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Maybe Later, Spike - 3

By RedApropos
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Twilight, noooooo. What are you doing? :C
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It is just that time of the month, Twilight?
DulcetIceCocoa's avatar
That's not very funny but ok. xD
Buckykatt42's avatar
Darn it Twilight Spike is just trying to help.
BonnieTheBunnyLTU's avatar
that's fucked up twilight !
Abie2005's avatar
Twilight is a jerk!😫
atpa543's avatar
Big Hero 6 Hiro Hamada (Crying)  Why you yell at spike :C
MrMeow20's avatar
twilight, stahp repeating this comic title..Facepalm 
sweetnsourtune25's avatar
no one yells at spike! 
PyramidHead90's avatar
There is very clear evidence to the contrary in this comic.
Haszelnut's avatar
Oh my she must be really mad...
PyramidHead90's avatar
She's reading the script to Equestria Girls 3: The Quickening.
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FlockOfMoosen's avatar
That time of the month again...
Fermhreisatum's avatar
Palpatine: Yes~ Yeeeessss~ i can feel the anger flow trought you.... Hahahahahahahahahahahahahaah
DalekPrimeMinister's avatar
Jeesh, take a sanity pill , Twi.
Edowaado's avatar
Damn, really love the lineart : o
Babyjoshy5's avatar
Is books really better than friendship? *scoff* Nerdy Work-a-holics...
Gnorian's avatar
Wow, the comment section is surprisingly diverse in opinions. I'm used to everyone overreacting to a character slipping up, but even the worst comments about Twilight aren't that bad.
Andres240's avatar
Me: Geez you have anger issues.

AskMerisstheSkeletal's avatar
xTai-chan-Mamizoux's avatar
Well, i dunno. She had some stress. She isn't a bitch. You know how badly Twilight cares about studying.
DaisyTheBrony123's avatar
Well, thats not a reason to get angry at your best friend.
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