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'Talking heads' #4

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Have you done on of Richard 'Master' Moreau? Because frankly, his appearance needs a major overhaul. The sculptors clearly were just going for shock value: a nonsensical pile of molten flesh, on top of uncased CRTs. Even with the Unity feeding him info about the outside world, he must have realized the value in keeping a relocatable form Heck, Harold only quit moving around after another century... when the goddamn tree growing out of his skull became too bulky!

The Master's current look is an image at home in the original 'Wasteland', which was a much less believable setting. And he'll only makes less sense as Fallout lore continues to mature.

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Gotta love the floating wisps around the guy in the top left.

Part of Fallout: Sonora or something else, because the top-right looks a fem mech-priest here.