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'Talking heads'

For upcoming Fallout 2 mod.
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What mod is this gonna be for partner?

Your work is outstanding. Really love the real f1 and f2 spirit in it. Did I just see a also a gesture to Full Throttle?

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These and the others in your gallery nothing short of amazing. Would you mind if I made a set of Forum Icons out of them? I'll make sure to give proper credit.

Just came across Your account and I love EVERYTHING! It’s like meeting an old childhood friend, that you haven’t seen for years. Is this mod out yet? What is it called?

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Thanks! Fallout Sonora mod was released back in march but there is no english translation yet.

That’s so awesome. I’ve just finished “Fallout Nevada” a couple of weeks ago and would love to play Sonora. Sadly I don’t know Russian, would be glad to help out with the translation :/

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These look absolutely radical!
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People mod fallout 2? O.o dude cool
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Dude, as I know (and I'm not a true fan) there is two full-games total conversions with NO original content used at all!
It is "Fallout: Nevada" (that portraits is for his next one) and "Fallout: Olympus 2207"
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9h neat. I hadnt even known. I sont follow the og games much.
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Wow this looks really good
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Looks amazing!
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Amazing job of recreating the aesthetic of the originals. Are these 3d or claymation?
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Thanks you! This is all 3D.
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Yeah, definitely some similarities here :) (Smile) Actually i tried to make it look like creatures from the Virus movie.
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Amazing work! Bottom-left = Mamma Murphy the way she should have been ;)
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Any info on these characters? A mod for Fallout 2 sounds like like something I'd want.
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Can't say much about em due to possible spoilers Wink/Razz Obviously top-right is a half-cyborg, also you can determine the location of the bottom-right guy ;) (Wink) 
Mod is Fallout: Sonora, from the creator of Fallout: Nevada.
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This is so freakin' cool. You really captured the Fallout 2 vibe.
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