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Game of the Thrones - White Walkers

© Caner Inciucu

i´ve done this one for a Contest . Hope you like it and i´ll be glad to read your comment or critique .
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© 2012 - 2021 Redan23
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Nice, Mind if I use this in a game mod as a Loading screen?

Building a custom PC and wondering if I can use this on an RGB backplate. Named my rig White Walker, using a white case :)

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I like that you chose to use a limited colour palette. I think the blue tones used completely encapsulate the coldness and otherworldly feeling about these creatures and the bleakness of their environment. I also think it enhances the horror. When I look at this I can see why they became the stuff of northern legends in the story.
The details in the bodies and faces are extremely skilfully rendered, it really gives a sense of coldness and majesty. All in all it is a beautiful piece that shows great talent and skill. I am a huge game of thrones fan and seeing that it inspires beautiful art like this makes me very happy
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Hi Divarose, thank you very much and seriously this is not a critique you be given a knighthood. It means a lot for me and you make me really glad with it. Best wishes Caner
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The Undead Scourge of Game of Thrones!
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I once got your permission to use it as cover for one of my stories. I can still shudder, when i remember how well you captured that surreal moment, when the wights or white walkers come out of the fog or snow... 

My best wishes for you and your family!
Craaazy man just craazy !
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Hi... I uploaded your photo on my Tumblr.. I hope you don't mind. I posted your name and link on the description. 

Very nice work. Keep up !! :D 
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do the White Walkers and/or the Night King speak?
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very atmospheric . how about you make a new one where white walkers are controlling an army of dead characters.
and please check mine…
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I gotta ask do the male babies that was used as a gift to the wight walkers turn into white walkers or something....?
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Greetings, Redan. I was if I could have your permission to use this image as an image reference for the White Walker race of monsters my friends and I are making for the Pathfinder table-top game. We're hoping to make a book of Nordic creatures, races, and deities and this would be a great reference for the White Walkers, Dragur, or Wights for those mythologies. If this is acceptable, please let me know. If not, than I respect your decision. It is rather well done.

Good day.
- S.N. Rivers
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If you'll use it for non commercial so feel free. 
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My friend
assist with any of your workings
a young group
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This picture is just... stunning. Really great work!!!
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Fantastic. I love how the coloring and environment of the picture helps me feel and understand the fear that they are meant to bring about. :) 
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"So fades the great harvest of my betrayal.  Your nobility has blinded you, as ever. R'hllor left little to chance, didn't he? Turning my own creations, my own army, against me. But what hubris to think he could protect his pets from me forever. Time was your ally, human, but now it has abandoned you. The Others...have returned. This tomb, is now yours."
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So f****** cool. This is truly awesome.
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very frightening beings 
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Thanak you very much :-D
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