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Vitani x Kiara drabble
Vitani couldn't believe she'd gotten herself into this mess. Ever since that- that annoying excuse of a princess strolled into her life, she's been acting like a love-struck fool! That wasn't her- that was more something Kovu would do-
And yet here she was, walking to their meeting place again, flowers gripped tightly between her teeth. She'd never admit it out loud, but the first time she laid eyes on that irritating ball of golden fluff, her heart had soared to the sky, and that's where it stayed. Kiara was always there- in her thoughts. Those beautiful eyes, and that luxurious, soft, flowing golden fur...they plagued her mind daily. She's tried over and over to get over them, after all, Kiara wasn't hers to take, but she never could.
This was her last chance. Tomorrow, Zira would put her plan in action and her beautiful princess would fall into the claws of her idiotic brother. He would never love her the way she would. That's why she was here in the first place. Vitani knew she'd p
:icontamathelion:TamaTheLion 7 8
The Hyena King: Chapter 2
Chapter 2: Our Little Secret
Astan grew from tiny newborn into a strong, inquisitive cub. His bravery was inherited from his father's side, but that came with a slice of recklessness and arrogance. More then once, it caused him to get into trouble, but his mother's soft and wise side kicked in early on, and he calmed down, growing to be a curious young thing that had still a knack for getting into trouble… Usually dragging his friends along for the ride! But, he learned and accepted that he was the Prince and should behave like one.
His lessons had not started yet and he was eager to learn them. Two moon turns after his birth, he was awake bright and early, just as the sky turned pink from the Great Circle touching the horizon. Astan raced out onto Pride Rock's peak, smiling widely and tail twitching with anticipation as he gazed out over the Pride Lands. My future kingdom...
But that was not for a long time, he knew, as he raced back into the den. He was keen to get
:icontae-rai:Tae-Rai 9 4
The Hyena King - Chapter 1
The Hyena King
This is a parody version of The Lion King with hyenas in place of the lions and vice versa. Seeing as there are only three hyenas portrayed by name in the films, I have decided to use some semi-canon lions, my own characters, which are not really my own as I use the lions personalities and traits with the hyena names, and other people's characters (with permission of course).
Chapter 1: The Newborn Prince
As the sun rose over the great Pridelands, the song of the land called to them all. Yes, it was time, the newborn prince had been during the night and he was ready to be presented to his subjects. Every animal lifted its head and heard it, the call. The herds all gathered and trekked through the early morning light, with many birds flying above them in great clouds of colour.
From the day we arrive on the planet, and blinking step into the sun. There's more to see, then could ever be seen, more to be done, then could ever be done.
Antelopes l
:icontae-rai:Tae-Rai 11 12
Shenzi gets reraised (Commission 4 for Darth)
“I’m not a baby!” Shenzi said for what was at least the hundredth time as the lion officers marched her down the driveway to her new home. They ignored her and continued to push her forwards, her massive diaper crinkling at her waist.
After she had been captured, the hyena had been sentenced to go through some weird reeducation program that for her crimes. The hyena knew that she had never been the nicest animal out there, but she never would have expected to be held down, dressed in a baby dress with a diaper peeking out of the bottom and groomed by the officers.
Right now she was walking to meet her new ‘Mama’ that would raise her to be a good hyena or something like that. Shenzi couldn’t help but scoff. No one was going to turn her into a baby!
Shenzi’s thought was interrupted as she tripped and fell onto the ground again. It didn’t really hurt physically, but the mental humiliation was enough to make the hyena turn bright red. Her dia
:icontheunthinker:TheUnthinker 43 3
Look at the Stars by Capricornfox Look at the Stars :iconcapricornfox:Capricornfox 899 193 The Animals of Farthing Wood by Edriss The Animals of Farthing Wood :iconedriss:Edriss 62 5 The Animals of Farthing Wood by IceDragonhawk The Animals of Farthing Wood :iconicedragonhawk:IceDragonhawk 433 66 Birth of the White Princess by AmyKirkland Birth of the White Princess :iconamykirkland:AmyKirkland 25 1 The Prophecy [Part 1] by AmyKirkland The Prophecy [Part 1] :iconamykirkland:AmyKirkland 14 1 The Prophecy [Part 2] by AmyKirkland The Prophecy [Part 2] :iconamykirkland:AmyKirkland 18 2 The Prophecy [Part 3] by AmyKirkland The Prophecy [Part 3] :iconamykirkland:AmyKirkland 12 1 The Prophecy [Part 4] by AmyKirkland The Prophecy [Part 4] :iconamykirkland:AmyKirkland 14 5 Betrothed - Page 76 by Nala15 Betrothed - Page 76 :iconnala15:Nala15 283 376


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