomic-type dealio, and the more criticism I get, the better I can make the comic.
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You don't need to worry! Everything's working fine & smooth.
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this is so good its just like how the show spike gets some crap but they do care for him
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You dun goofed, Twilight
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I love how Twilight is more upset than Spike. I've had this happen before. You're tired, you lash out, and you feel bad--sometimes worse than the person you lashed out at (again, you're tired and stressed).
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I kinda think she failed on this one....
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It happens to us all. :(
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Question: why is this featured in the group "rainbow-dash-luvers" when this has nothing to do with rainbow?
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You'd think it doesn't, wouldn't you?
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I'm just screwing with you lol
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Haven't you heard? Spike is the new Rainbow Dash.

Now I'm going to punch myself repeatedly for saying that.
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ACK! NOT FREE INTERNET oh wait tht's good...
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I thought the same thing when I got the request to feature. XD

"If they want it, they can have it," amirite?
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'"If they want it, they can have it," amirite?'
if you know what I mean I can't argue with that logic. 
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Stop being funny, I'm trying to hate you.
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I can't help it! I am a slave to my own fanatical desire to make other people laugh. 
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That and whatever screwed up belief system requires you to be completely intolerant to-- you know what, never mind, if you're so zealous about it that you're putting it in your signature I clearly can't reason with you.
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