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Oh my! Now THIS is an interesting piece! I love the composition, the theme, lighting, everything! But this wouldn't be much of a critique if I just left it at that!

Let's start with the lighting, shall we? Overall I think its very well done Environment wise, but character wise it seems to be a bit... odd. The character is illuminated properly and the lighting fits for it but it kinda feels like the main source of light (aka the big ole ball of gas in the sky) isn't the main source for the character! It feels unnecessarily bright given where its at. Besides that, The lighting is wonderful!

The scene laid out before us is fantastic as well, the whole air field look is fantastic and the bomb shell buried in the ground is the icing on the cake for me! I also love how the character fits well with the theme! No complaints there!

The composition is nicely done as well! Every inch of the screen is used to effect and fits well with both the theme and lighting!

As far as anything nit picky goes, I would say the jiggle bones on the mane are bit funky at the top and you don't give enough head space for the mane to fit in the shot, as only a bit is cropped out. This, of course, is relatively negligible but I'm relatively picky about that sorta thing on my side!

No complaints on the editing either, the lens flare is hardly intrusive and works well with the image and the color grading is nicely done. Nothing to fancy or fantastic, but no where near close to sub par. Very well rounded!

Overall, as I said in the beginning, I find this piece wonderful and I think you did a great job on it! Well done!