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What a good friend. Pinkie kept the party going a whole week to make sure Wawity and Appowjack didn't miss it!

I'd like to shout out two people today!

Firstly, as I'm sure every single one of you noticed, I added little tufts of fur about their furry little pony bodies. I love the way IchibanGravity does it, and so I have imitated it for just this comic (though I'd like to do it this way from now on)! Hope I'm not cramping your style, bud. :D
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You seem like you really know what you wanted to draw in this comic, though that's never really been an issue. All of your comics are always very original, and your framing has always been what really sold the piece for me. I really liked this new art style; those extra tufts of fur are just really nice details. I noticed that the linework and inking on the outlines also seemed much thicker her than in your other comics, while the lines for eyes and facial expressions were still the same thickness. It creates a really nice effect and I'd like to see some more of it!
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You have captured the spirit of the show and comics rather well in this comic as the bright colours, facial expressions, and overall atmosphere remind me of both the show and the comics. The colours are bright and full of life which gives off the impression of happiness. The facial expressions provide the right kind of comedic effect without going overboard and becoming a distraction, or betraying the personalities of the characters. The atmosphere is one that I find reflects the heart of the show, and it's clear that you knew what you were doing when it came down to it. The artstyle reminds me an awful lot of the style that is used by the artists in the comics, and to me, that is a pleasant surprise.

I also liked the narration as it allows for extra explanation without having to interfere with the flow of the story by using up panels which could have been used for something else. I love how the narration is from Pinkie's perspective given that it was her party, and she would have been the best character with which to explain what was going on.

It would have been nice if there had been some narration near the beginning so as to make it all consistent instead of one half having narration and the other half not, but I can understand why this is the case given that Pinkie doesn't explain the context of the situation until Applejack and Rarity bring it up prompting Pinkie to go into said narration.

I also noticed some rather unique choice words particularly in the first couple of panels. Such words are not used all that often when describing situations such as the one this comic focuses on, and I like that because it is nice to see creativity without having to rely on the same tried-and-true words that a lot of people tend to use because it is common practice.

Overall, I highly enjoyed what was provided, and again I feel that you captured the magic of the show through the colours, expressions, and atmosphere.
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The first thing i want to point is that your style has really changed over the last years and i feel that it now has reached it´s peak.
I really love the furr like texture you added.
It feels like you have improved a lot with PS too.
It, combined with your use of pencils and photoshop, gives this comic a certain style.
All int one this looks modern while having the awesomeness of something haddrawn.

Your lineart is very clean and smooth, same thing with the colouring.
The colours match and are sharp. Just perfect.

As allways your charme doesn´t dissapoint and the puns are fun. Just the twist is a bit confusing to me, but that´s just my oppinion.

All in all a very well done piece of art. <img src="…" width="15" height="15" alt=":D" data-embed-type="emoticon" data-embed-id="366" title=":D (Big Grin)"/>
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:star::star::star::star::star: Impact

This is my first Critique, so I'm sorry if it sucks~ xD Friend off, I love the art style!! I always love it when someone adds extra fur on an animal, it makes a big difference in my opinion. I love the "RariJack" part, mainly because for some unknown reason my friends "ship" Rarity and Applejack..i don't know why.. Also I liked how you used music notes to represent music being played indoors, I cant tell you how many times my friends have freaked at me for not realizing it was a party scene, yet they have not color or music to hint to that. Rarity's eyes I nthe last panel are priceless, I like how everypony is calm but she looks like she is having a debate in her mind about whether she will live or die. Honestly I have never seen a MLP comic like this, its really funny to me that Pinkie was having a party for a week. Also I really liked that you added "Cousin Pinkie" to make a connection to the episode where Pinkie thinks she is AJ's cousin~ overall, I really like this comic. Keep up the good work~ sorry for any bad grammar, spelling errors, and the crappyness of my choppy writing style :3
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Rarity's lookin kinda grey today.
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WARNING! Carry on reading! Or you will die, even if you only looked at the word warning!
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So...I know that this was posted almost a year ago, but to anyone who feels the temptation to re-post this and add another link in the chain...


It's annoying to have to ignore comments like this, since they do nothing but take up space and start arguments that can span almost ten comments' worth. This might not be so bad, except that some of us have slow computers that have a very difficult time running this site (not to complain about my own -- it's...decent, but not as good as it could be) and cannot handle having to scroll down repeatedly, click on the same stupid button, and repeat so many times. Plus, the chains themselves are kind of unrealistic. Who's going to know if you post or don't post this chain comment? Your crush, if you even have one?

This chain is stupid, and it needs to stop. I still see it from time to time, suggesting to me that there are still some stupid people who either believe the message (shame on you if you do; there is no way some random deviant has uncovered a government conspiracy that happens to deal with the paranormal) or want to see people annoyed (all I can say is, careful what you wish for).

Can we all make a collective effort to NOT repost this?
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Wait, there cousins?
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well sort the episode 9 season 4 pinkkie apple pie, explains it.
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in that episode (SPOILER) do they find out that pinkie is a very far family member of applejack. 
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Huh. Well, that's weird. CONSPIRACY-
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I see what they meant by *cough*
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Uh-huh. Very funny.
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Because they then died of malnutrition after having that last party. 
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Brought to you by Rainbow Dash's disembodied head.
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Was that a .hack//SIGN reference I saw there?
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Is it just me or is applejack staring at twilights butt in the last panel? O-o
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turn down for what...
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