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Pinochet's Legacy.

I am so sick of seeing people defend this man. I'm serious, any video you see related to Chile's dictatorship you will see scores of comments saying "VIVA GENERAL PINOCHET!" "He saved his nation from communism," "We should give the leftists all helicopter rides." And other cancerous comments. 

And if anyone DARES to question and point out the numerous faults and outright atrocities of his rule you'll get responses like. "Fucking commie," "You need a nice helicopter ride," "Killing commies is justifiable." And so on. But when looking at this, it dosent matter, as history still exists. And history dose not shine bright on this demon, it's only sad he was arrested like the criminal he was. 

And to every Right-wing Libertarian or "Anarcho" Capitalist that defends this man, you can drop the term anarcho and libertarian, as any sensible non authoritarian would oppose this bastard. 
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I still don't see the problem here, all he did was kill communist and socialist, all you did was prove the point that he's a hero. Well, to be more specific, the hero Chile deserved.

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Tanked the economy and killed democracy and innocent citizens.

You're a psychopath. Plain and simple.

I don't know if thats true, but that sounds like socialism.

And if I were a psychopath, I would be a progressive marxist.

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Lol whatever you want babykiller.

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Latest news!

I read time ago he planned to perpetuate in the Power for getting nuclear weapons and attacking Latin America in the 1997 if the Son of a Bitch won the plebiscite!!

Thank God (metaphorically speaking) it never happened!

Libertarian here. Agreed We should not be honoring tyrants.

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With no mention he was fan of Hitler, and he even confessed he felt sorry because Hitler lost the WWII, said it was a "mistake", and that everything would be "better" if he won the war...

Well if we look at the world today, especially the west. We can see why they have the sentiment.

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And letting him to having a perpetual dictatorship for causing a Third World War...?! NEVER!!!

How would you think that he would cause WWIII, if anything it would have been the Soviets to orchestrated it, but they were so corrupt and incompetent that they failed at that.

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Well, he planned to buy weapons to the USA, especially nuclear weapons, and shooting them to the Main cities of Latin América.
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Nothing of your damn business!!
I read it in a page of conspirative theories in Facebook, but the page is no longer avaliable...! Ok...?! Now leave me in peace, racist liar...!

A conspiracy theory page on facebook? And you call us nutjobs.

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Not surprising in the slightest.

Wow, 10,000. Actually, it was 1500. Compared to 100 million killed by communist shitstains.

You also utterly fail at economics, but then, you're a fucking communist shitstain, so arithmetic is beyond your capabilities. The drop after he took over was countered by a recovery to twice that level, that maintained for decades except for one valley during a global recession. The GDP per capita improved throughout. But then, communist shitstains are incapable of intellectual honesty.

And if you can confuse "right wing" with "libertarian" you're an ignorant piece of shit, too. A right winger favors a strong central government. A libertarian does not.

The real hilarity? He wasn't conservative: Critics argue the neoliberal economic policies of the Pinochet regime resulted in widening inequality and deepening poverty as they negatively impacted the wages, benefits and working conditions of Chile's working class.[85][86]

However, he and his government are generally excluded from academic typologies of fascism.[131][132][133][134] Roger Griffin included Pinochet in a group of pseudo-populist despots distinct from fascism, which included the likes of Saddam Hussein, Suharto, and Ferdinand Marcos.

On 5 October 1988, the "NO" option won with 55.99%[97] of the votes, against 44.01% of "YES" votes. Pinochet accepted the result and the ensuing Constitutional process led to presidential and legislative elections the following year.


Name a communist shitstain who ever accepted a referendum. I'll wait.

So yes, you should be thrown from a fucking helicopter. And your art is shit.

What an angry, stupid little man.

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I read they were 10 millions, and even more!

I'm amazed he accepted a Referendum. But the Communists should not be thrown from helicopters. They should be debated,

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I think he was the sort of semi-hypocrite who sincerely believed in the need for transition, and saw himself as transitional between systems, only just not willing to complete it ASAP on his watch, as he loved the power. He wouldn’t have accepted such a referendum ten years earlier, not because the country wasn’t ready (as he would have used as an excuse), but because HE wasn’t ready.
But by 88, I think he was very tired, and wanted to begin his retirement. It’s really that simple.

Okay. That's true. Still, while I detest him, Communist leaders would NEVER do that, EVER! They NEVER get tired of the power.

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Thrown from a fucking helicopter? How about you say that to his face instead of hiding behind a keyboard.

Plus, the moment you resort to ad hominem attacks is the moment you lose the argument.

Pinochet was no libertarian. He was a right wing dictator who favored a strong national government.

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He was a complete Nazi!
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