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Eugene V. Debs. Republican-Democratic Party.

A quote from one of the most famous american socialists, who ran fro the presidency in the 1910's
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I must say I can't disagree. By the way, the correct term would be "Republicrats".
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Every election, I proudly vote Socialist Party USA, without even knowing who is their candidate. 
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Never mentioned internationalism in this piece.
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Capitalism is the greatest economic system mankind has ever came up with, and actually put into practice. Until everything is automated, it's the best thing we got. Oh, and before crying about sweatshops, the developing world is still undergoing an industrial revolution and it's better than all the other alternatives. 
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There's no industrial revolution ongoing everywhere, you moron; only the 1st world nations are actually developping technologically, while every other nation is being manipulated by USA or European-backed political personalities, parties and movements to maintain them as mere providers of raw materials, food, etc.
As an example, my country is suffering from a disindustrialization process, multiple foreign enterprizes are leaving while agro-business grows, why? Because, for the current world labour division, Brazil is more helpful to the 1st world as a mere exporter of food, a big farm, while we have infra-structure, technology and personnel enough to develop peaceful uses for uranium and be pioneer on millitary technology, alongside with other 3rd world nations that seek sovereign.
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"Until everything is automated" - frightening thought, I mean they have automated self-service machines in some shops over here, you've got computer programs that do the Taxation work and Company Accounts and there's "Sage & Payroll" programs that will work out your employees wages and tax deductions, there's even some self-service automated libraries - just how far can the removal of actual workers go?.

There's even been a few automated stores over in England - think of a giant dispensing machine with shelves holding loaves of bread, cartons of milk etc. - stick yer credit card number in or cash & type the product code number in. Looking around I've definitely seen alot of de-skilling jobs.
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This is the same argument a feudal landlord would make to his peasants.

"Feudalism has given you the homes you live in, the food you eat, the clothes on your back and the life you live. You have no right to say there can be something better."

Ah no, while capitalism has succeeded in areas the idea basis itself on the exploitation of the working class. To leveling degrees. Work or die, thats capitalism, this point is accentuated by Debs in this quote "I am opposing a social order in which it is possible for one man who does absolutely nothing that is useful to amass a fortune of hundreds of millions of dollars, while millions of men and women who work all the days of their lives secure barely enough for a wretched existence." That was the case of most americans at the turn of the century and many Americans today. And especially the case within the third world. 

Your argument basically boils down to "Capitalism has worked the best and even though there are problems theres no need to change in." I say bullshit. Workers Co-ops in most cases do better then the usual hierarchal business. You give the worker a larger say in his workplace and an actual sense of power, then he or she will be more committed to it. In the US there are more then enough foreclosed homes to house every homeless person and more so, yet we still people in squalor on the streets. We have more then enough food to feed all Americans, yet people still starve. We have more then enough capability to send all to college and ensure healthcare, yet people still cant get in due to tuition and die to medicine and care costs. 

Socialism simply is the idea that there are certain needs all humans need. A home, food, education, healthcare, and the ability to get a job. Whilst capitalism says "Don't got cash? Sorry bud."

Id recommend you read about these many people who are some of the most shining examples of people that put through socialist ideas and worked. Who didn't betray their ideas like Stalin, Mao, and the so many others. Socialism has never worked you say? 
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Not to mention that even though there is definitely room for improvement in their working and living conditions, one cannot deny that capitalism is improving their lives.

Yes, those companies going overseas and giving those people jobs?  They're giving them the best deal they've ever gotten in their lives.  Sad but true.
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I'm sure they're much better off now they're being forced off their land into factories where they're killed in fires, and even if they aren't they don't get paid enough to eat 3 meals a day let alone rent a house, than they were as farmers who were managing OK with a home a family and food. 
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And isn't it a real tragedy that the socialists haven't offered anything better?
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There's a few million people in India, Bangladesh, and other Asian countries living how I'd just described who'd disagree, but whatever you say dude. 
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Bangladesh best place in the world
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