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Let's Go for a Walk

By RedApropos
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Thunder Bay, up on the bluffs~
It was such a lovely evening.

many warm
much kiss

romance <3

Photo taken and uploaded from my iPhone 5.
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Oooh gorgeous!! I've been working up North near Tobermory the last few weeks. :3
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omg beautiful!! Curious for the backstory now
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I'd kill to have scenery to photograph like that. I had plenty of them when I drove a truck, but you can't exactly park a semi-truck on the side of the road to take a picture.
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Time for some of John Williams' Tatooine music.
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So beautiful... you took this shot at the perfect moment with the sunset :)
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Gorgeous, so gorgeous. It must be so peaceful. 
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Oooh, romance! Sounds steamy, tell us more!
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Wow. That must have been some trip!
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It's only a five-minute walk. You can see, there are houses everywhere. XD
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oh hahahaha! I thought those were just more trees in the distance!
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I have family up in Thunder Bay! What part are you in?
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Oh trees, I see. It's such a small area that has trees, how did I not know?
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Were you born in Thunder Bay? I live in Toronto myself.
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Born in Montreal, Quebec.
Lived in Brampton for a while, then I moved here!
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I'm going to Quebec for a school trip! T'm just hoping my french will suffice >n<
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I'm brain damaged, so I'll never be able to learn another language~
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