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Overall, I like it. It's an interesting piece that captures the mood well and I like the detail in the environment.

As far as things that could be improved, the biggest problem with this scene is lighting. The sun is low on the horizon and coming from behind, so that's where the primary light source should be. The trees on the left are in front of a rock face, so they should be in shadow except for ambient light. Yet there appears to be a powerful light source shining on the front of them from the left. That same light source is evident on the rocks and the front of the log. Although this can work if you are going for a certain effect, such as a science fiction world that has two suns, it really doesn't work in this scene.

A more minor issue with the lighting is that given how low the sun is on the horizon, the light should probably have more of an orange tint to it to give the feeling of sunset. You can probably tint the light in SFM (I don't know. Never really used it), but you may find it easier to add tint in postwork using Photoshop or Gimp anyway. That way, you can play with different tint values and see the effect in real time.

The other main issue with the scene are the reflections in the water, particularly the reflection of the waterfall. The very sharp line makes it look like the bottom part of the waterfall was just chopped off in Photoshop, flipped upside down, and then pasted in. That's a perfectly valid way of making reflections, but you need to do some blending to make the illusion convincing. For one, the waterfall would be churning up the water where it hits. That effect is relatively easy to produce if you have a good set of water brushes. Here are some free ones that I use. Note that Photoshop brushes also work in Gimp if you don't have Photoshop and are looking for a free alternative.…