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Maybe Later, Spike - 4

By RedApropos
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Maybe Later, Spike - 1 by RedApropos

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Maybe Later, Spike (Page 5) by RedApropos
I was going to upload this NEXT week, but not a lot happens in this page... yet, at the same time, a lot DOES happen...
You're gonna have to start waiting weeks between pages now, 'cause I've officially caught up to my actual progress, and I haven't even started drawing page 5 yet. :dummy:
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I wish twilight didn't make spike cry again
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F**k you twilight!
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Awww poor Spike.. :C    really like the looming darkness in the comic panels, cool effect!! ^_^
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Cry forever Spike it's ok don't feel bad, she just gets really into her books.
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very silent...and masterfully drawn.
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Aww poor Spike... take your time, good artist. I can wait for days.
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It's been several months, and I still haven't brought myself to finish it. Ugh.
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I'm waiting for some other deviants to finish their comics too, though. They're taking 5 months already. God they take a long time XD
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I would like to say to the artist that I appreciate the way Spike reacted. Too many writers and artists go for over dramatic reactions. In reality, when treated this way... many people just go quiet and disengage like Spike is.

The comic is very relatable, slice of life at its finest.
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Poor Spike... I know the feeling...
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Can't blame her, he wasn't taking no for answer.
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complete silence...
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Stop saying that....
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Aw, Twilight! How could you be so mean to your little brother!?
louise56's avatar
really? a brother? really -.-
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:iconangryspikeplz:-I'm going to be with my real friends,not this (CENSORED).
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Spike ! Wow ! Cool !
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Yeah, I'm with you there, Spike. That was totally uncalled for.
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